'Hunted' Media, Cheerleader North Korea Rush Leave South Korea Beach

The North Korean cheerleader team expressed his disappointment. They just wanted to enjoy the beach in South Korea after the Pyeongchang winter olympics but failed.

Cheerleader dressed in a red uniform and a red-and-white hat visited Gyeongpo Beach, Gangneung, South Korea. As soon as they arrived, many journalists were waiting to cover them.

The cheerleaders walked quickly away from reporters and returned to the bus. One member of the North Korean cheerleader expressed his disappointment.

"We have not been able to see the beach yet," said one member.

Previously, the North Korean cheerleading team was also in the spotlight when they performed at Ojukheon House, the oldest traditional house in South Korea.

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Earthquake 6.4 SR Near Taiwan Beach Kills 2 People

An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale struck near the coast of Taiwan on Tuesday, killing two people and wounding more than 200 others, officials said.

The Marshal's ground floor in Hualien collapsed, causing death an employee. Another person died in a residential building, according to a fire and rescue service report.

The foundations of other buildings shifted and rescuers used stairs, ropes and cranes to secure the inhabitants.

Taiwan media reported another hotel called " Beautiful Life Hotel "became slanted. The media also posted photos showing cracked roads in several areas.

Bridges and several highways are closed pending checks after warping due to earthquake shocks. [as]

Car Pedicular Walker on Copacabana Beach, 1 Baby Killed

A car crashed into a crowd of pedestrians on the sidewalk of Rio de Janeiro's famous Copacabana beach area. Nahas, an 8 month old baby was killed and 15 others wounded.

As reported by Reuters Friday (19/1/2018), the pavement that became the scene of this incident crowded with pedestrians being runs late on Thursday (18/1) local time. After the collision incident, the wounded were lying around the sidewalk.

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Such incidents are reminiscent of a series of terror attacks in Europe and America, which use vehicles to crash into pedestrians. However, for this incident in Copacabana, local authorities declared no indication this was a deliberate attack.

According to Brazilian local media reports, G1 the car driver admitted that his epileptic illness recurred when the incident occurred . Inside the car was found drugs for epilepsy.

But it was known that the driver had fled after crashing the pedestrians before being quickly captured by the local police.

A Copacabana Police official confirmed an 8 month old baby was killed in the incident. Another 15 people were injured and hospitalized.

Spoken by eyewitnesses to local media, Globo News the car suddenly crosses the bike path and enters the sidewalk. On the sidewalk, the car crashed into people, then bumped into the tables and chairs near the sidewalk, before stopping on the beach sand.

The glass of the car broke and the roof was dented. This indicates that the car is speeding when crashing into people.

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4 bodies allegedly North Korea found decomposing on Yamagata Beach

Four bodies were recovered near a ship carried by drifting ashore on the shore of Yamagata Prefecture. Allegedly the four corpses are North Korean (Korut).

This was said by the Japan Coast Guard Officer as reported by Japan Today, Monday (25/12/2017). The incident found the four bodies on Sunday (24/12) at around 08:40 am local time.

Fuji TV reported, bodies were found passersby in the region. The bodies were among the rocks near an old wooden boat that had drifted ashore in Tsuruoka City.

According to the coast guard, the boat was in ruins. Later, the corpse had shown signs of decay and their sex could not be identified.

It is estimated that their dead time has been long enough. No identity card found anywhere near the location.

Throughout the year 2017, there have been occasional shipwrecks found in North Korean wooden boats and oscillated to the waters of Japan.

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