Lecturer of Chemistry in Kansas from Bangladesh Deportation

Advocates of a chemistry teacher in Kansas expect immigration officers to be soft on him because he has lived in America for 30 years without problems and has family.

Kansas City Star newspaper reported Syed Ahmed Jamal was arrested on the front page her home in Lawrence, Kansas, January 24, when she was taking her seven-year-old primary school daughter.

55-year-old Jamal, from Bangladesh, arrived in America in 1987 to study at the University of Kansas. He recently taught at Park University.

Jamal's lawyer, Jeffrey Bennett, said immigration judges allowed Jamal to remain in the United States during his regular reporting.

President Donald Trump has tightened enforcement of immigration rules. Immigration and Customs Officials or ICE said Jamal's request not to be deported four years ago has been rejected by the court. [em/ii]

Jokowi Visit Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

President Joko Widodo during his working visit to Bangladesh took the time to visit Rohingya ethnic refugees from Myanmar's Rakhine region who fled at the Jamtoli refugee camp at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Sunday (28/1/2018). President Jokowi had time to interact with the refugees while providing assistance from the Indonesian government. Jokowi assures that humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh from Indonesia will continue to come.

"This humanitarian aid will be provided continuously and I would like to extend our gratitude to all parties.Government of Indonesia including society, Humanitarian NGOs, together with the Government shoulder to shoulder to provide humanitarian aid both in Myanmar and Bangladesh, "said President Jokowi.

During the visit, President Jokowi saw firsthand the activities undertaken by Indonesian humanitarian volunteers, both from the government as well as non-governmental organizations. The President reviews the Indonesia Humanitarian Alliance (IHA) -The Dreamers Medical Camps, which is one of the government-funded health facilities, NGOs, organizations, and Indonesians. Several treatment clinics and water pumps of Indonesian origin in health facilities were also reviewed by President Jokowi

"Since the beginning of this refugee problem, the Government and the people of Indonesia have jointly assisted the refugees in Cox's Bazar and we, Indonesia appreciates the efforts of the Government of Bangladesh in assisting the refugee problem and from the beginning our Government has always coordinated on the needs of the field, "said the President.

Bangladesh Praises Indonesia's Rohingya Leadership

On separate occasion Minister Foreign Affairs of RI Retno Marsudi who participated in President Jokowi's working visit explained that the Government of Bangladesh through Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed expressed his appreciation for the attention given by the Government of Indonesia to the refugees.

"Syech Hasina expressed appreciation for what Indonesia has done so far It was mentioned that Me Foreign niece Indonesia is the first person to enter Cox's Bazar at the time of the recent violence that led to the exodus of refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh, "explained the President.

The number of Rohingya ethnic refugees from the Myanmar Rakhine region in the Jamtoli refugee camp in Cox's Bazar Bangladesh has reached more than 1 million people.

"Presented by Bangladesh now refugees have reached more than 1 million people. According to information to date there are still groups coming from Myanmar, "said Foreign Minister Retno.

The Indonesian government continues Retno has confirmed that it will continue to channel humanitarian aid to the Jamtoli refugee camp at Cox's Bazar Bangladesh

" President Jokowi expressed his appreciation ( to Bangladesh). The President said that there is still something that can be done by Indonesia, do not hesitate to deliver to Indonesia. Because the assistance provided by Indonesia is not a sending aid. Our assistance is sustainable assistance, "he added.

Retno Marsudi added that the government and the people of Indonesia in the near future are planning to build a hospital.At present ambulance and medical personnel are already in the refugee location, including specialist doctors handling the disorder trauma or psychiatric.

The arrival of Jokowi in the Jamtoli refugee camp at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, was greeted by the Head of National Bureau of Amil Zakat (Baznas) Bambang Sudibyo, Director of Emergency Response of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Junjungan Tambunan, and Coordinator of Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance (IHA) Corona Rintawa. [aw/ab]

Protest Returning, 2 Rohingya Refugees Dibui in Bangladesh

 Two Rohingya refugees were thrown into Bangladeshi prisons after protesting against their planned return to Myanmar. Both Rohingya refugees were arrested during a protest rally in their refugee camp.

