North Korean controversial officials to attend the Olympic closure in South Korea

North Korea (North Korea) will again send a high delegation to the closing of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea (ROK). The delegation will be led by a controversial North Korean official, believed to be responsible for the tragedy of the sinking of a South Korean military ship in 2010.

The closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea will be held on Sunday (25/2). Just as it opened on 9 February, North Korea will also send delegates to the closing. But this time Kim Yo-Jong, North Korea's younger brother Kim Jong-Un, did not participate.

Spoken by South Korean Ministry of Unification in a statement, as reported by Reuters Thursday (22/2/2018) the North's high will be led by Kim Yong-Chol, who is Vice Chairman of the Central Commission of the North Korean Workers Party. The delegation will stay for three days in South Korea.

It is known that Kim Yong-Chol also heads the United Front Department, the North Korean authority's office responsible for handling inter-Korean affairs. Kim Yong-chol's own figure is actually quite controversial for South Korea.

Previously he was Head of General Reconnaissance Bureau or RGM which is a military intelligence agency of North Korea. South Korean authorities say Kim Yon-Chol is responsible for the tragedy of the sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan in 2010. At least 46 South Korean sailors were killed in the tragedy.

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-Gyon says the torpedo attack that sank the South Korean military ship was carried out by North Korea. "Kim (Yong-Chol) is responsible for South Korean affairs, that's why we accept it because we believe it will help improve inter-Korean relations and resolve the issue of denuclearization," Cho told parliamentarians. Carousel.

South Korea and the United States actually put Kim Yong-Chol's name on the blacklist because he supports North Korea's missile and nuclear program. With blacklisted, he was banned from visiting South Korea. However, according to an official of the South Korean presidential office, South Korean authorities decided to accept Kim Yong-chol's presence for the good of the Olympics.

The South Korean official declared his authority to notify the US of Kim Yong-chol's presence.

Kim Yong-Chol, another North Korean official, Ri Son-Gwon will also be present at the closing of the Olympics. Ri, also involved in inter-Korean affairs, also accompanied Kim Yo-Jong's sister while attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics in early February. The eight-member North Korean delegation will come to South Korea via land and is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-In. The time and location of the meeting has not yet been publicly disclosed.

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Thousands of Pakistanis Attend the Cemetery of Leading Human Rights Activist

Thousands of Pakistanis crowded the streets of Lahore city on Tuesday (13/2) to bid farewell to one of the country's most prominent human rights activists, who died of a heart attack on Sunday at the age of 66. [19659002] Friends, family, politicians and human rights activists were among those who attended the Asma Jahangir funeral ceremony at the city's Gadhafi Stadium.

Jahangir is one of the founders of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, a body that highlights human rights abuses throughout the country. He also serves as the UN special rapporteur on human rights issues. On his website, the international body praised Jahangir for his "contribution to human rights", which earned him numerous awards from home and abroad.

The US State Department said Tuesday that – along with Pakistan and other countries – the departure of democracy and human rights activists. [em/jm]

North Korean Delegation Arrives to Attend Olympic Opening

Younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived in South Korea.

Kim Yo-jong was the first of the old North Korean ruling families to visit South Korea since the end of the 1950-1953 Korean War. He and his entourage, including North Korean ceremonial head Kim Yong Nam, landed at Incheon International Airport on Friday

Kim Yo-jong, senior member of the ruling Workers Party in North Korea and a key adviser to his brother.

The United Nations permits high-level North Korean delegates to visit South Korea for the Olympics, excluding them from sanctions against the repressive regime.

The exception has an immediate effect on Choe Hwei, the senior leader of the North Korean Workers Party, which has been listed on UN sanctions since 2 June 2017, and subject to travel restrictions and frozen assets.

South Korea's mission to the UN informs the Security Council committee that the 22-member delegation from North Korea is expected to attend the opening ceremony on Friday and stay until Sunday.

Exception by the UN it also allows North Korean delegates to take home the luxury goods whose imports are prohibited. [1 9659002] South Korea proposed the exemption by notifying the UN committee in a letter that the visit "would be a timely opportunity to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula and beyond."

