Malaysia bans controversial Bollywood film 'Padmaavat'

Kuala Lumpur
 The Malaysian government banned the controversial Bollywood film 'Padmaavat' in his country. The film, starring the famous actress Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, is considered to give a negative picture of a Muslim sultan.

As reported by Reuters Friday (2/2/2018), the Malaysian government rejected the depiction of the character of Sultan Alauddin Khilji in the film. The film itself tells the figure of Padmavati who is the figure of Hindu Queen of the 14th century and the Muslim Sultan who invaded Hindustan.

"He (Sultan Alauddin Khilji-red) is described as an arrogant, cruel, inhuman, sly Sultan with many trickery, unreliable, and non-practicing Islam, "the Malaysian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs asserts, the Film Censorship Board has decided the film is 'not approved for airing' in all cinemas in Malaysia. An appeal from the film's distributor has been rejected by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board on Tuesday (30/1) this week.

Bollywood films are very popular in Malaysia, which is about 7 percent of India's 32 million people.

The film 'Padmaavat' itself has long reaped controversy and protests in his native India. Controversy even emerged since the film was still in the shooting stage. Radical groups in India who protested the film called the film 'Padmaavat' has mistakenly described intimate scenes between Padmavati and Khilji, the two main characters. Producers have asserted that the film portrays Padmavati's honorable figure.

Despite the controversy, the film 'Padmaavat' is still allowed to air in India. This is because on January 23 last, the Indian Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit of the Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh government that requested the film was banned. The Supreme Court emphasized the action of banning films clearly violating the freedom of creativity.

Later in early January, the Indian Film Certification Center Board (CBFC), which regulates censorship and film certification, allowed 'Padmaavat' to air in cinemas beginning January 25. CBFC allows the controversial film to air with a number of cuts in scenes. Not only that, CBFC also requested that the title of the film be changed from 'Padmavati' to 'Padmavat' and 'Padmaavat'.

To protest the decision, hundreds of people staged a massive rally in India, malls and vehicle burning. Despite the protests, India's 'Padmaavat' movie show has reportedly gained a profit of 1.43 billion or equivalent to Rp 299 billion within seven days.

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Actress Bollywood Experience Sexual Harassment on Airplane

New Delhi
A 17-year-old Bollywood actress admitted to being a victim of sexual harassment inside the plane. The actress was harassed by a male passenger sitting behind him during a domestic flight.

As reported by Reuters Monday (11/12/2017), this incident occurred in a domestic flight route New Delhi-Mumbai with airlines Air Vistara on Sunday (10/12) local time. The actress named Zaira Wasim reveals the incident he experienced via social media Instagram.

"He kept touching my shoulders and kept moving his legs up and down, to my back and neck," said Wasim in his Instagram post, sobbing.

"Is this the way we treat women," he added.

Wasim's confession sparked public outrage via social media. Wasim fans expressed support for the famous actress for her role as a child wrestler in Bollywood's best-selling movie titled 'Dangal' released in 2016.

Indian police are investigating the incident as a suspected sexual assault. A male passenger named Vikas Sachdeva became a suspect in this case. British media BBC calls Sachdeva has been arrested by the police.

He was charged with assault or criminal charges forcing women with intent to harass him and snared a violation of the Child Protection Act of Sexual Violence.

"We investigate thoroughly and will support Zaira in every way if necessary," said Air Vistara's Head of Strategy and Commercial Sanjiv Kapoor. "We do not tolerate this kind of thing at all," he added.

Separately, local media reported that Sachdeva's wife Divya defended her so-called innocent husband. According to Divya, the husband then just returned from attending the funeral and fell asleep during the flight. Divya accused Wasim of deliberately throwing this accusation for the sake of popularity.

Air Vistara spokesman said one of his senior officials had been in Mumbai to help with police investigations. "We are very concerned and deplore the unpleasant experience experienced by Zaira Wasim in our flight last night," said an unnamed spokesman.

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