Big animals and big weapons: Trump Wildlife Preservation Council

Friday in Washington met for the first time a council to assist the government of President Trump on issues of wildlife preservation. The organization is made up of hunting professionals.

Prior to the establishment of this Wildlife Conservation Council (WCC), the Department of the Interior had already angered animal rights groups when its US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Reauthorized American hunters to import trophies of elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia

These bans, imposed under Democratic President Barack Obama, were challenged by hunter associations.

This new council , created by Interior Minister Ryan Zinke, himself a hunter, is led by Steven Chancellor, a coal magnate.

The home of this great Republican donor, located in Indiana in the north of the country , is famous for its hundreds of stuffed animals: lions, bears, leopards, antelopes, etc.

Also sitting on the board Paul Babaz, president of Safari Club International, John Jackson, former president of this pro-hunting group, and several famous hunting guides.

One of the four women to sit there, Olivia Opre, has her own reality TV show called "Hunter of the Extreme" on the cable. Another, Denise Welker, was recently named "Hunter of the Year 2018" at the Safari Club of Houston.

US House of Representatives Pass a Big Budget To Conclude Closure of Government Activities

The House of Representatives passed a bill of 400 billion dollars on Friday morning, aimed at ending the halt of some federal government activities.

Legislators voted with 240 votes versus 186 to approve the current bill sent to President Donald Trump for signing. However, this budget will only fund the government until March 23. After that the legislators had to draft a detailed budget plan for the rest of the fiscal year that ended on September 30.

The budget was passed, despite opposition from a number of politicians who objected to large budget increases, and without any action plan to protect more than one million illegal young immigrants, known as Dreamer .

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American Government Activities closed Friday morning (9/2), as Congress passed a deadline to extend the federal government funding. This is the closing of part of a second government operation in less than a month. The Senate then decided with 71 votes versus 28 to reopen the federal government's activities.

Senator Rand Paul from the Republican fraction late on Thursday (8/2) hampered the efforts of both factions to pass a bill to keep the wheels of government running, before the federal funds expire.

Paul from Kentucky objected to the Senate holding a vote on the draft budget for two years, which will increase the military and domestic budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars. He said the budget would bolster the already rising federal deficit and increase the national debt of more than 20 trillion dollars.

"With honesty and good faith, I am against voting for this design," Paul said in a long, fire in the Senate, as time grew thinner for Congress to avoid closing some of the less important federal government operations. "There is a 700-page legislation printed in the middle of the night and no one has read it yet … nothing will be renewed, the waste will continue," he said.

Paul's attitude invited a fellow senator's anger from the Republican fraction, from South Carolina, who said the American military desperately needs additional funding after years of budgetary restrictions, which hamper domestic and Pentagon programs.

"Debts and deficits are no excuse for letting the military go wild. I will do anything that will defend our military, "he said. [uh]

White House Proposes Big Fund to Build Wall Frontier

The White House issued a proposed immigration policy on Thursday (25/1).

For 1.8 million young immigrants who enter the US as a child or otherwise known as "Dreamers," will go a long way to acquire citizenship, under various conditions.

For those who are allowed to live under the DACA program, the path to becoming a citizen will take 10 to 12 years and meet the requirements, that is, to have a good job, education and moral character.

Earlier, President Donald Trump told reporters should inform the Dreamers that they need not be troubled.

The Trump Administration unexpectedly released the Immigration and Border Security Reform Framework four days earlier than the planned schedule.

Another element to be observed is the promise of the Trump campaign, $ 25 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico. But the money could also be used for incoming and outgoing ports, as well as upgrades along the northern border with Canada.

Large family migrations, programs that allow immigrants to sponsor their families, will be eliminated. Only wives and underage children of citizens and green card holders will be allowed. The Trump Administration also called for the cessation of the visa lottery system for certain countries.

The White House hopes the Senate will be able to vote early next month before the Feb. 8 deadline, for congressmen to pass a budget bill allowing the government to continue operating. [19659003] Many members of Congress from the Democratic Party, as well as some Republican members opposed the vote on the draft budget law without any agreement on immigration.

If no law was passed on the issue of young immigrants on March 5, officials authorities warned on Thursday that they would be considered illegal immigrants and that when dealing with immigration officials would be immediately processed for deportation. [ps/jm]

The White House Asks Big Funds for the Development of the Border Wall

The White House on Thursday (25/1) launches details on the so-called compromise framework on immigration, to decide whether or not to be accepted or rejected by legislators.

For 1.8 million young immigrants living in America A union known as the Dreamer, brought to America as a child, there will be a long way to become a citizen accompanied by various conditions.

For those who are allowed to live in America under the DACA program that protects them from deportation, others who meet the same criteria, there will be a period of 10 to 12 years to become a citizen with conditions related to employment, education and good moral character.

President Donald Trump, who put forward a glimpse of the proposal the day before, told reporters so they tell the Dreamers not to worry.

The Immigration and Kea Framework the White House Border was suddenly released by the Trump Administration four days earlier than scheduled.

Another element to be observed is the cost of what is the main promise of the Trump presidential campaign, which is $ 25 billion to build a wall along its border with Mexico , although the funds will also include for incoming and outgoing ports and other improvements on the northern border of America with Canada.

Chain migration, in which immigrants can sponsor relatives who later sponsor other relatives will be trimmed to apply only to husbands or the wives and minors of citizens or those with official residence permits.

The Trump Government also called for an end to the visa lottery system for some countries.

A senior government official declared it a very loose policy. [19659002] An official who speaks to wart the cloud said Thursday, the proposal would be submitted to Congress, which would later draft legislation to be presented to the president. If the legislation is realistic, he said, the president will legitimize it. [uh]

Big US Companies Urge Congress to Protect Young Immigrants

More than 100 large American companies have joined forces to urge Congress to protect immigrants brought to America illegally while still a child. They signed an open letter of full-page advertising on a major newspaper on Thursday.

The companies called for immediate action to help workers who would lose protection from government programs, called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, abbreviated DACA , March.

Google's chief executive, Amazon, Facebook and Apple – known as GAFA – alongside IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, General Motors, AT & T, Marriott, Hilton and dozens of other companies, signed a letter calling for protection for those covered by the program, called Dreamers.

Last September, President Donald Trump canceled the program, but gave it six months. That is, the people covered by the DACA or Dreamers program will be deported starting in March.

The letter voiced concerns by analysts and businessmen who said the economy would lose $ 215 billion in GDP if 800 thousand Dreamers quit their jobs, filling vacant position.

An American judge this week ordered the federal government to restore the DACA while awaiting justification for plans to cancel the program. It will allow Dreamers to apply to update their status in the program imposed by President Barack Obama since 2012, unless canceled by a higher court.

The immigration advocacy group noted that Dreamers is eligible and has undergone rigorous background checks , and do not receive government financial aid, but pay taxes because their status allows them to work legally. [ka/ii]