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Kim Yo-jong is blacklisted by the US Treasury, but not a UN blacklist.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will have lunch with the delegation Saturday (19659002) The lunch will be the culmination of a series of diplomatic efforts between the two fierce rival countries, which began when President Moon approved North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's offer to send his country's athletes to the Pyeongchang Olympics. The offer was presented by Kim in a New Year speech. [uh]

Trump Invites US Government Policy Supporters Attend SOTU

President Donald Trump follows a presidential tradition for the State of Union (SOTU) on Tuesday (30 /), and invites guests who support important government policies.

Fifteen guests will sit with Mother Melania State Trump in the courtroom of the House of Representatives when Trump speaks in the first year of his tenure.

Invited guests include Corey Adams, a welder who, according to the White House, plans to set aside money from a tax-deductible package to finance his two daughters' education. [19659002] Adams's employer will also be present, Steve Staub and Sandy Keplinger, brother-and-sister owners of a manufacturing company. According to them, they can enlarge the business and give employees big bonuses in the last holiday season due to tax reform.

Two married couples, Elizabeth Alvarado and Robert Mickens, along with Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas, parents of women died in the hands of MS-13 gang members, also a guest.

They represent constituents, which highlight Trump's efforts to stop serious crimes by illegal immigrants. The other guest is C.J. Martinez, a special agent of the Immigration and Customs Board, who heads a security investigation unit. The Martinez office managed to capture more than 100 MS-13 gang members.

Trump also invited Ryan Holets, a New Mexico Police officer, who appointed a baby from an opioids addicted parent, a major drug addiction problem in America.

Guest Trumps from US military service including Matthew Bradford, Marine Corps veteran who lost both leg and sight for stepping up a homemade bomb in Iraq in 2007. Another guest was the Army Sergeant Justin Peck, who helped his injured partner in November by an homemade bomb and save his life.

Trump President and First Lady Melania Trump will perform together for the first time in recent days, following a Wall Street Journal report that blue star Stormy Daniels is paid $ 130,000 in the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election. , Stormy did not mention his sex scandal with Trump, a few months after Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron.

According to the New York Times on Tuesday, Melania Trump was shocked by the report of the bribery and very angry with Trump. He canceled a plan to accompany the president to Davos, Switzerland on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Democrats share tickets to the speech to guests opposing Trump's policies. Including young immigrants who in their childhood were illegally brought to America by their parents.

Democratic Member of the House of Representatives, Debbie Dingell, invited Cindy Garcia, whose husband Jorge Garcia was recently deported to Mexico by the Trump , having lived in America for 30 years.

Joe Kennedy, a member of the Democratic House of Representatives, invited
transgender soldier Patricia King to highlight the Trump ban for transgender serving in the military.

And Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York invited Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, who criticized the Trump government's response to the destruction of Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria. [ps/jm]

US Civil Rights Leader Refuses Attend Museum Inauguration Due to Trump Presence

Civil rights warrior who is also Congressman John Lewis says he will not attend the opening of the civil rights museum in Mississippi on Saturday (9/12), as President Donald Trump will attend.

The Museum of Civil Rights Mississippi in the city of Jackson will show prominently the often bloody civil rights struggle in the southern United States from 1945 to the end of 1976.

Exhibits, among other things, weapons of terror and hatred like the Ku Klux cross Clans and firearms used to kill Medgar Evers activists.

Decades later, while the state commemorates its 200th anniversary, the state is shown to its intricate and often brutal past in two historical museums, complete with slave chain exhibitions, Ku Klux Klan robes and striking photographs of unlawful hanging and fire-throwing racially motivated bombs

There is also a Museu m The history of Mississippi, which gives a 15-thousand-year review of the state's history from prehistoric times to the present. The two different museums under one roof are both open on Saturday, the day before the 200th anniversary of the Mississippi becoming the 20th state of the United States.

"The presence of President Trump and his pathetic policies is an affront to the people of the United States. "said Lewis in a statement.

The White House says it is unfortunate that Lewis will not attend the opening of the museum. White House spokesman Raj Shah said President Trump, "has always denounced racism, violence and discrimination and hatred in all forms. We affirm it. " [gp]