3 Suspected Terrorist Van Barcelona Arrested in France

 Three people allegedly linked to the terror jihadist group Barcelona were arrested in France. The Spanish Interior Ministry says the three men are suspected of having links with one of Barcelona's terror suspects that took place in August 2017.

Reported by AFP, the arrest took place on Tuesday (20/2/2018). The Spanish Interior Ministry said the arrest began with a joint operation between Spanish and French police, which took place in southern and southwestern France.

The three men were arrested for alleged links with Driss Oukabir, a Moroccan citizen who was a tenant in a van terror of Barcelona. Oukabir was arrested shortly after the incident, and the ISIS claimed that the man was their group.

To note, a total of 16 people died when the van hit a crowd of people in La Rambla, Barcelona. Hours later, a similar attack occurred in Cambrils.

Before the terror of the van, there was an explosion in a house on the outskirts of Barcelona. The house was suspected to be a bomb assembly plant that would have been used by terrorists.

Spanish local media reported, El Pais, as reported by The Telegraph, Friday (18/08/2017), the explosion occurred in a house located in the town of Alcanar , which is 193 kilometers south of the city of Barcelona, ​​on Wednesday night (16/8) local time.

The explosion was originally thought to be a gas explosion. The house that was hit by the blast was badly damaged and flattened to the ground. Police found a woman was killed inside the house, with seven others injured. The identity of the dead woman was not released to the public. As reported by CNN, the dead woman is known to be a citizen of Spain and not in the radar of the local police.

Inside the house, police also found about 20 butane and propane gas canisters. The house is believed to have been occupied by several people in recent months. The head of the Catalan Police, Josep Lluis Trapero, said it was still investigating whether the people inside the house were 'preparing an explosive'.

The police chief of the Catalan Police, Josep Lluis Trapero, Firefighters who were deployed to the site believed the 'heap' of gas in the house that had triggered the explosion. "The explosion is very loud and investigators found human remains," explained a local police source.
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Gratification scandal, Netanyahu's close man arrested by Israeli police

Tel Aviv
 The issue faced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is deepening with the arrest of a number of his close associates regarding the growing gratification investigation. One of those arrested was a former spokesman for Netanyahu's family.

The arrest was made less than a week since the Israeli police claimed they had enough evidence to indict Netanyahu over allegations of fraud, bribery and breach of trust. As reported by CNN Tuesday (20/2/2018), Israeli police have revealed that they have arrested seven people over allegations of impeding investigation, fraud, breach of trust and a number of other indictments.

Those arrested, referred to as believers or people close to Netanyahu. Two of them are Nir Hefetz who is a former spokesperson for the Netanyahu family and Shaul Elovitch who is a multi-millionaire owner of an Israeli media company considered a close associate of Netanyahu.

The arrest was made on Sunday (18 / 2) local time, after a joint investigation between the police and the Israeli Security Authority (ISA), which conducted its own investigation last year. In court documents filed with the Tel Aviv Tribunal, the judge, who in his decision detained one of the suspects, said there was a "major development" in the investigation. But the judge did not explain the progress in question.

Netanyahu has not been named a suspect in a recent investigation, which the local public calls the '4000 case' or 'Bezeq case'. Bezeq is an Israeli telecommunications company in the center of the investigation.

In this case, the charges focus on the practice of conspiring senior Bezeq officials with the Israeli Ministry of Communications to benefit Bezeq. One of them fabricated a total receipt of 170 million shekels to benefit Elovitch. Instead, Netanyahu and his family got positive reviews from Elovitch's online media, named Walla! News.

The arrest of seven Netanyahu-linked men is seen increasingly bringing police to Netanyahu, who has repeatedly denied any violation of the law. Hefetz was arrested on charges of obstructing investigations and accepting bribes. Hefetz through his lawyer has denied this accusation.

While Elovitch is charged with fraud, bribery, money laundering, breach of corporate trust and several other charges. Like Hefetz, Elovicth also denied the charges through his lawyer. Elovitch is known to own the cable company 'Yes' and control the shareholders of Bezeq.

