Christmas Security 2017, South Sulawesi Police Chief Meet the Archbishop of Makassar

 South Sulawesi Police Chief Inspector General Umar Septono met with Archbishop of Johannes Johannes Liku Ada (Jhon Liku-ada) related to the security of Christmas 2017. The meeting discussed from the Christmas worship service to the police security required by the church.

The meeting was held in Kathedral Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Jalan Kajaolalido, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Thursday (21/12/2017) night. The head of the Archdiocese of Makassar oversees three regions, namely South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and West Sulawesi.

"The series of candle operations in 2017, we check the readiness of activities at Catholic Christmas celebration church here, and what role can I contribute to succeed Christmas and New Year, for the Christian community, "Umar said at the site after the meeting.

In addition, Umar also requested a timetable from the Christmas Eve celebration procession. This is so that the police stationed in the churches will understand their duties and responsibilities.

"I also asked for the plans and stages of the stages of worship, etc., which will be further followed up by members of the Polrestabes Police in Makassar," he said. 19659002] Umar said it has alerted all personnel to secure the 2017 Christmas celebration. South Sulawesi Police has also conducted a standby apple to welcome Operation Candle 2017.

"We have already apple standby degree, our members will stand by at some point as in places of worship, places of worship, and other centers. "The post will be established starting on December 23," said Umar.

Meanwhile, in connection with the arrival of South Sulawesi Police Head and his ranks, Archbishop Jhon Liku-there is hope of Christmas this year can take place peacefully.

"We are from the Catholic side of the thank you, we feel patronized, every one there calm and secure because of the attention of the police, "said Jhon Liku-ada.
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