Chairman of the US Central Bank will Maintain Progress of Banking Regulations

The new Federal Reserve or Bank of America head Jerome Powell pledged on Tuesday to maintain important progress made in banking regulations since the global financial crisis and continue to raise interest rates gradually.

Powell, who took over the leadership position of the Central Bank on February 5, when Wall Street tumbled, also said the central bank will continue to reduce its bond holdings by more than 4.5 trillion dollars.

"We are in the process of gradually normalizing the interest rate policy and balance sheet with the intention of extending the recovery and achieving our goals, "Powell said in his address to the inauguration ceremony.

He formally took control of the Central Bank last week, replacing Janet Yellen, the only woman who ever led the central bank in 100 years of Bank history Central.

Powell praises Yellen and his predecessor Ben Bernanke for having made a policy of m oneter by supporting recovery and employment while "strengthening and securing" Powell's financial system is widely seen as more reliable for the deregulation agenda of President Donald Trump, but Powell insists he prefers a balance between oversight and regulation while preventing new risk buildup. [19659002] The central bank will "maintain a significant milestone in financial regulation while ensuring our policies are as efficient as possible," Powell said and adding, "We will remain vigilant of the growing risks to financial stability." [my/jm]

The European Central Bank slams the US for undermining the weak dollar

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi blasted Washington on Thursday for underestimating the weak dollar, a move that he said threatened a decade-old pact not to target currencies and could force his bank to change policy

Commenting on the spike in the value of the euro as a source of uncertainty, Draghi said that any unjustifiable move could force the ECB to rethink its strategy because a strong currency can stop inflation, thwart its bid to raise prices.

He speaks after US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this week said he welcomed the weak dollar because it is good for US trade. and Trade Minister Wilbur Ross said the US is now in a global trade war.

The sentiment sent the euro to its highest level in three years against the dollar.

In a moderate tone, Draghi also damped expectations of an interest rate hike, arguing there was almost no chance to do that step this year, although some investors bet on a rise in early December.

But his comments about the most-highlighted currency at the press conference after the regular ECB meeting.

"When someone says a good exchange rate is which is good for exporters and it's good for the economy, that means targeting exchange rates, "Draghi said when asked about Mnuchin's comments. [as/ii]

Missing a Month, Toddler Found Dead on Fukui River Bank

A 3-year-old boy, Ren Tanaka, was reported missing on December 9, 2017. About a month later, Ren was found lifeless on the banks of the Sakai River in Prefectur Fukui, Japan. Reportedly from Japan Today on Saturday (20/1/2018), Police said Ren's body was found on Friday (19/1) morning at around 09:50 local time.

Ren was first reported missing from his father's car in a parking lot in Echizen on December 9, 2017 at around 14:00 local time.

At that time his father, Tanaka, went for a moment to enter his office. He leaves the car for about 10 minutes, but when he returns he can not find Ren.

Tanaka revealed to the Police that Ren was left sitting in the front seat and using seat belts. It's just that the car door was not locked.

Ren's body was found on the banks of the river as far as 35 km from the parking lot. The river near Tanaka's office is unlimited. Especially in that day the water level was reported high.

Police believe the bodies found are Ren for wearing the exact same outfit used by Ren when it is reported missing.

No injuries were found in Ren's body. Allegedly Ren died of an accident whether it was drowning or hypothermia. Ren was called maybe I got out of the car, headed for the river, and then washed away.

(rna / rna)

Israelis Killed Shot in West Bank, Perpetrators Hunted

West Bank
 Israeli troops deployed around the West Bank town of Nablus to hunt down the perpetrators who shot dead an Israeli settler. The army installed a roadblock around the city.

Raziel Shevah, a 35-year-old rabbi, was killed on Tuesday as he drove near his wild settlement Havat Gilad near Nablus. About 22 gun shots were found on his car. The shootings were reported to have come from a passing vehicle.

"The entrance and exit from and to the villages around Nablus can only be passed after security checks," the Israeli military statement said. "The review of the incident is under way, based on a situation assessment, it was decided to strengthen the area with additional troops," the Israeli military added. The area is often struck by tensions between hardline Israeli settlers and Palestinians. Israeli officials have strongly criticized the shooting incident. The Palestinian security sources say they do not yet know whether Israel's arrest is related to the shooting incident. But he added that Israeli settlers in the area threw stones at Palestinian cars.
(ita / ita)

The verdict of Turkish bank officials threatens Turkey-US relations

Ankara denounced the verdict against Mehmet Hakan Atilla, a Turkish banker in America for violating US sanctions against Iran.

"This is an embarrassing verdict of a bad case," Turkish presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalin told reporters at the presidential palace

"Unfair and unfortunate," the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement and added, "its proofs (in court) are false and constitute political exploitation."

Mahir Unal, spokesman for the ruling AKP Party in Turkey , blames America.

"The purpose of this American case is to interfere in Turkey's internal affairs, this case is a violation of international law and legal disaster." Obviously this decision does not qualify, "reads Unal.

Tayyip Erdogan, previously the most vocal condemned the case, has still not commented on the verdict.

Erdogan's silence has its own meaning, says pol consultant Atilla Yesilada's duck from Global Source Partner .

"Erdogan was given the wrong guidance by his counselor, who told him that Mr. [Hakan] Atilla will be released. Now he understands that if America really intends to kick Turkey, America already has a good reason to do it. I believe there will be high-level contact with America about how to eliminate the case, "said Yesilada.

On Wednesday, Mehmet Hakan Atilla, who heads an international bank, Turkish-owned Halkbank, was sentenced by a New York court to 5 of 6 charges , violates US sanctions against Iran.

With prosecutors presenting evidence some Turkish banks are extensively involved in money laundering to avoid Iran sanctions, analysts warn that now the door is open to the possibility of wider financial sanctions.

The sanctions range from fines on Turkish banks to restrictions on Turkish banks to borrow from American financial markets Turkey borrowed an average of about 16 billion dollars a month to keep existing loans and meet its financial obligations [my/jm]