US denies plane crash in Pakistan refugee camp

The United States has rejected Pakistan's claim that an American drone attack struck an Afghan refugee camp inside Pakistani territory.

The rebuttal was delivered on Thursday (25/1) a day after missiles fired from a drone aircraft struck a militant hideout which lies between the semi-autonomous region of Kurram and Hango district, both located in southwestern Pakistan.

The attack early Wednesday killed a commander of the Haqqani militant network and his two assistants.

"Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan on Wednesday (24/1) that American troops striking an Afghan refugee camp in Kurram is not true, "said a spokesman for the US Embassy in Pakistan without giving other details.

It is very rare for US officials to discuss operations aircraft in Pakistan and the results are open. [em/al]

Myanmar Builds Camp to Recover 30 Thousand of Rohingyas

 The Burmese Authority is building a camp that will be used to house about 30,000 Rohingya refugees repatriated from Bangladesh. This was disclosed when Myanmar and Bangladesh authorities held a meeting to discuss repatriation agreements.

Over 650,000 Rohingya refugees are now in Bangladesh refugee camps, after the Myanmar military staged a violent reported operation on August 25, 2017. The United Nations (UN) calls the military operation "leading to ethnic cleansing practices," but Myanmar repeatedly denied it.

As reported by Reuters Monday (15/1/2018), officials from Myanmar and Bangladesh held a meeting on Monday (15/1) to discuss repatriation agreements signed on November 23, 2017. This meeting was held in Naypyitaw, Myanmar.

Myanmar national newspaper, Global New Light of Myanmar calls a camp in Hla Po Khaung, northern Rakhine, will be a temporary transitional camp for people who are 'systematically received' for repatriation.

Hla Po Khaung's 124-acre (501,000 square-meter) Hla Po Khaung area will accommodate 30 people in 625 buildings, "said the 19459013 Global New Light of Myanmar in its report. Mentioned that 100 buildings will be completed by the end of this January.

The Union Enterprises for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development also tells Reuters that the camp at Hla Po Khaung will be a 'transitional place' for Rohingya refugees before being repatriated to their place of origin. Union Enterprises for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development is a humanitarian body formed by Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

"We will try to accept all who come back to Myanmar," said the head of the humanitarian coordinator, Aung Tun Thet. Aung Tun Thet told that each refugee who was allowed to return to Rakhine would be sent to the assessment camp at Taungpyoletwei or Ngakhuya before being transferred to Hla Po Khaung camp.

Permanent secretary of Myanmar's Ministry of Social Welfare, Soe Aung, the returned people will spend 'two to three months' in Hla Po Khaung before their residence is completed.

It is not known how many Rohingya refugees who are eligible to be repatriated to Myanmar. The Burmese authorities have declared any refugee who wishes to return can apply for citizenship status. However, it is known that the Myanmar authorities have never recognized Rohingya as a citizen since 1982.

A number of Burmese officials have declared that as per the repatriation agreement, it will accept anyone who can show the identity documents released by the Myanmar government to them in the past .

(nvc / ita)

Health Officers Concerned about Disease Outbreak in Rohingya Refugee Camp

Health workers are worried about an outbreak in the Rohingya refugee camp that houses more than 650,000 people. The narrow camps, malnutrition and poor health conditions that have occurred earlier add to concerns as a case of diphtheria is concerned about aid workers.

Here in the Balukhali refugee camp, dirty water and gross conditions are a breeding ground for disease outbreaks should be preventable. While 900,000 doses of cholera vaccine administered by mouth have been distributed in camps, yet other bacterial contagions have emerged.

"Diphtheria is a vaccine-preventable disease This is a description of how the Rohingyas live in this settlement, and they have little access to health care at their home base in Myanmar, "said Kate Nolan of Doctor without Borders.

The health sector of Myanmar is among the worst in the world, especially in areas where ethnic and poverty conflicts restrict medical care.

Now, potent diphtheria carriers should have antitoxin and antibiotics to prevent further bacterial spread in the body and kill it.

"Find all suspected cases in the camp and bring them all here to begin antibiotic treatment and keep them isolated for 48 hours, "said Dr. Thomas Hansen.

The Organization of Unlimited Doctors and other health partners such as the International Federation of Red Cross isolated measles and diphtheria patients to help prevent outbreaks from worsening. But one of the biggest challenges for health workers is to get to remote locations where potential outbreaks can occur.

"They live in hard-to-reach areas, we can not reach them by car or Tom Toms there is no way, just a dirt road, so they have to take patients to a place where they can get treatment, "said Dagne Hordvei of the Norwegian Red Cross.

With the implementation of a vaccination campaign to prevent future diphtheria outbreaks by Bangladesh's health ministry, at least some of the next generation of Rohingyas will be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. [ps/jm]

Mass Vaccination to Stop Diphtheria Done in the Rohingya Refugee Camp

Diphtheria, a disease eradicated from Bangladesh several decades ago, rapidly spread among Rohingya refugees at Cox's Bazar. The World Health Organization, WHO reported, clinical diagnosis suspected there had been more than 110 cases, six of which ended in death.

Health officials warned that the case may be just the beginning of a big one. They said the refugees are very vulnerable to diseases because they have low vaccination coverage and live in dense and unhealthy settlements, where infectious diseases spread.

WHO spokesman Fadela Chaib says his organization works with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Bangladesh and UNICEF to cope with the spread of diphtheria which is a highly contagious respiratory disease. He said this was done through treatment and prevention.

"For example, WHO is assisting basic vaccination training in several places in Cox's Bazar for a vaccination campaign targeting all children up to the age of six with DPT vaccine and pentavalent pneumonia vaccine, which protects them from diphtheria and other respiratory diseases, "Chaib said.

The campaign lasted two weeks. The UN says more than 645,000 Rohingyas have fled to Cox's Bazar since August 25 to avoid violence and persecution in Myanmar. Children include more than half of the displaced population.

As a precaution, the WHO and its previous partners have given the mouth-to-mouth cholera vaccine to over 700,000 people at Cox's Bazar to protect them from the disease. They have also just completed a mass campaign to vaccinate against measles and rubella for more than 350,000 children. [ps/al]

Conditions of the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh Refine

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees arriving at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, since late August rescued from persecution and violence in Myanmar, were housed in emergency lodgings in a miserable condition.

Over a hundred days have passed since violence escalated in the northern Rakhine state, forcing nearly 626,000 Rohingyas to escape to Bangladesh.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that the refugees are now housed in crowded accommodation, healthy and susceptible to disease outbreaks.

While the Rohingya condition is pathetic, IOM spokesman Joel Millman explains, the flow of refugees to Cox's Bazar has had a severe impact on poor communities in the region.

Millman says, "Water, sanitation and conditions health is not just worrisome in the refugee lodge where 60% of water is contaminated with Ec bacteria oil but also in the surrounding community. "

According to Millman, the refugees at Cox's Bazar must fight for life. To alleviate the situation, the United Nations plans to include some 300,000 Bangladeshis into a humanitarian aid program for Rohingya refugees. He said the IOM, which is part of the UN plan, has created more than 3,800 latrines and 159 water wells in six communities of refugee resettlement locations.

"More than 300,000 residents of refugee resettlement communities now have access to clean water and sanitation services In order to maintain sustainability and create employment IOM trains and equips local staff to do and manage it, "Millman said.

Millman also added that IOM's health team at Cox's Bazar provided emergency medical and medical services to Rohingya and the local Bangladesh community . [al]