In addition to the two names, the five others arrested were Elovitch's wife and boys, Iris and Or, Elovitch's right hand, Amikam Shorer, then CEO of Bezeq Stella Handler and Former Director General of the Ministry of Communications of Israel Shlomo Filber. It is known that Netanyahu has served as Israel's Communications Minister. Filber served under Netanyahu.

Case 4000 is the fourth case that dragged Netanyahu and those close to him. The other three cases are 1000 cases, 2000 cases and 3000 cases. Netanyahu has been named as a suspect in the first two cases. A third case investigation or 3000 case is still continuing. The case involved the purchase of German assault vessels and submarines for millions of dollars.

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Bus Driver Trump Press Agency Arrested for Owning Firearms

Before President Donald Trump's party left the Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday (19/2), the driver of one of the vans that would carry the press was briefly held for possession of a firearm.

According to reports, the driver said he forgot to leave a personal firearm in his car before entering the van.

The Secret Service confirmed that their agents held briefly the drivers known to have the legal firearms. But according to the Secret Service, firearms were banned outside Secret Service checkpoints at President Trump's luxury club.

Security checks were conducted in the parking lot across the Mar-a-Lago resort road, about an hour before the press van joined the presidential entourage.

The Secret Service ensured that the matter was resolved and Trump "was not in danger."

White House staff said all drivers were replaced after the incident.

When Trump's group arrived at Trump International Golf Club Monday morning, a van carrying journalists broke away from the group and went to the waiting room at Palm Beach international airport. [em/ii]

Shooting at Florida High School, At Least 14 Victims, Gunners Arrested

Police in the Broward, Florida district say suspected shooters at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday afternoon (14/2) have been arrested. Associated Press reported the shooter was identified as an 18-year-old male, a former student at the school.

No further details have been submitted but local television stations reported at least 14 casualties. Police have not provided information about the victim or how seriously the injury suffered.

Senator Bill Nelson from the state of Florida told CNN that based on information obtained from school authorities, "there are a number of deaths."

 A man who handcuffed by police near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after shooting in Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018.

A man who was handcuffed was escorted by police near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018.

Police describes the situation as an "active situation" as they look for other possible shooters. The FBI also conducted an investigation.

Some of the victims were rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Some students said everything in the school seemed normal when there was a fire alarm. They said hearing several gunfire while leaving school, and a number of students ran back into the school for cover.

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Police and medical teams surround the scene and call on everyone who should not be in the neighborhood to stay away.

President Donald Trump presents "prayers and condolences" to victims and their families Twitter. "No student, teacher or anyone should feel insecure in American schools," cuitnya

But Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut state blamed Congress for what he called the "specter" of school shootings. "What is happening here is not a coincidence, or because of bad luck, but because of the consequences of what is not done We are responsible for the mass atrocities committed in this country, which are incomparable anywhere," Murphy said.

Connecticut is the state where there was a shooting incident at Sandy Hook primary school in 2012, killing 20 students and six teachers. [em]

Reuters Releases Journalist Investigative Reports Arrested in Myanmar

Reuters on Thursday released a report of ethnic killings in Myanmar detailing an investigation by two journalists who are currently imprisoned in the Southeast Asian country.

The news agency revealed the massacre of 10 Rohingyas at the village Inn Din, where Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo talked to neighbors of Buddhists who reportedly claimed to kill and bury their corpses in a mass grave.

The report included photos of 10 men kneeling with hands tied behind their backs they were reported the same day they were killed. One more shows the bodies of the men in a mass grave. Witnesses said the photos were authentic, Reuters said.

"The Reuters investigation of the Inn Din massacre sparked Myanmar police to arrest two reporters of the news agency," the report said.

In a rare confession, the military of Myanmar a month after the arrest of the journalist said that his security forces were responsible for the deaths of 10 Rohingyas found in the mass grave of Din Inn.

The military continues to deny the systematic killings of the Rohingya Muslim minority, which the UN considers to be an ethnic cleansing. [as]