Action Shootings Near US National Security Service Building, 3 Injured

Three people were shot and wounded on Wednesday near the US National Security Service (NSA) building outside Washington DC

US media reports said a suspect was arrested and seen handcuffed and surrounded by police near the door the entrance gate of the building at Fort Meade, in the suburbs of Maryland.

Nearby, a black SUV was seen near a barrier obstacle. A number of bullet holes were visible in the car that seemed to hit the barrier. Traffic on the road leading to the NSA was blocked.

 Atmosphere at shooting location outside NSA building, outside Washington DC (14/2).

Atmosphere at shooting location outside NSA building, outside Washington DC (14/2).

No further details continued on the incident. The intelligence service is responsible for US global electronic wiretapping actions in an effort to combat terrorist threats.

US President Donald Trump has been notified of the incident. [ab/uh]

Many Taiwan Earthquake Survivors Being on the Upper Floor of Building Collapse

Most survivors of the powerful earthquake on Tuesday night in Taiwan survived because they were on the top floors that did not collapse, allowing rescue workers to find them.

Until Friday morning (9 / 2), 830 people have left four collapsed or damaged buildings in the Pacific coast city of Hualien. Many broke windows or left the balcony to leave the two worst-hit buildings in the quake, a 10-story hotel and a 12-storey residential and business building. The firefighters wait at the bottom with the stairs.

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The quake also killed 10 people, including hotel guests and workers on lower floors during an earthquake at 11:50 pm. The Taiwan Center Weather Bureau they had a magnitude 6 quake with an epicenter in the sea, and in Hualien the quake was felt to have a magnitude of 7, strong enough to cause widespread damage. [uh]

Demonstrators Burn the Taliban Building in Pakistan

Angry demonstrators in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Tuesday raided an office complex of a militant group suspected of killing a student from the South Waziristan region.

They burned at least two buildings believed to be occupied by Taliban militants in Shaikh Yousef village, Dera Ismail Khan district.

In addition to attacking both buildings, the demonstrators also reportedly burned several vehicles belonging to the militant group.

were in both buildings managed to escape.

Locals are angry over the death of Idrees, a law faculty student at Gomal University, in Dera Ismail Khan district. According to them, Idrees was killed by Taliban militants.

But local officials said the student was killed in a private dispute with a number of other local residents in the area, and the alleged Idrees related death had been arrested.

A press statement from the party local authorities do not mention the existence of militants in the area where the protests took place. The statement said the police were conducting a criminal investigation and action would be taken against local residents who were vigilante and fired. [ab/uh]

Uncertain Domination of the White House, the Immigration-Related Congress Building

As of Tuesday (7/2) the US Congress has apparently yet found a way to reach an immigration agreement that guarantees the status of 1.8 million illegal immigrants brought to America as children, even as leaders negotiate an end to the budget has been for a long time. VOA Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson reported the unpredictable circumstances.

When the budget deal seems almost reached in the congress, Capitol Hill, President Donald Trump adds an element of uncertainty.

He says, "I want to see the closure of government operations if we can not solve this problem. "

But unless Trump rejects a budget agreement that has been endorsed on Capitol Hill, the government will remain in operation, which the White House later clarified, as spokeswoman White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders put it. "I think we do not expect a budget agreement that includes an immigration agreement," he explained.

Trump's threat is the latest signal that the government is not serious, according to Democrats in Congress.

Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate Minority Faction, , "We've been through shutdown because of Trump. No one else wants closure again, maybe except him. "

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's statement that many Dreamer (nickname for illegal immigrants brought to America as children) is too scared or too lazy to register to the DACA program (suspension of deportation), prompted many Democrats to question whether the government's promise to help is truly sincere.

The time was pressing for Dreamer after the White House rejected the bipartisan agreement of the senator Chris Coon and Senator John McCain, thus sparking a warning from the defenders of the Dreamer in the Senate.

Senator Richard Durbin of the Democratic Faction, Defenders of the Dreamers said, "This is not just a humanitarian crisis that immediately threatens. It's also an economic crisis. "

Fulfilling the promise of Senate Majority Senate Chancellor Mitch McConnell to file an immigration bill ready for debate next week simply provides an opportunity for immigration agreements, since compromises made in the Senate will take a difficult path in the House .

House Speaker Paul Ryan of the Republican Party said, "We will take a bill supported by the president. So this way, President Trump made a very serious and sincere offer of goodwill with the reform he sent to the Congress Building. That's what we're supposed to do. "

Republican lawmakers continue to hope that the four-point immigration plan from President Trump will pass.

Tom Cole, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, He said, "I think the president surprised the Democratic Faction when he doubled the number of populations we discussed for citizenship. The Democratic Faction is already willing to hold talks on border security. Two other things are plausible but also negotiable. "

But the talks never settled on Capitol Hill, and the Democrats seem to be far from reaching an agreement with the White House.

Judy Chu, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives, This is because the president does not understand the immigration law he wants to change or he deliberately confuses the public to pass his own agenda. "

The deadlock is likely to continue until the March 5 date of the DACA entry into force. [lt/uh]