When former FBI chief accuses Trump of being "morally unfit" to be president

Donald Trump is "morally unfit" to lead the United States, said former director FBI James Comey in an interview with ABC TV broadcast Sunday, April 15. Throughout this interview, Mr. Comey, who was fired in 2017 by Mr. Trump as FBI leader, paints a very bleak portrait of the president, portrayed as a liar "dirtying everyone around him".

"I do not believe in those stories that he is mentally deficient or in the early stages of dementia," said Mr. Comey. "I do not think he's medically unfit, I think he's morally unfit to be president." "Our president must embody respect and adhere to the values ​​that are at the heart of our country.The most important (of these values) is the truth.This president is not able to do that," said Mr. Comey. 19659003] "The problem with this president is that he is messing with everyone around him," the former FBI leader said. "And the question is (…) what level of fouling finally renders you unfit to achieve your goal of protecting the country and serving it."

Vitriol Portrait

And Mr. Comey Grounds the Grievances Against Mr. . Trump. "A person who talks about women and treats them like pieces of meat, who is constantly lying about the important things as well as about the little things and insists that the American people believe them, this person is not fit to be president from the United States, for moral reasons "

M. Trump fired Mr Comey in 2017, questioning how the FBI conducted the investigation into Democratic Hillary Clinton's illegal use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. The president also lambasted the FBI's investigation into suspicions of collusion between Trump's team and Russian officials during the campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

M. Comey has just published a 300-page book titled "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership" in which he portrays Mr. Trump's vitriol, accusing him of being obsessed with his image and caring little about the good public. The book presents Donald Trump as a mafia boss, a dishonest and egocentric being

M. Trump, for its part, was once again unleashed Sunday against the former head of the FBI in a series of tweets. He wrote that Ms. Clinton's email investigation was conducted "stupidly" and called Mr. Comey "scraping".

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Chief Thai Police Chief Admits Borrowing Money from Brothel Owners

Former Chief of Police of Thailand, Somyot Poompanmoung, claimed to have received a loan from a brothel owner who is now a fugitive over sex trade cases. The loan was called to reach the amount of US $ 9.5 million (Rp 126.9 billion).

As reported by AFP Thursday (15/2/2018), in the interrogation held today, Somyot reported has admitted to receiving large amounts of money loan at Bangkok's 'Victoria Secret' brothel owner, who is now the focus of a sex trade probe.

The place has permission as a massage place, but in practice it becomes a brothel. The brothel was raided by police last month, with about 100 sex workers secured. There are at least 13 sex trafficking victims among the sex workers, some of whom are underage and known to have originated from Myanmar.

But to journalists, Somyot is reluctant to disclose his testimony during interrogation by the Special Investigation Department DSI) to the Thai Police. He was asked about his relationship with Kampol Wirathepsuporn, owner of 'Victoria Secret' who is now a fugitive. "I am here as a witness to give information, I can not talk about the details," said Somyot who now runs the Thai Football Association.

This place is one of the 'massage parlors' in Bangkok that offer sex services in dozens of booths private bathub equipped. Prostitution is technically a violation of the law in Thailand. But the prostitution industry is growing rapidly due to the culture of bribery and protection money from local authorities. The raid of a plus-plus massage parlor like this is only done when there is an alleged involvement of minors.

In the raid of 'Victoria Secret' some time ago, found a big book mentioning 20 names of officials allegedly receiving free food, free liquor and even free massage from illegal business.

At least seven pimps and related agencies' Victoria Secret 'has been detained on trafficking charges. But Kampol and his wife are still at large. The Thai authorities are still investigating officials suspected of 'protecting' the brothel.

In a separate statement, the Director of the Bureau of Trafficking in DSI Supat Thamthanarug confirmed that no criminal charges were charged to Somyot in this case.

Last week , Somyot had called Kampol an old friend who helped him financially when needed. Somyot said the loans from Kampol were granted according to the legal corridor and reported to the Anti-Corruption Agency by 2015. It was clear that Somyot was still Chief of the National Police of Thailand

"Borrowing is borrowing, helping is helpful and afterwards the money returned, "said Somyot who tried to brush off allegations of lawlessness against him. He also declared himself not asking where the borrowed money came from.

