Jordan's King Concerned over the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The king told the vice president that his only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a two-state solution and that East Jerusalem should become the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Jordan was the second stopover in the Middle East for 4 days vice president of the United States.

His first stop was Cairo where he promised that America would continue to support Egypt in its fight against terrorism.

Before flying to Israel, Pence would meet with American troops in the region.

in Knesset, the Israeli parliament and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu said Sunday (21/1) in his cabinet meeting that Pence was "a true and true friend of Israel." The prime minister added that he said the embarrassing act that the main Arab party in parliament was planning to boycott Pence's speech on Monday.

Pence, a conservative Christian, helped to drive the recognition of Jerusalem by the Americans as the capital of Israel, a decision welcomed by conservative Christians in United States.

Pence's visit to the Middle East is the highest-level visit by US officials to the region since President Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December. Pence is not expected to meet with Palestinian leaders. [gp]

Jerusalem Forever So Palestinian Capital!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the unilateral claim of US President Donald Trump who admitted Jerusalem to the Israeli capital. Abbas insists Jerusalem is a part of his country.

"Jerusalem and will forever be the capital of a Palestinian state … There will be no peace, no stability without it," Abbas said as quoted by AFP on Wednesday (13/12/2017 ).

This was stated by Abbas while attending the Summit of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey. Abbas continues that there can be no peace or stability in the Middle East until Jerusalem is recognized as the capital of Palestine.

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"We have not accepted the role of the United States in the political process since this is because it is completely biased towards Israel, "Abbas said.

On the same occasion, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. He invited countries of the OIC, including Indonesia, to acknowledge that.

"I invite countries that respect the law and international justice to recognize occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine," exclaimed Erdogan.
The OIC summit was attended by a number of head and state leaders. President Joko Widodo led the Indonesian delegation to the OIC Summit.

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Trump Recognition Problem Jerusalem The Capital of Israel Tuai Negative Reactions

US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel draws criticism in the Arab world, in Europe and other parts of the world.

In his speech on Wednesday (7/12), Trump described his decision as a long-standing move delayed after previous presidents failed to fulfill the US pledge against Israel for 22 years. But the status of Jerusalem is a fierce issue that many countries should negotiate between Israel and the Palestinians.

As expected, Palestine and its supporters across the world are angry at the US president's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"Trump encourages extremism religious beliefs here and abroad and he blows hard on the prospects for peace in the region, "said Nihad Awad of the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR.

There is concern that this Trump move undermines the chances of a two-state solution in the Middle East UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres said the status of Jerusalem should be resolved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, reiterating that unilateral steps could undermine peace efforts.

"I will do everything within my authority to bring Israeli and Palestinian leaders back to the negotiations which means, "he explained.

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said Trump's move disqualified America as one of the players in the Middle East peace process. "It violates international law, human rights, and converts the conflict between Palestine and Israel from political issues into religious issues," he explained.A number of analysts agreed, Trump's decision hinted at the end of the US-led peace process.

"The Palestinian people will not allow this . I think, whoever the Palestinian leader who seeks to agree on it will completely fall in the eyes of his people. I think this is the end of the American-led peace process, "explains Khaled Elgindy of the Brookings Institution.

Nathan Diament, chair of the Orthodox Jewish advocacy group in Washington told VOA, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will help revive the peace process.

The announcement from President Trump today and the beginning of the process of moving the embassy sends a very important message to Palestine and others: if you keep going, things will not stay the same, you just lose ground. So, for your sake, first of all, find ways to stop things that are destroying the peace process. "

A US law of 1995 planned to move the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but so far all presidents before Trump took steps to postpone the plan for security reasons [ab/uh]

Trump Acts to Acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel Sparks World Unrest

The international community responded quickly to President Donald Trump's announcement that America would formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump's move could trigger Israeli-Palestinian violence back.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday urged the public to be calm and restrained. "Since the first day as Secretary-General of the UN I have always opposed unilateral steps that threaten the Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects," Guterres told reporters.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Trump's announcement of Jerusalem was a statement of withdrawal from the role America holds in the peace process .

Egypt, the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel condemned Trump's decision. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement said Trump's decision violated an international resolution on the status of Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the decision. "We are very grateful for the fair and courageous decision to recognize Jerusalem and get ready to move the American embassy to this city." [ds]

Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel Will Bury the Peace Process

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi says Indonesia is deeply concerned about the actions of US President Donald Trump who acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to him, a change in the status of Jerusalem will endanger the Palestinian-Israeli peace process that has been continuously pursued.

"Any change in the status of Jerusalem will jeopardize the peace process and peace itself. I also mentioned that the government and the policy of the United States are needed in the Palestinian issue, "Foreign Minister Retno said.

P US resident Donald Trump on Wednesday (6/12) finally officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the effort the transfer of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Capital immediately.

The United States actually authorized the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995, and required the American government to move its embassy to Jerusalem. But the beleid passed in the era of President Bill Clinton is always delayed by every president of America for fear that action will destroy the peace process and expand the conflict.

Arab leaders, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah of Jordan , has warned that a change of status over Jerusalem could be fatal.

Chairman of the Indonesia-Palestine Friendship Initiative, Din Syamsuddin, also regretted the attitude of the president of the United States. He thinks this is the real issue of Jerusalem that matters in the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Jerusalem, Din says, should not be monopolized by a country. Trump's move acknowledges Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, according to Din, it will only aggravate the situation and keep the conflict resolution between Palestinian-Israeli

"The world including the Islamic world is very moderate to support the two-state (Palestinian-Israeli) solution to coexistence peace. But it has not been realized because of the problem of the capital, then the realistic Jerusalem divided to two countries. In the eastern part it is Palestine and the western part for Israel, "said Din Syamsudin.

The second option is to abandon Jerusalem and become an international city, a holy city of three religions and not a political capital, Din Syamsudin added.

Din Syamsuddin claimed that radicalization in the Islamic world was partly triggered by the non-completion of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Moreover, continued Din, if there is a global injustice displayed by major countries such as the United States.

"That is what drives radicalization in the Islamic world. That will be troublesome, moderate circles of the Islamic world will be a hassle if radicalization strengthens only because of the injustice in settling the issue of Israel-Palestine, "said Din Syamsuddin.

Jerusalem itself is actually under international law since Israel annexed the holy city the three religions were in 1967. But unilaterally the Zionist state claimed Jerusalem or Al-Quds in Arabic, as their eternal capital and could not be shared with the Palestinians.

This claim was made by the basic Law of Jerusalem authorized by the Knesset (parliament Israel) in 1980.

Palestine has been demanding independence over the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem as its capital.