Helicopter Crashed in US Grand Canyon, 3 British Tourists Killed

Three British tourists were killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon, United States (US). The helicopter on board the three tourists crashed on the air for a scenic tour.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), three other Britons and the helicopter pilot were injured in the incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) evening, at around 5:20 pm local time. The UK Foreign Office confirmed this report in its statement.

"We support the families of six British citizens who were involved in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon on February 10, and we continue to communicate closely with the US emergency service," said one interpreter (19459012)

1 out of 5 British Parliamentary Staff Ever Sexually Abused

 A recent report reveals one in five people working in the British Parliament have been victims or witnessed sexual harassment while working, throughout 2017. This report reveals a veil of sexual harassment culture in parliament.

As reported by AFP and CNN Thursday (8/2/2018), a cross-party group survey is open to every staff working in Westminster or the British parliament, 1,377 people. Those who participated in the survey were kept anonymous.

Of that total, 19 percent or fifth claimed to have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment while working within the past 12 months. Another 39 percent said they had experienced non-sexual abuse or bullying.

The figure shows those who experienced bullying or harassment while working were mostly female. Precisely 45 percent are women and 35 percent are male.

The survey was conducted by a group of cross-party MPs focusing on the issue of preventing sexual harassment and bullying within parliament. This is following up the rampant allegations of sexual harassment that drag some lawmakers after the scandal Harvey Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer accused of harassing many actresses.

Survey reports mention bullying and harassment 'have entered into the lives of people working in or with parliament'.

Through the results of this survey, it is hoped that there will be better protection and support measures for staff and parliamentarians who are victims. It is also hoped that there will be a new code of conduct and the establishment of an independent and confidential complaint procedure. The recommendations that follow up this report are broadening and reforming the role of commissioners enforcing parliamentary standards and other relevant commissions.

Call for wider sanctions for offenders, from written apologies, mandatory training, agreements to improve future behavior, deactivation or withdrawal of parliamentarians. This will be discussed by parliament beginning in late February.

"This is a big day for our parliament and our political world," said UK lawmaker Andrea Leadsom, who led House of Commons and cross-group panel this party.

"The new independent procedure will show that we want the best parliament in the world when it comes to treating everyone who works here with respect and dignity," he added. "This is a big step in bringing the cultural change that parliament needs," said Leadsom.

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British PM Visits China, Discuss Future After Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday called for an expansion of the global strategic partnership between Britain and China, at the start of his visit to the world's second largest economy. May's visit focuses on efforts to rally new trade agreements with Beijing as soon as Britain leaves the European Union.

Meeting Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, May says the golden era of relations between the two countries is now expected to bring investment from the company (19659002) May first visited the industrial city of Wuhan, prior to Beijing to hold talks with Li and then with President Xi Jinping, whose first state visit to England in the year 2015 often refers to the present as a golden era of relations between the two countries.

In this trip, May brought about 50 British businessmen, including Jaguar Land Rover's corporate CEOs and AstraZeneca drug companies. According to the plan he will visit Shanghai before returning home on Friday.

British exports to China have increased by 60 percent since 2010, and China is expected to be one of the largest foreign investors in Britain by 2020. [ab/uh]

Allegedly Drunk, British Airways Pilot Arrested Before Takeoff

 A British Airways airline pilot was arrested for allegedly drunk while flying the plane. The 49-year-old man was arrested just before the plane took off from Gatwick Airport, London.

Reported by CNN on Sunday (21/1/2019), the unnamed pilot was arrested on Thursday (18/1) night. At that time he was flying a Boeing 777 plane to Mauritius, Africa.

"We received reports of an airline staff suspected of being under the influence of alcohol at Gatwick Airport," said Sussex Police Spokesman.

Unknown pilots are known to have originated from Harmondsworth, Hillingdon, London. Until Friday (19/1) night pilot is still held on suspicion remains in charge despite the influence of alcohol above the specified limits.

As a result of this incident flight to Mauritius delayed 2 hours. Related to Police investigations, the airlines are committed to assisting as much as they can.

"We apologize for the delay to our customers.The aircraft stays at the gate until the third alternative pilot joins the crew and the safety and security of customers and crew has always been our top priority," said a spokeswoman for British Airways.

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British PM and Trump Discuss US recognition of Jerusalem

British Prime Minister Theresa May phoned US President Donald Trump on Tuesday and discussed Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump's decision triggered the UN General Assembly to hold rare emergency meetings at the request of Arab and Muslim countries.

The telephone conversation was revealed by a Downing Street spokesman, who said the two leaders discussed their "different positions" about Jerusalem. The telephone conversation came a day after May and leaders of 13 other UN Security Council members voted in favor of a resolution requiring that the Trump declaration be revoked. The United States vetoed the resolution.

The 193-member UN General Assembly will hold a vote on the resolution on Thursday, according to the Palestinian envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour. This vote is not binding, but it has political weight.

Prime Minister May and President Trump also discussed "their deep concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen," the spokesman said. A senior UN official said Monday (18/12) that the disputing factions should allow more aid to be sent to nearly 8.5 million people who "face hunger" in Yemen.

"They agreed it was important to reopen the humanitarian and commercial pathways to prevent hunger and alleviate the suffering of the people. innocent Yemeni people, "said the spokesman.

Theresa May explained to Trump about" recent good progress "in the Brexit talks and" agreed on the importance of a rapid bilateral Brexit trade deal, "according to the spokesman. He added Trump outlined "the progress he has made on his economic agenda. "[sp/ii]