Cold Weather Extreme, Canada Cancel New Year's Events

Extreme cold weather not only hit the United States (US), but also blanket the various regions of Canada. The impact of this extreme weather, a number of events to celebrate the New Year had to be canceled and the ski area was closed for security reasons.

Canadians are already accustomed to cold weather. But by the end of this year, the winter felt by local residents is quite extreme. As reported by AFP Saturday (30/12/2017), the temperature in two Canadian cities, Regina and Winnipeg, reportedly almost reached minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 50 degrees Celsius.

In the capital Ottawa, local authorities announced the cancellation of several events to celebrate 150 years of the Canadian Confederation or 'Canada 150' to be held later this year. The Canadian Confederation is the process of colonizing Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by the British into a Dominion Canada. The Canadian Confederation took place on 1 July 1867 ago.

The celebrations scheduled to take place on Saturday (30/12) local time and on New Year's Eve on Sunday (31/12) tomorrow, have been modified due to extreme cold weather. "In a separate statement, the Canadian Ministry of Culture explained that the modification of the celebrations was done for public safety and health reasons.

In the modification, the appearance of a number of DJs and hip artists -hop canceled on New Year's Eve, but the fireworks show will still be held later.

Another impact of this extreme weather, the Canada 150 'ice hockey tournament held in the outdoor ice rink in front of the Canadian Parliament Building, was forced to move to an indoor location.

On Friday (29/12) local time, the Ministry of the Environment Canada released extreme cold weather warnings for six of the country's 10 provinces. The six provinces in question include British Columbia in most Canadian regions, then Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

"We ask all Canadians and visitors to consider extreme weather conditions and dress warmly and prepare as possible to prevent frostbite and other diseases," the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Bromont ski resort in Quebec is closed while since Friday (29/12) afternoon local time due to this extreme weather. "Because of the latest weather forecasts, as well as for safety reasons and requests from Hydro-Quebec to reduce electricity usage during peak times," the Bromont ski resort explained the reason for the temporary closure.

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Smuggled 9.8 Kg Drugs in Guitar, WN Canada Arrested in Japan

Canadian musician, Daniel Burton Whitmore (44), was arrested by Chiba Police, Japan. Daniel is known to have smuggled 9.8 kg of drugs in his guitar.

Reported by Japan Today, Friday (29/12/2017), Police said the drugs brought by Daniel is estimated to reach 630 million yen (about Rp 7.5 billion).

Fuji TV reported, the illegal drugs were found in Daniel's guitar when he arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo, from a flight from Japan. Flights made on December 11, 2017 ago.

According to the customs section at Narita, Daniel to Japan in order to tour. The officer was suspicious of seeing Daniel sweat profusely. That's because he brought a very heavy guitar.

The suspicion brought the officer to do an X-Ray check on Daniel's stuff. In addition to guitar, illegal drugs are also found in several bottles of tea.

Daniel admits he was carrying drugs for expecting a paycheck. He should have given the medicine to someone at a hotel in Narita City.

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US, Canada will Host the Summit on North Korea

The United States and Canada will co-host a 16-nation summit next month in Canada in a show of solidarity against the increasing threat from North Korea's nuclear program.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland , announced Tuesday (29/12) that the meeting will be held on January 16 in Vancouver. Tillerson and Freeland issued the announcement after holding talks in the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

Tillerson said the summit aims to advance a "worldwide pressure campaign" against Pyongyang, which has accelerated its nuclear capability and ballistic missile. The North Korean experiment fired a new inter-continental ballistic missile last month that could reach the eastern part of the United States. [gp]