Tusuk Neck Wife, Man 69 Years Arrested Aomori Police

Police in Fukaura, Aomori Prefecture, arrested Yukio Yonaga over attempted murder of his wife. The 69-year-old man tried to kill by stabbing his wife's neck.

Yukio stabbed his wife's neck, Teiko (69) on Wednesday (17/1) night at around 20:00 local time.

Fuji TV reports, after stabbing his wife, Yukio goes to his brother's house and says what he has done. Teiko is currently reported to be in a coma.

Police explain, the incident started when Yukio came home drunk. He and Teiko are involved in the debate until it is out of control. He went into the kitchen to get a knife and then stabbed his wife.

(rna / rna)