Hong Kong bomb experts trying to jail bomb war relics

Hong Kong police closed a busy downtown area Wednesday after a bombing of war-era bombs was found at a construction site in the Asian financial center.

The bomb squad team was deployed to the discovery site at the Wan Chai district, and the police were forced to divert traffic flows. The shops and offices around the site were closed, while the ferry service at nearby ports was stopped

Bomb experts identified the bomb as a US-made 450-kilogram bomb and similar to other bombs found on a few tram lines the day before but successfully defused.

According to Alick McWhirter bomb squad expert, the newly discovered bomb may be difficult to disable as the mechanisms of the safety system are severely damaged. In addition, he said, the bomb was found in a difficult position to reach, on a slope.

The bomb was believed to have been dropped by fighters during the Second World War, when the former British colony became the scene of fighting between Allied forces and Japanese occupation forces. [ab/uh]

The Taliban Call the Ambulance Bomb in Kabul Is a Message to Trump

 Taliban militants said a deadly ambulance bomb explosion in Afghanistan on Saturday was a special message for US President Donald Trump. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast that killed 103 people.

As reported Reuters Monday (29/1/2018), it is known that last year Trump decided to send more US troops to Afghanistan. Not only that, Trump also requested more air attacks and other military support for Afghan military forces.

"The Islamic Emirati has a clear message to Trump and the kissers of his hand, that if you continue the policy of aggression and speak with gunfire, do not expect Afghans to respond by growing flowers," said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in his statement. The Islamic Emirate is the Taliban term to refer to its own group.

The explosion that rocked Kabul on Saturday (27/1) local time, came from two bombs hidden in two vehicles painted to resemble an ambulance car. One of the bombs exploded when an ambulance-like car stopped at one of the police checkpoints in Kabul.

A recent statement by Afghan Interior Minister Wais Barmak said the death toll from the blast rose to 103. Another 235 people were injured.

Afghan security authorities warn that new attacks could resume in the future.

On Monday (29/1) local time, a series of recent explosions reportedly occurred near military academy Marshal Fahim, Kabul. The Kabul Police spokesman confirmed an incident occurred inside a military facility near the Marshal Fahim Academy. Kabul residents, Mohammad Ehsan, called the explosion started at around 0500 local time and lasted for one hour.

But it can not be known for sure whether this explosion is a militant attack or triggered by internal military issues.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo is scheduled to visit Kabul on Monday (29/1).

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The Ambulance Bomb Victims in Kabul Increased to 103 People

 An ambulance suicide bombing took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, two days ago. The death toll increased from 95 to 103.

Reporting from ABC News, Monday (29/1/2018), information on the death toll is delivered by the Minister of Home Affairs of Afghanistan, Wais Barmak. The total number of wounded victims is 235 people from 150 people.

The incident occurred on Saturday (27/1) local time. The Taliban claimed to be the party responsible for the attack.

Kabul police say the blast occurred near the entrance of the former Interior Ministry building. This area is quite famous as a shopping location.

"I was at the store at that time I heard a big bomb," said a shopkeeper on site, Haji Wali.

"I came out and helped those who were injured, so many injured people were lying on the path to the mall," he added.

Reuters reported, security forces warned of possible subsequent attacks. Incidents of suicide bombing became the deadliest in Afghanistan in a year back.

The Taliban claimed their attack was a message to US President Donald Trump. Trump is thought to have sent more US troops to Afghanistan by 2017, as well as ordering aerial raids.
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The Ambulance Bomb Victims in Kabul Increased to 95, 158 Injuries

The death toll from an explosion in an ambulance in Kabul, Afghanistan has grown to 95. About 158 ​​others were injured.

"Now (death toll) reached 95 people dead, 158 injured," said Afghan Health Ministry spokesman Waheed Majroh as quoted by AFP on Saturday (27/1/2018).

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

Taliban militants claimed the bombing. The attack came just a week after the deadly attack at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul that killed more than 20 people. The Taliban also claimed the attack on the luxury hotel.
MP, Mirwais Yasini, who was near the scene of the explosion, said an ambulance drove near a police checkpoint, close to the office of the High Peace Council and a number of foreign embassies, and then exploded.
He said he saw a number of people lying on the ground after the car bomb explosion.

A cloud of smoke rises from the blast site. Buildings that are a few meters from the location had shaken by the explosion of the bomb.

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Bomb Attack in Barranquilla Colombia, 5 Police Officers Killed

The bombing struck near a police station in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. Five people reportedly killed and 42 others injured in this incident.

Reported by Reuters on Sunday (28/1/2018), this attack occurred on Saturday (27/1) local time when the police gathered in the San Jose is receiving a referral or an apple in the morning.

"We think this could be retaliation by these groups that were recently affected," said Metropolitan Police Commander Brigadier General Mariano de la Cruz Botero. His remarks refer to the criminal group active in the coastal city.

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

Police have arrested one person suspected of having a relationship with an alleged offender. Police also suspect there is another person's involvement again in this event.

Police will give a reward of 50 million pesos for anyone who can provide information about the perpetrators of the bombing. Furthermore, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos conveyed his condolences to the families of the dead and wounded.

Santos insists the Colombian government will not rest until the perpetrators have been arrested and brought to justice. In addition to Santos, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto also expressed his condolences.

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