Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea




on 23.02.2018 at 15h52

Donald Trump said Friday that the United States will take new sanctions of an unprecedented scale against North Korea.

 Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea

Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea

AFP – Mandel NGAN

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Trump announcement unprecedented sanctions against North Korea


President Trump Announces Infrastructure Plans

Improving America's aging infrastructure is one of President Donald Trump's main campaign promises. On Monday he announced a plan he said would spur the biggest and boldest investment in infrastructure in American history.

"This framework will result in unprecedented investment in infrastructure in America, 1.5 to 1.7 trillion dollars. We will have a great deal of cooperation on public-private projects and with the way projects will be completed on time and within budget. This will speed the approval process from 10 years to two years or maybe a year, "said Trump President.

Some analysts call Trump's blueprint unrealistic." If we ask any economic experts or if we ask anyone who has a background in mathematical knowledge, then the plan is purely a fantasy, "said Ryan Collins, an analyst at the Center for American Progress policy research institute.

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Ryan Collins says that Trump's infrastructure plan is particularly apprehensive especially since his tax reforms include drastic cuts on infrastructure projects and he says private investors will only invest in projects that have high levels of high return on investment

"So what we see is the increase in the number of nets n toll and rising costs of its users, all of which will be needed to pay off debts to investors who have spent so much money to close the gap in funds from state budgets that do not reach the required targets, "he said.

Ryan Collins said that privatization highways in some states have resulted in high toll rates so people can not afford them. If the states were forced to pay for infrastructure costs, the states would eventually raise taxes on their respective residents.

Democrats in Congress also rejected the proposal, which they said would enrich large companies at the expense of taxpayers. They advocate a public infrastructure budget of $ 1 trillion, which means that it will add to America's already large debt.

Trump's infrastructure plan is part of a $ 4.4 trillion budget proposal that is also expected to boost the US deficit. [lt/ab]

Trump Announces Agenda for Rural America

President Donald Trump introduces his policy on rural America, a segment of the national economy whose growth is left behind from urban areas.

Trump traveled to Nashville, Tennessee on Monday to notify the American Farmers Federation, for the benefit of agriculture, that his tax withholding law of $ 1.5 trillion would benefit the peasants and their government by undoing the water regulation for agricultural lands.

"In every decision we make, we respect the traditions of agriculture America, "Trump said, according to an excerpt from a White House address.

The White House also said Trump would publish a report calling for high-speed Internet connections for rural America. Rural America covers about 72 percent of America's land, but 46 million people are only 14 percent of Americans. [ps]