New 5 States in the US Apply Hazard Warning Law

All of the alarms around Florida high school shooting suspects are insufficient for relatives, authorities or schools to request courts to issue warrants to prevent them possessing firearms.

So far, only five states in the United States have an invitation which allows family members, guardians or police to ask judges to temporarily withdraw the right to purchase or possess weapons from persons showing signs of violence.

The move is called "danger warning legislation" or the prevention of firearms violence. According to supporters, the law could save lives by preventing the shooting and suicide.

Florida, the state where Nikolas Cruz was accused of using an AR-15 rifle to kill 17 people in his former school, has no such law .

In 2014, California became the first state to allow family members to demand that judges seize firearms from relatives who seem to pose a threat. [ka/jm]

Trump Apply $ 1.5 Trillion Fund for New Infrastructure

President Donald Trump appealed a $ 1.5 trillion fund to Congress for new infrastructure development. The proposed funding was delivered in a State of the Union address, before the Congress and the American people.

Trump says America faces an infrastructure deficit. The US needs new roads, bridges, railways and means of shipping, he added.

He said "shamefully" that building the Empire State Building in 1931 took only a year, but now, issuing permission to build new roads time of 10 years.

According to Trump, any draft law authorizing spending on new facilities should also speed up the project approval process, to no more than 2 years.

Trump also said he would use next year to (19659002) Striving societies, including immigrant communities, can be helped by immigration policies, which Trump says is focused on the interests of American families, and calls Americans also "dreamers." [19659002] Trump says his administration has proposed a new bill, which he says, will improve the immigration law n support border agencies so that criminals and gangs can no longer benefit from loopholes in immigration regulations. [ps/jm]