US Restaurant Worker Brought Lifetime Over New York Bombing

New York
A US restaurant worker was sentenced to life in prison for a New York bombing that injured 31 people in 2016. By a federal judge, the man claiming to be inspired by Osama bin Laden is said to be very dangerous.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi, born in Afghanistan, court that he became radical after being "harassed" by the FBI and "exiled" because of his religion. During the trial, the 30-year-old man did not show any remorse for his actions.

At the trial as reported by the AFP news agency, Wednesday (14/2/2018), the public prosecutor stated that "magical" was killed in a bomb attack that occurred on September 17, 2016. The second bomb explosion led to the cancellation of a US Marine Corps running event in the town of Seaside Park, New Jersey. Rahimi was found guilty of eight counts

Police have also defused other bombs at Chelsea and found additional pipe bombs in the home town of Rahimi, Elizabeth, New Jersey where he works in his family restaurant. Rahimi was wounded in a crossfire with police on September 19, 2017 before he was arrested. It also found a journal of its own writing that praised Osama bin Laden and recruited US-born al-Qaeda, Anwar al-Awlaki. He moved to the United States in 1995 with his family and became a naturalized citizen in 2011.

In court, Rahimi said that he understands why there is frustration between Muslim countries and Americans.

"I have been here for more than 20 years, I have American friends and Muslim friends, "said Rahimi. According to him, things change after he acts and dresses like a devout Muslim.

Since Rahimi's arrest, two other lone-wolf attackers have staged a bombing in New York. A Bangladeshi driver blew up a bomb to injure himself and three others in December 2017. Earlier on 31 October 2017, an Uzbek immigrant crashed his truck into cyclists, killing eight people. The man claimed to be inspired by the ISIS terrorist group.

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South Korea-Korea Border Communication Brought Again After 2 Years of Disconnect

 After two years of disconnection, communication between South Korea (Korea) with North Korea (North Korea) re-established today. The two Koreas spoke for 20 minutes in the first communication over the last few years.

The border telephone connections in the border village of Panmunjom last operated in February 2016. When the line was in operation, the two sides checked it twice each day. The telephone line was closed when relations between the two Koreas deteriorated due to a dispute over the Kaesong industrial complex that had been jointly managed but has now closed. As reported by AFP and CNN Wednesday (3/1/2018), a border telephone line or border hotline between South Korea and North Korea reopened on Wednesday (3/1) afternoon at around 15:00 North Korean time or at 15:30 South Korean time. South Korea's time zone is half an hour ahead of North Korea

According to the South Korean Ministry of Unification, the North contacted South Korea via the border telephone line just at the time it was announced. The talks took place between 15.30 and 15.50 South Korean time.

"The telephone conversation lasted for 20 minutes," said a South Korean unification ministry official who declined to be named.

 Korean officials check hotline telephone lines with North Korea South Korean officials check hotline telephone lines with North Korea Photo: Yonhap via REUTERS

The contents of the conversation were not revealed to the public. But earlier Kim Jong-Un expressed his hope that the North Korean delegation could participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea next month.

The re-opening of the line was ordered by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, announced on North Korean state television, previous. A day earlier Kim Jong-Un offered to dialogue and establish better relations with South Korea.

In a New Year's speech on January 1, Kim Jong-Un delivered a softened message to South Korea. In addition to declaring a ready dialogue, Kim Jong-Un also indicated for the first time that North Korea is considering joining the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Kim Jong-Un called his aim "to reduce the military tension on the Korean Peninsula to create a full environment peace'. South Korean authorities welcomed Kim Jong-Un's statement. The country has filed on 9 January next week to hold high-level talks with North Korea.

South Korea and North Korea separated by the Demilitarized Zone since the end of the 1950-53 Korean war. The two countries last held high-level talks in 2015 in an effort to ease tensions.

The South Korean Authority welcomes the North's decision to reopen the border telephone line, calling it a "very significant" decision. Head of South Korean Presidential Press Secretary Yoon Young-Chan called this decision 'creating an environment where communication is possible over time'.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In has long supported a dialogue option with its North Korean neighbor. But the administration of US President Donald Trump has always insisted the North's regime must stop its nuclear ambitions before dialogue can be held.

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Hong Kong-flagged Ships Arrested Brought BBM to North Korea

The South Korean Foreign Ministry said the country had seized a Hong Kong-flagged ship that transfers oil to a North Korean ship in international waters despite sanctions by the United Nations Security Council.

Yonhap, South Korea's news agency, reported South Korean customs officials that the Winmore Lighthouse ships moved 600 tons of refined oil to a North Korean ship on October 19. South Korea seized Lighthouse Winmore on November 24 when the ship sailed to Yeosu Port in South Korea, the news agency said.

Yonhap reported Lighthouse Winmore was hired by the Taiwanese company Billions Bunker Group. The news agency said the "destination as claimed" by the ship was Taiwan, but the ship "transfers oil to a North Korean ship, Sam Jong 2, and three other non-North Korean ships in international waters in the East China Sea." [19659002] The Winmore Lighthouse ship reportedly been proposed by the Americans to be blacklisted for their illicit trade with North Korea.

Yonhap reports that South Korea informed Americans of "illegal transactions they detected".

President United States Donald Trump on Thursday accused China of facilitating oil shipments to North Korea, but China insisted it never violated UN sanctions restricting oil shipments to North Korea

"Caught red-handed, deeply disappointed that China allowed oil to enter North Korea. There will be no friendly solution to North Korea's problems if this continues to happen! "Wrote President Trump on Twitter.

A spokesman for China's foreign ministry (Hua Chunying) on ​​Friday rejected China's involvement in smuggling goods to or from North Korea. [gp]