Pakistan Banned Media Preach Valentine's Day

Pakistan banned Valentine's Day celebrations or Valentine's Day and media coverage surrounding the celebration for the second year in a row, after the court declared Valentine's Day un-Islamic.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Agency (Pemra) issued a warning on Wednesday 7/2), prohibits television and radio stations from celebrating Valentine's Day.

"There can be no official celebrations nor held in public places," said Pemra.

The author was adopted after the Islamabad High Court last year, following a petition from a citizen who said the February 14 holiday was an imported culture from the West and "incompatible with Islamic teachings."

More than 60 percent of Pakistan's Muslim-majority population is under 30 years old. Many young people and businesses celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped items.

But the country of 208 million people also witnessed a wave of ultra-religious political activism, which attacked similar celebrations. Some parties call the celebration immoral.

Some parties, including the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam that has ties to the Taliban, have in recent years been marching to protest the holiday.

"We are Muslims. Our religion forbids things like Valentine's Day, "said Taufeeq Leghari, who was waiting for a public transport near a fresh flower stall in Rawalpindi, adjacent to Islamabad.

Flower seller Salman Mahmood has a different view. "I do not know what danger the Islamists face, if I can profit marginally from selling flowers and someone has a chance to celebrate something," he said.

The young people did not seem to be too concerned about the ban.

"I will celebrate," said Abid Ansari, a 21-year-old student in Islamabad. "This is my choice," Abid said. [fw/au]

Kill Syrian Refugees and Their Infants, 2 Turkish Men Banned for Life

Two Turkish men were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Syrian female refugee and her baby. Both men violently raped the Syrian refugee and then killed him.

The case of rape and murder that took place in 2017 triggered a public uproar and public criticism of Turkey. As reported by AFP Tuesday (16/1/2018), Syrian refugees were raped and stoned to death by the perpetrators in Sakarya Province.

When attacked, the Syrian refugee is pregnant and is known to give birth to her baby within days. Not only that, with the cruel of the perpetrators also strangle the baby aged 10 months to death. The baby was also the daughter of the refugee woman.

The Turkish court, as quoted by Anadolu declared both Turkish men guilty of premeditated murder, killing pregnant women, sexual assault and killing a defenseless baby defensively.

The two unnamed Turkish men are each sentenced to life imprisonment.

The victim's husband claimed to be dissatisfied with the sentence handed down on Monday (15/1) local time. "Those who killed my wife and baby brutally, have no right to live," he said, crying out of court.

The case began in July 2017, when the victim's husband reported to the Turkish security authorities after failing to find his pregnant wife and her 10-month-old baby. After conducting an investigation, the Turkish authorities arrested two men who claimed to have carried out barbaric acts.

The perpetrators infiltrated the victim's home and took her baby to a forest in Sakarya. The body of the victim and her baby was found by the villagers of Sakarya.

Turkish local media reported that the two perpetrators working in the same factory as the victim's husband had quarreled with the victim's husband before the rape and murder took place.

(nvc / rna)

Putin's Critic Alexey Navalny is banned from Russia 2018

An activist who is also a critic of Vladimir Putin, Alexey Navalny is banned from taking part in the 2018 Russian presidential election. The CEC – its Russian KPU – suspects Navalny is not administratively qualified.
"First, a citizen who has been sentenced to imprisonment or serious crime and who have tremendous conviction over the crime, are not eligible to be elected president of the Russian federation, "said CEC member Boris Ebzeev as quoted by CNN on Tuesday (26/12/2017).

The decision was not surprising. The law in Russia prevents a convicted person from running for public office.

In his notes, Navalny has been prosecuted for alleged embezzlement. If you can actually go forward, Navalny will be faced with the president of petahana, Putin. Putin (65) has occupied important positions in Russia, both President and Prime Minister since 2000. Last week, Putin again announced his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election. In a press conference which became his first appearance after the announcement, Putin was asked by journalists about his reasons for running for himself.

"To improve the quality of life of Russian people," in a press conference as reported by Reuters and AFP on Thursday (14/12).

(dkp / dkp)

UN human rights envoy is banned from Myanmar

The United Nations' special human rights envoy for Myanmar says the Myanmar government has banned him from visiting the country to check on the situation in the Southeast Asian country.

Yanghee Lee's announcement on Wednesday coincided with a revelation by the Myanmar military on the discovery 10 bodies in mass graves in the northwestern state of Rakhine, where more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have lived before evacuating to neighboring Bangladesh to avoid a brutal military offensive.

The grave was discovered on Monday (18 / 12) in the village of Inn Din. Soldiers say they are investigating.

Lee who was born in Korea said she was "astonished and disappointed" by the government's decision, which gives an indication that something terrible is happening in the country. [gp]