Jurors Submit Claims To New York Pipeline Bombers

The panel of judges has filed a lawsuit against 27-year-old accused Akayed Ullah of Brooklyn, New York for attempting to set off a pipe bomb at a New York subway station on December 11, 2017. Six items are filed to Akayed.

In the claim it was said, Ullah sought support for ISIS, which was declared a foreign terrorist organization by the American government. Other charges against Ullah are the use of weapons of mass destruction, placing bombs in public places; (19659003) Ullah was found near the site of the explosion and found its found plumbing bomb components, including 9-volt batteries, wires, plastic binders, metal pipes, and a Christmas tree light. He was the only person injured in an attack attempt near the New York Port Authority bus terminal.

The allegation says he overrides Miranda's rights, or the right to not speak while being interrogated by police without the presence of lawyers.

with the police, according to the indictment, Ullah said he assembled the pipe bomb and launched an attack on December 11. Ullah says he was inspired by ISIS pro propaganda material he found on the Internet. He followed a video suggestion that if jihadist candidates could not join ISIS abroad, they would have to attack in their own country. [ps/jm]

Three Suicide Bombers Attack Church in Pakistan, 9 Killed

Three heavy suicide bombers on Sunday attacked a bustling church in Quetta, southwest Pakistan, killing at least 9 people from a Christian minority community.

Officials and doctors said women and children were among the victims of the attack on the high-security Bethel Memorial Methodist church.

Witnesses said two attackers wanted to enter the main building where about 400 congregants attended Sunday services, but police guards at the main gate against the assailant, who killed one of them and caused the second attacker to blow himself up outside the building. The explosion killed a security guard, police said.

Provincial police chief Inspector General Moazzam Ansari told journalists that the third armed suspect had escaped to nearby villages during an exchange of fire and operations were under way to hunt him down .

Ansari says the death toll could have been much higher if the guard police on duty did not stop the bomber from entering the church room.

The video obtained by VOA after the attack shows the destruction of the explosion inside the praying room.

A Christmas tree with ornate lamps near the blood spill surrounded by broken glass windows, chairs and benches and reversed musical instruments. Body parts of an explosive can also be seen nearby.

ISIS has admitted carrying out the attack. [gp]

New York Bombers Accused of Terrorism Charges

A counter-terrorism official in Bangladesh said on Wednesday that the man accused of detonating a pipeline bomb in a New York subway tunnel appeared to have no connection with militant groups.

Monirul Islam said investigators interrogating Akayed Ullah's wife and his in-laws as part of their investigation.

The 27-year-old Ullah will appear in court for the first time on Wednesday, one day after the federal prosecutor announces terrorism charges against him. Authorities say the Bangladeshi immigrant attack was inspired by ISIS.

The indictments against Ullah include placing bombs in public places and using weapons of mass destruction, each of which can be subject to maximum life imprisonment.

Under the criminal lawsuit which was revealed on Tuesday, Ullah was also charged with providing support for ISIS, destroying property with explosives, and using vandalism for violence. All these indictments can each be subject to a 30-year prison sentence.

In an interview with investigators at the hospital, Ullah confessed to making bombs and carrying out the attack on behalf of the ISIS terrorist organization. [ab/uh]

US Attorney Announce 5 Allegations on Suspect of New York Bombers

US Federal prosecutors announced five federal terror accusations against Akayed Ullah on Tuesday (12/12), a day after the Bangladeshi immigrant detonated a pipe bomb in a New York City subway tunnel, injuring himself and three others. [19659002] The most serious allegation against Ullah, 27, is to provide material aid to a terrorist organization and to use weapons of mass destruction, allegations that could be imprisoned for 20 years or for life.

Ullah is also accused of public bombings, the destruction of property with fire, the use of destructive devices and acts of violence, according to criminal charges expressed on Tuesday.

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Joon Kim announced the allegations at a news conference in New York.

7.20 am Monday (11/12) at tunnel subway station in New York.

Kim told reporters n that Ullah "chose the location and timing of the blast to cause the maximum number of human casualties."

Ullah wounds in the explosion and taken to the hospital in a serious condition, with burns in his hands and body. He is still hospitalized and Kim says that the lawsuit will be officially presented to Ullah at the hospital. [sp/ii]

Bombers in New York Injured and In Police Prisoners

A man blew up a pipe bomb strapped to his chest near the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City on Monday, injuring himself and three others in an incident that mayor Bill de Blasio called a "terrorist attack attempt".

New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill identified the suspect as Akayed Ullah, 27 years old, who was treated for burns at a nearby hospital and was in police custody.

Ullah "deliberately" blew up the explosive device, pipe bomb, O'Neill told reporters, who spoke with Mayor de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo early Monday.

The news report says Ullah came to America from Bangladesh about seven years ago and is a legitimate US permanent resident .

The New York Fire Department confirmed three other injuries in the blast, all not life-threatening. The area around 42nd Street and 8th Avenue was blocked for several hours after the explosion, a police presence increased there and several fire trucks, according to a VOA reporter at the scene. Due to delays and cancellation of subway system operations, a number of offices in Manhattan asked their employees not to work on Monday. [ps/jm]