Chemical attack in Syria: Trump announces impending decisions




on 09.04.2018 at 18h10

The US President promised Monday to make decisions in the "24/48 hours" after the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Duma, denouncing a "heinous act against innocents."

 Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump, April 3, 2018 at the White House in Washington DC

AFP – Olivier Douliery

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US President Donald Trump, April 3, 2018 at the White House, Washington.


Agroecology: France wants to move to 10% of the farms concerned, Travert announces

France will "multiply by ten" the number of farms engaged in agroecology, to reach "10% of French farms," ​​said Thursday the French Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Travert in Rome. [19659002] This statement, in the context of the second international symposium on agroecology organized by FAO in Rome, is in parallel with the announcement in Paris of a plan of 1.1 billion euros to develop agriculture organic in France, doubling by the end of the five-year period the areas cultivated in bio to 15% of agricultural surfaces, instead of 6.5% currently.

For the French Minister, agroecology, which includes the organic agriculture and defends the use of more nature-friendly methods, makes it possible to achieve the "transition" of the intensive agricultural model towards more sustainability, and to respond to "the increasing challenges", "agronomic, economic, food, social , environmental "

" I ' will be keen to support participatory innovation projects, because agroecological practices are neither outdated, nor past, but modern, and in connection with digital technologies, they will meet all challenges, "said the French Minister

His predecessor Stéphane Le Foll had in fact launched 500 economic and environmental interest groups (GIEE) representing 7,500 farms sharing their knowledge of agroecology.

M. Travert also cited the 3,000 French farms engaged in the "Dephy" network of reduction of chemical inputs, which produce "references" and have "already shown that it is possible to reduce the use of pesticides without degrading the economic results"

In conclusion, José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the United Nations Agency for Agriculture and Food (FAO), also publicly thanked France for "being the first to implement agroecological principles in a comprehensive and integrated way, "he said.

Methanization: the government announces measures to develop the sector

The Ministry of Ecological Transition announced Monday a series of measures to accelerate the development of the methanization industry.

These 17 proposals are from a working group created in February and led by the secretary Sebastien Lecornu.

Methanization allows the production of gas – from the fermentation of agricultural residues or household waste in particular – which can then be injected into the gas network or burned to produce water.

"Anaerobic digestion is one of the tools that can green the gas," Lecornu said at a press conference, while the energy transition law sets the target that 10% of gas either of renewable origin in 2030.

"It is an objective which seems to us reachable, it can even be exceeded, on the sole condition that we take the problem by the good end", he affirmed

The me Proposed measures should, among other things, simplify administrative procedures in order to speed up the implementation of anaerobic digestion projects.

The government wishes to reduce the time required to complete projects from one year to six months and raise the threshold applicable to the declaration of classified installations for the protection of the environment (ICPE) at 100 tons per day, instead of 60.

These installations classified, because of the nuisances or the risks that they present, are subjected to numerous regulations and authorizations

The government also plans to create a "one-stop-shop" for the processing of regulatory files.

Measures are more specifically aimed at farmers, for whom anaerobic digestion may represent "additional income", Mr. Lecornu

The government wishes to facilitate access to credit for agricultural biogas and this a supplement of remuneration for the small installations.

Training must also be put in place, in particular intended for the agricultural world, underlines a statement.

The measures must make it possible to structure and to professionalize the sector, whereas There are about 400 methanisation plants in France, half of them on farms, compared with 10.000 in Germany.

The proposals must also feed into the work of the multiannual energy program (EPP), which will draw energy transition roadmap for the period 2019-2023

The government has recently increased the number of working groups on renewable energies.

The mayor of Rome announces the prohibition of diesel from 2024

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, a member of the 5-star Movement (M5S, populist) announced that the center of the Italian capital would be banned from private diesel cars from 2024.

Mrs. Raggi made this announcement Monday during a speech in Mexico City in front of women mayors gathered at a meeting called "Women4Climate" (women for climate) and broadcast his speech on social networks on his return to Rome.

"From 2024, it will be forbidden to use diesel cars in the center of Rome," she said, without giving details.

The diesel has been in decline for several years in Europe and in the world, forcing manufacturers to massively return to petrol engines and accelerate the electrification of vehicles.

Two days ago, the Financial Times claimed that the Italian-American carmaker Fiat Chrysler (FCA) was going to announce in June the abandonment diesel to drive its passenger cars by 2022 due to falling demand and rising costs

And on Tuesday, German justice paved the way for bans on old diesel in cities , plunging millions of motorists into uncertainty.

Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea




on 23.02.2018 at 15h52

Donald Trump said Friday that the United States will take new sanctions of an unprecedented scale against North Korea.

 Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea

Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea

AFP – Mandel NGAN

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Trump announcement unprecedented sanctions against North Korea