UK Foreign Secretary Asks UN to Watch for Return of Rohingya Refugees

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the UN should oversee the return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar because many are afraid to go home on their own.

Johnson spoke to reporters on Sunday after meeting Aung San Suu Kyi, facto Myanmar.

"I see there are real concerns both in the camps in Bangladesh and among the remaining villagers," Johnson said.

"The Myanmar authorities must work hard with international agencies to address real concerns which is felt by the people who will return to Myanmar, "he said.

The military oppression of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee to refugee camps in Bangladesh Those who persisted in their villages destroyed, living with fear. [vm/ii]

Former Maldives President Asks India and US Intervention to Overcome New Crisis

Former Maldivian president in exile calls on India and the United States to intervene in a political crisis in his country.

Mohammed Nasheed issued a statement urging India to send a military-backed envoy to the small Indian island nation of small islands to liberate Justice Abdulla Saeed and court judge Ali Hameed from prison. Saeed and Hameed were arrested Tuesday morning when security forces stormed the Supreme Court building in the capital Male hours after President Abdulla Yameen declared a 15-day emergency.

"President Yameen has illegally declared martial law and controlled the country. We must get rid of it from power, "Nasheed said in a statement. "We ask for a physical presence." He also asked Washington to impose a freeze on all financial transactions of Maldivian government officials.

Nasheed was elected president of the first multi-party election in Maldives in 2008, but he resigned in 2012 amid the military takeover took power. He lost against Yameen in the 2013 presidential election, and was later tried and convicted of terrorism charges in a trial condemned by human rights activists. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but later got sick last year to go to England where he got asylum. [lt]

Kabul Asks US Government to Stop Deportation of Afghan Citizens

Afghanistan called on the American government to stop deporting Afghans, saying it has no repatriation agreement with the United States.

"We do not sign such an agreement with the United States," Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Afghanistan, to the VOA Afghanistan Service.

If there is such an agreement, Mostaghni says it will be done by the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, which he says handles all immigration matters

"So, because the Ministry does not know such an agreement , then I can officially confirm that we – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – have not signed any treaty with America in this matter, "added Mostaghni.

Adviser to the Refugees and Repatriation Affairs Department Hafiz Ahmad Miakhel also affirmed that his government has not agreed to a repatriation and say ba "The ongoing war has forced people to leave Afghanistan," he said in an interview. "[Our] country is a warring country, and our people need more help than deportation."

The EU signed a repatriation agreement with Afghanistan in October 2016, to pave the way for the return of unsuccessful Afghan asylum seekers. In addition, Germany, Sweden and Finland have inter-state agreements.

When VOA asked this question on American Immigration and Customs whether America had an agreement, spokesman Brendan Raedy gave the following written response:

"International law requires every the state to recover its citizens who are expelled from the US The US itself regularly cooperates with foreign governments in documenting and accepting its citizens when requested, as do most countries of the world. " [sp/ii]

The White House Asks Big Funds for the Development of the Border Wall

The White House on Thursday (25/1) launches details on the so-called compromise framework on immigration, to decide whether or not to be accepted or rejected by legislators.

For 1.8 million young immigrants living in America A union known as the Dreamer, brought to America as a child, there will be a long way to become a citizen accompanied by various conditions.

For those who are allowed to live in America under the DACA program that protects them from deportation, others who meet the same criteria, there will be a period of 10 to 12 years to become a citizen with conditions related to employment, education and good moral character.

President Donald Trump, who put forward a glimpse of the proposal the day before, told reporters so they tell the Dreamers not to worry.

The Immigration and Kea Framework the White House Border was suddenly released by the Trump Administration four days earlier than scheduled.

Another element to be observed is the cost of what is the main promise of the Trump presidential campaign, which is $ 25 billion to build a wall along its border with Mexico , although the funds will also include for incoming and outgoing ports and other improvements on the northern border of America with Canada.

Chain migration, in which immigrants can sponsor relatives who later sponsor other relatives will be trimmed to apply only to husbands or the wives and minors of citizens or those with official residence permits.

The Trump Government also called for an end to the visa lottery system for some countries.

A senior government official declared it a very loose policy. [19659002] An official who speaks to wart the cloud said Thursday, the proposal would be submitted to Congress, which would later draft legislation to be presented to the president. If the legislation is realistic, he said, the president will legitimize it. [uh]

US asks Turkey to reduce tensions in northern Syria

The United States urged Turkey to reduce tensions due to its military operations in Syria and focus on defeating ISIS militants, amid growing distrust between the two NATO allies.

Turkey meanwhile pressured the US to stop its support for Kurdish militia or (19659002) US-Turkish relations suffered a setback due to a dispute over phone calls between US and Turkish presidents initially aimed at defusing tensions due to Turkish troop intervention in Syria.

Turkey denies that US President Donald Trump has asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to withhold military operations against Kurdish YPG militia in the enclave of Afrin, Syria.

But Washington says it defends the "firm" and "tough" Trump establishment during his phone conversations with Erdogan.

The White House reported that Trump said the Turkish operation was "ber isis weakening our common goal in Syria, "and" urging Turkey to hold military, restrict its military operations, and avoid civilian casualties that could increase the number of refugees and displaced people. "

Disputes over the content of this phone call worsening the relationship between the two NATO allies. America has supported the YPG militia in the war against ISIS. Turkey considers YPG as a terrorist organization linked to the Kurdish insurgency in Turkey. [ps/jm]