Saint-Martin: field study to analyze the situation of buildings degraded by Irma

The state and the community of Saint-Martin launch a field study to analyze the situation of buildings damaged by the passage of hurricane Irma, which devastated the island last September.

As the hurricane season resumes in June, a team of eight experts, mandated by the State, will spend from April 16 to May 21 "in neighborhoods and areas considered priority for analyzing the damage suffered by individual homes and collective ", indicate the State and the community Monday in a joint communique.

In the protocol they signed in November, the community of Saint-Martin and the state had planned to establish "a precise diagnosis of the territory, equipment, buildings and the situation of the people, to evaluate the consequences of the hurricane ", they recall.

This inspection aims to" contribute effectively to the reconstruction of Saint-Martin, by allowing the community to know precisely which buildings must be secured in priority and to set up a new strategy of urban planning, "they explained.

On 5 and 6 September, Irma damaged 95% of the building on Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, or 20,000 buildings.

The total cost of Insured losses were estimated at 1.83 billion euros by the insurance companies: 990 million for Saint-Martin and 840 for Saint-Barthélemy.

In early March, while the community of Saint-Martin had presented n investment plan of nearly 200 million euros for the reconstruction of public infrastructure under its jurisdiction (schools, networks …), the State announced that it would finance a third of investments (for a total of 66.4 million euros), corresponding notably to the reconstruction of four schools, a sports hall, all the electricity networks and the renovation of part of the social housing stock. The president of the territorial community of St. Martin, Daniel Gibbs, said he was disappointed by these announcements.

The deputy of Saint-Martin Claire Guillon-Firmin (LR) also denounced mid-March "disappointing ads and illusory, "noting that, six months after the hurricane," nearly 1,000 people remain homeless. "

Overseas Minister Annick Girardin had indicated on March 20" urgently requested an answer to help the 1,700 houses that still do not have roofs. "

" Within six months, we must have protected all citizens, "she said in early March, during a visit in St. Martin.

Bushfire Against Melbourne, Buildings Destroyed

Bushfires struck Australia and destroyed buildings in the wake of heat waves in three states. The air temperature in the three states is so high that it can melt the asphalt of the highway.

Uncontrolled bush fires destroy a number of buildings on the outskirts of Melbourne, the capital of today's state of Victoria. Victorian emergency management chief Craig Lapsley said hot temperatures coupled with the dry season, strong winds and wind changes have caused dangerous conditions.

"It's exactly what we predicted and when we get a fire, that's definitely a problem for us," Lapsley at a press conference as reported by the news agency Reuters Saturday (6/1/2018).

The electric current around 400 homes has been cut off and 50 fires are reported in various Victoria areas on this Saturday. Most of the fires were only small fires and have been successfully extinguished.

Hazard warnings have been issued in Victoria and the state of South Australia regarding this situation. Authorities remind local villagers to take refuge in the building in the event of an uncontrollable fire.

Earlier in 2009, bushfires destroyed thousands of homes in Victoria, killing 173 people and wounding 414 people on days the media dubbed " Black Saturday ".

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