Donald Trump appoints a sulfur spy as head of the CIA

Donald Trump is definitely the largest UFO in contemporary political history. In a four-line tweet on Tuesday, the US president announced a major reshuffle . Exit the too moderate Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who is replaced by a hard, director of the CIA Mike Pompeo. The latter will for its part give way to Gina Haspel, who will be the first woman to lead the CIA.

A highly experienced spy in covert operations, the latter joined the Langley-based agency in 1985 and served in several parts of the world, including London. at the end of the 2000s. In 2013, she was appointed head of the CIA's National Underground Service, but was replaced after only a few weeks, apparently due to doubts about her responsibility in setting up after the 11 September 2001 of secret prisons abroad where methods like drowning simulation, assimilated to torture, were used to interrogate suspects. A liability that made Senators Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich, at the time of his appointment as CIA No. 2, that "his course (fact) that it is not suitable for this position."

Secret Prison in Thailand

In 2013, the Washington Post had revealed that Gina Haspel had "run a secret prison in Thailand where the detainees were subjected to simulations of drowning and other ill-treatment." The US daily claimed that the new CIA boss was also implicated in the destruction in 2005 of compromising videos on these "intensive interrogation" techniques applied to several detainees in Thailand.

Al-Qaeda wanted to retrieve these videos for presentation to the courts. Among the prisoners subjected to brutal interrogation methods under the responsibility of Mrs. Haspel were two Saudis: Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, considered as the brain of the attack on the tanker Limburg in 2002 and the attack on the American ship USS Cole in 2000, and Abu Zoubaydah, the first alleged influential member of the Islamist network captured by the Americans after 9/11.

A secret report on this CIA torture program was made in 2014 by the Senate Intelligence Committee, but the current president of this commission, a Republican, has been trying for several months to collect copies, ensuring want to avoid leaks. The Democrats fear that the elected Republican will want to destroy all copies of this report and that the truth about this CIA program is never born.

Anita Hill Appoints Chairman of the Hollywood Sexual Harassment Commission

Anita Hill, a prominent figure in the inaugural judgment process, will lead the Sexual Assault Commission set up by the entertainment industry following a wave of allegations that hit the center of the US film industry, Hollywood.

A number of entertainment business executives, Friday (16/12) , agreed to fund the commission whose job it would be to handle sexual harassment and seek equality in the workplace.

The Los Angeles meeting that resulted in the commission was led by Lucasfilm Director Kathleen Kennedy, Founder and Director of the Nike Maria Eite Foundation, artist attorney Nina Shaw and businessman as well as philanthropy Freada Kapor Klein. The meeting was attended by almost all major Hollywood studio leaders.

Through a statement, Kennedy said the commission not only sought solutions but also pursued a comprehensive strategy to address the causes of interrelated and complex problems of power and equality.

Anita Hill is a well-known figure of sexual harassment. He was one of the first to introduce the concept of sexual harassment to the public when he testified in the US Senate in 1991 opposed to the inauguration of Clarence Thomas as a supreme judge.

"It's time to end the silent culture," Hill said in a statement. "" I have been 26 years grappling in this matter. This moment provides an unprecedented opportunity for real change. "[ab]