As reported by AFP Wednesday (24/1/2018), Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have banners, shouting slogans and rolling out angry protests to protest their planned return to Myanmar. Many Rohingya refugees are reluctant to return home.

The Bangladeshi authorities affirm that repatriation efforts will be voluntary or as per the willingness of Rohingya refugees in their area. But police security in the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, near the border of Myanmar is being intensified.

Both Rohingya refugees imprisoned identified as Abdul Jabbar and Ali Hossain, who are both 60 years old.

On Tuesday (23/1) local time, both were on trial on charges of sparking a general commotion. The local court handed down a week's jail sentence for both Rohingya refugees.

In addition to Jabbar and Hossain, another Rohingya refugee was arrested for questioning about a protest marching back. But the unnamed Rohingya refugee was finally released on Wednesday afternoon (24/1) local time.

He was released after promising not to 'engage in anti-government activities' or engage in other seditious demonstrations.

Under the agreement reached with Myanmar, there are about 750,000 Rohingya refugees to be repatriated to Myanmar. The planned repatriation process began on Tuesday, but Bangladesh authorities delayed it because it took more time to prepare.

After the agreement was announced, protests popped up in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. But not only that, a brutal attack on some Rohingya refugees also occurred in the Bangladesh camp.

So far two Rohingya refugees, who are head of camp, were killed by a group of people who came to the refugee camp. Bangladesh authorities say two suspects, who are also Rohingya refugees, have been arrested over two separate killings.

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No Want to Return to Myanmar, Rohingya Refugee Demo in Bangladesh

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees staged a protest in Bangladesh. They oppose a planned return to Myanmar. The Rohingyas demonstrating a slogan and carrying banners containing demands on citizenship status and security guarantees before they return to Rakhine, Myanmar (19459010), Friday (19/1/2018) .

This protest was held ahead of the visit of UN special rapporteur Yanghee Lee to the Rohingya refugee camp at Cox's Bazar, southeast Bangladesh. At that location, about a million Rohingya refugees who fled from Rakhine, now live.

This week, the authorities of Bangladesh and Myanmar reached agreement on the return of about 750,000 Rohingya refugees arriving in October 2016. The repatriation effort will start as early as next week.

But in fact, most Rohingya refugees who live in crowded camps are not worthy in Bangladesh, do not want to go back to Rakhine.

Human rights groups and the UN themselves are calling for the repatriation or repatriation of Rohingya refugees to be voluntary, or to get approval from Rohingyas themselves.

Many Rohingya refugees are still worried about the situation in Myanmar. Particularly after the burning of Rohingya houses by the Myanmar army and ethnic Buddhists in Rakhine.

One Rohingya refugee named Mohibullah called the Myanmar government's claim of building a temporary camp to accommodate refugees returning to Rakhine, making him even more afraid to return.

"We want a secure zone in Arakan (Rakhine) before repatriation We want the UN peacekeeping forces in Arakan We want fundamental rights and citizenship We do not want unsecured repatriation," Mohibullah, the former teacher, told AFP via phone.

Bangladeshi police claim to be unaware of the protests of Rohingya refugees.

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More Rohingyas in Bangladesh, Though There is a Repatriation Agreement

A Bangladeshi official says Rohingya refugees continue to flee from Myanmar to Bangladesh, although both countries have said they will start repatriating members of the Myanmar ethnic minority next week.

Over 650,000 Rohingya Muslims arrive in Bangladesh after the Burmese military launches (19659002) Local top government official Mohammed Mikaruzzaman says more than 100 Rohingyas have entered Myanmar in the past two days.

Myanmar and Bangladesh signed an agreement last November regarding the return of Rohingya refugees, and officials earlier this week said some refugees will return to Myanmar starting next Tuesday. [uh]