The relationship between the high-ranking police officer and the brothel owner still provokes the Thai public's attention. Some time ago, Thai Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan was pushed back because of the dozens of luxury watches he wore in recent years.

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Yemen Military Chief of Staff Hurt by Houthi Mine Explosion

 Yemen's military chief of staff was hit by a landmine explosion while conducting an inspection to the northern province of al-Jouf. In the province there is a fierce battle between government forces against the Houthi rebels.

Senior Yemeni government official said as quoted by news agency Reuters, Saturday (6/1/2018), Brigadier General Taher al-Aqeeli suffered minor injuries from a mine blast that occurred on Friday (5/1) local time. The explosion occurred while he was inspecting government bases in Khub wa al-Sha'af, the largest district of al-Jouf province.

Forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government succeeded in retaking most of the district fighting with Houthi rebels last month.

The Houthis claimed that Aqeeli and some of his assistants were wounded by the rebel group's mine blasts. According to the Houthi, Aqeeli's injuries are serious.

President Hadi appointed Aqeeli in September 2017 to replace Major General Mohammed al-Maqdeshi, who was appointed presidential advisor.

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Afghan Regional Police Chief Killed in Taliban Attack

A regional police chief in Afghanistan was killed in a Taliban ambush as he rushed to a checkpoint being attacked, an official said.

Iqbal Bahir, spokesman for the police chief of Farah province, western Afghanistan, said two other policemen were injured (19659002) The Taliban, who carry out almost daily attacks against Afghan security forces, have confessed to carrying out the attack.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, an official said the air strikes on Jawzjan province, northern Afghanistan, killing at least 26 ISIS troopers. Mohammad Reza Ghafori, spokesman for the provincial governor, said those killed included foreign troops from France and Uzbekistan. He said 20 more militants were injured.

In Nangarhar province, eastern Afghanistan, at least one civilian was killed and 14 others wounded on Monday in a battle between Afghan security forces and ISIS troops, Attishullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor the province, which says dozens of militants were killed. Inamullah Miakhial, a spokeswoman for a local hospital, said women and children were among the wounded.

An ISIS branch appeared in Afghanistan in 2014 and has continued to expand its presence, carrying out a number of deadly attacks, including suicide bombings at a Shia cultural center in Kabul last month that killed at least 41 people. [gp]

Christmas Security 2017, South Sulawesi Police Chief Meet the Archbishop of Makassar

 South Sulawesi Police Chief Inspector General Umar Septono met with Archbishop of Johannes Johannes Liku Ada (Jhon Liku-ada) related to the security of Christmas 2017. The meeting discussed from the Christmas worship service to the police security required by the church.

The meeting was held in Kathedral Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Jalan Kajaolalido, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Thursday (21/12/2017) night. The head of the Archdiocese of Makassar oversees three regions, namely South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and West Sulawesi.

"The series of candle operations in 2017, we check the readiness of activities at Catholic Christmas celebration church here, and what role can I contribute to succeed Christmas and New Year, for the Christian community, "Umar said at the site after the meeting.

In addition, Umar also requested a timetable from the Christmas Eve celebration procession. This is so that the police stationed in the churches will understand their duties and responsibilities.

"I also asked for the plans and stages of the stages of worship, etc., which will be further followed up by members of the Polrestabes Police in Makassar," he said. 19659002] Umar said it has alerted all personnel to secure the 2017 Christmas celebration. South Sulawesi Police has also conducted a standby apple to welcome Operation Candle 2017.

"We have already apple standby degree, our members will stand by at some point as in places of worship, places of worship, and other centers. "The post will be established starting on December 23," said Umar.

Meanwhile, in connection with the arrival of South Sulawesi Police Head and his ranks, Archbishop Jhon Liku-there is hope of Christmas this year can take place peacefully.

"We are from the Catholic side of the thank you, we feel patronized, every one there calm and secure because of the attention of the police, "said Jhon Liku-ada.
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