There are World War II Time Bombs, London Airport Closed Meanwhile

 The discovery of the Second World War bombs forced the temporary closure of the London City Airport. The second World War II bomb was found near the River Thames.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), the remaining bomb was found at King George V Jetty, close to the airport runway in central London. The findings occurred during construction work on site on Sunday (11/2) local time.

"The 214-meter ban zone has been applied as a deterrent to the Metropolitan Police (London)." As a result, the London City Airport is currently closed, "the London Municipal Airport Authority statement said.

"All passengers traveling from the City of London on Monday (12/2) are advised to contact the airline for more information," the statement said.

London City Airport operates mostly long haul flights close. The airport, the fifth largest airport in London, is located in east London, near the Canary Wharf business district. The airport remained closed this morning, and all flights from and to London City Airport on Monday (12/2) were canceled, "said the CEO of London City Airport, Robert Sinclair. It is not known how many flights were canceled during Monday (12/2).

The London Metropolitan Police said the findings of the bombing remnants were reported on Sunday (11/2) early morning local time. The closure of airports and the enforcement of banned zones was decided to ensure public safety.

"Ensuring that the object is handled safely while limiting the risks to the public," said the local police.

The unexploded World War II remains were handled by special police personnel, along with British Royal Navy personnel. It is known that thousands of bombs were dropped in London by the German Air Force between September 1940 and May 1941.

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Suicide Bombs Killed 11 Soldiers in Pakistan

 A suicide bomber killed 11 soldiers and left 13 others injured near a military base in Pakistan on Saturday. The area was said to have been ruled by a local Taliban faction.

Reported by Reuters on Sunday (4/2/2018) the suicide attack occurred in a military sports area.

"The soldiers were playing volleyball at night outside military base, when a suicide bomber managed to blow himself up, "said a security officer.

The volleyball match was also watched by civilians. The number of victims is expected to increase and currently the injured have been taken to a nearby military hospital.

Tehreek-e-Taliban, also known as the Pakistani Taliban, has claimed the attack in a statement sent to the media. "Inshallah Tehreek-e-Taliban has begun the process of retaliation, wait for more (attacks) to follow," said Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khurasani in the statement.

The military has alert to signs of a Taliban revival. They are trying to rebuild civil institutions and win local residents as a bulwark against radical ideologies.

Since being pursued in the region, the Taliban have carried out retaliatory attacks against anti-militant activists. They are also trying to extort money from business owners in one of the areas where Pakistan has deployed more than 4,000 troops there.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi condemned the attack. "There is no cowardly attack that can deter us in the fight against the threat of terrorism to its logical conclusion We will continue to fight until the root (terrorism) can be eradicated," Abbasi said.
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Commemorating Ambulance Bombs in Kabul, Eiffel Tower Lamps Extinguished

The bombing incident in Kabul, Afghanistan has sparked sympathy for Parisians. To commemorate this deadly event, the lights at the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France are extinguished.

"Tonight in the middle of the night, the Eiffel Tower commemorates the terrible attack that plagued Kabul," Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told AFP on Sunday (28 / 1/2018).

Hidalgo condemned the event that killed 95 people in Kabul. "Paris city and Parisians are with Afghan people who once again face the savage of terrorists," he said.

The icon of Paris is often extinguished to honor or commemorate the event.

killings and acts of terror that killed a number of people.

Previously, a bomb explosion in an ambulance in Kabul killed 95 people and 158 others wounded. Taliban militants claimed the bombing. The attack came just a week after the deadly attack at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul that killed more than 20 people. The Taliban also claimed the attack on the luxury hotel.

"Now up to 95 people have been killed, 158 have been wounded," Afghan Health Ministry spokesman Waheed Majroh told AFP on Saturday (27/1).

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Bombs Until Sexual Issues Father 'Terror' The arrival of the Pope to Chile

Three Catholic churches in Chile's capital Santiago were thrown in a molotov cocktail. This bombing occurred one day before Pope Francis visited the country.

As reported by AFP, this incident occurred on Friday (12/1) evening local time. President Michael Bachelet denounced the incident that caused the minor damage.

"This is very strange, because this is not something you normally identify as a particular group," Bahelet said. (19659002) ] Meanwhile, Police Chief Gonzalo accused the responsible Anarchist group.

Two churches were damaged at the door. Meanwhile, the church wall was crossed out with the contents of the Pope's condemnation.

Molotov thrower left a letter for the Pope. He threatened to bomb Pope Francis upon his arrival.

"Pope Francis, the next bomb will be in your south," said the newspaper, referring to a kind of cloak worn by a Catholic priest.

Interior Ministry Official Mahmud Aleuy said that the government was investigating the attack.

The 81-year-old pope is scheduled to arrive in Santiago on Monday (15/1) evening at the start of a week-long visit to Chile and Peru.

Sexual Abuse by Pastor

the pope, a US-based monitoring group, described Roman Catholic priests' data as being accused of sexual harassment. From 2000, there were approximately 80 pastors sexually abusing. collected an openly priestly database that was accused of sexually abusing minors using court and media records.

The group said that the list representing a fraction of the total number of accused clerics who will be known if Chilean church leaders are required to report to law enforcement. If the legal system allows victims more time to file criminal and civil charges, or if dioceses and religious orders are investigated by prosecutors or state commissions.

The list includes Chilean pastor Fernando Karadima, accused of abusing children in 2010 and convicted by the Vatican. But the punishment is not granted by the government of Chile.

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Roadside Bombs Killed 7 Civilians in Southern Afghanistan

A roadside bomb killed seven civilians on Sunday in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, officials said.

Haji Salam Khan, a provincial council member, said the blast killed seven civilians and wounded three others. Omar Zwak, spokesman for the provincial governor, confirmed the attack but gave no casualty figures.

No one has claimed responsibility yet. The Taliban has a strong and growing presence in the area.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, mortar rounds on markets in Logar province, east Afghanistan, killed three civilians in fighting between Afghan and Taliban security forces, provincial governor Salim said Saleh. He said seven others were injured.

He said an investigation was underway to determine whether the mortar shells were fired by security forces or rebels. [gp]