Chairman of the US Central Bank will Maintain Progress of Banking Regulations

The new Federal Reserve or Bank of America head Jerome Powell pledged on Tuesday to maintain important progress made in banking regulations since the global financial crisis and continue to raise interest rates gradually.

Powell, who took over the leadership position of the Central Bank on February 5, when Wall Street tumbled, also said the central bank will continue to reduce its bond holdings by more than 4.5 trillion dollars.

"We are in the process of gradually normalizing the interest rate policy and balance sheet with the intention of extending the recovery and achieving our goals, "Powell said in his address to the inauguration ceremony.

He formally took control of the Central Bank last week, replacing Janet Yellen, the only woman who ever led the central bank in 100 years of Bank history Central.

Powell praises Yellen and his predecessor Ben Bernanke for having made a policy of m oneter by supporting recovery and employment while "strengthening and securing" Powell's financial system is widely seen as more reliable for the deregulation agenda of President Donald Trump, but Powell insists he prefers a balance between oversight and regulation while preventing new risk buildup. [19659002] The central bank will "maintain a significant milestone in financial regulation while ensuring our policies are as efficient as possible," Powell said and adding, "We will remain vigilant of the growing risks to financial stability." [my/jm]

Trump Slams Democrats Democratic Chairman in US Senate "Cengeng"

Donald Trump last night denounced "Chuck Schumer Cengeng" after the Democratic Senate Party Chairman withdrew his offer to fund the construction of a controversial border wall with Mexico, prompting unconfirmed immigration talks.

Trump met with Schumer last week at the White House while the two factions in the Senate pursued a broad agreement that would include federal budget financing, border security tightening, and deal with the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to America illegally while still a child.

The deal failed achieved, the government was forced to close for three days, and Senate Democratic Faction Chair Charles Schumer, who offered funding for the construction of the border wall in his meeting with Trump, revoked his offer.

"Chuck Schumer Cengeng fully understands, especially after his embarrassing defeat, no Wall , there is no DACA, "wrote Trump men

What is meant by DACA is a program that protects nearly 800 thousand immigrants from deportation, which expires on March 5

"We must have security and safety, as well as the military for the American people! "

As part of a broad agreement that includes the federal budget, Schumer reportedly offered up to 25 billion dollars for the construction of the border wall, which was one of Trump's main campaign promises.

But when Trump refused the deal (19659003) "We will start negotiations on a new basis, and no more offers for funding the border wall," Schumer told reporters on Tuesday.

The fate of the immigration talks is now uncertain two weeks before the Feb. 8 deadline agreed by both parties to reach an agreement or raise the issue in the Senate debate before hundreds of r Immigrant mothers called Dreamers are facing mass deportation in March.

A plan drawn up by six senators from both parties, including Republican Senator Jeff Flake, includes Trump's request for 1.6 billion dollars as part of a larger, more valuable border security package 2.6 billion dollars which also terminated the green card visa and restricted family reunification policy.

"Part of the concession and compromise in the plan will be covered by any bill," Flake told AFP.

But passing the Senate immigration agreement through a more conservative parliament would be very difficult, Flake added.

Therefore, Flake believes Trump should provide support.

Immigration talks between the two factions have resumed, with several meetings at the Congress Building on Tuesday also attended by officials White House. [ds]

Anita Hill Appoints Chairman of the Hollywood Sexual Harassment Commission

Anita Hill, a prominent figure in the inaugural judgment process, will lead the Sexual Assault Commission set up by the entertainment industry following a wave of allegations that hit the center of the US film industry, Hollywood.

A number of entertainment business executives, Friday (16/12) , agreed to fund the commission whose job it would be to handle sexual harassment and seek equality in the workplace.

The Los Angeles meeting that resulted in the commission was led by Lucasfilm Director Kathleen Kennedy, Founder and Director of the Nike Maria Eite Foundation, artist attorney Nina Shaw and businessman as well as philanthropy Freada Kapor Klein. The meeting was attended by almost all major Hollywood studio leaders.

Through a statement, Kennedy said the commission not only sought solutions but also pursued a comprehensive strategy to address the causes of interrelated and complex problems of power and equality.

Anita Hill is a well-known figure of sexual harassment. He was one of the first to introduce the concept of sexual harassment to the public when he testified in the US Senate in 1991 opposed to the inauguration of Clarence Thomas as a supreme judge.

"It's time to end the silent culture," Hill said in a statement. "" I have been 26 years grappling in this matter. This moment provides an unprecedented opportunity for real change. "[ab]