China Reduce South China Sea Problems by Providing Help

China pacifies Asia's largest maritime sovereignty dispute in 2017 by offering aid, investment and pledges of talks with weak Southeast Asian nations while Beijing's main rival, the United States, remains silent.

Shifting in Sea sovereignty dispute South China's six-nation involvement allows Beijing to minimize open condemnation of its claims to roughly 90 percent of its maritime territory from its southern coast to Kalimantan. "The US Department of State, the Pentagon, when looking at Asia they tend to think that the region is peaceful, because we found a way to communicate, although there was a dispute and accept the dispute as it is," said Alan Chong , professor at the S. Rajaratnam International Studies College in Singapore.

Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam claim sovereignty over the whole or part of the 3.5 million square kilometer sea. The countries consider it very important that the tropical ocean with its roughly 500 small islands for fisheries, shipping lanes and fossil fuel reserves.

China cites historical evidence of fisheries to support its claims. Since 2010, the country superior to the technology has angered neighboring countries for reclaiming small islands for the deployment of military means. In 2016, the world arbitration tribunal decides, at the request of the Philippines, to reject the legal basis of China's maritime claims. [gp]

Snow Thickness, Kim Jong-Un 'Daki' North-North Border of China

 North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is climbing Mount Paektu on the border of North Korea and China. The mountain has a height of 2,744 mdpl.

Kim Jong-Un is wearing leather shoes called 'smart shoes', to penetrate deep snow. In the event, Kim Jong-Un asked the monument to the top and monuments that are close to the school to be cleaned.

 Snow Thickness, Kim Jong-Un'Daki ​​'North Korea-Border Frontier Photo: KCNA via Reuters [19659003] He also asked for the construction of hotels and resting places in the mountains that hold myth and sacred to the people of North Korea.

"Kim said that he often climbed Mount Paektu, but this is the first time in the middle of winter," wrote Rodong newspaper, as reported by detikcom from The Independent on Sunday (10/12/2017 )

In addition to this time, Kim Jong-Un is said to have climbed this mountain two years ago.

 Snow Thickness, Kim Jong-Un'Daki ​​'North Korea-Border Frontier Photo: KCNA via Reuters [19659003] In photos of climbing activities, Kim Jong-Un appears to be wearing a formal shirt suit and carrying no special equipment for climbing.
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China Warns Its Citizens in Pakistan Possible Terrorist Attacks

China has warned its citizens in Pakistan that it has received intelligence reports about a planned terror attack in the near future.

The Chinese embassy in Islamabad posted a warning on its website, while Beijing planted more than 60 billion dollars in infrastructure and energy projects in Pakistan.

The investment made under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, Chinese citizens to Pakistan to work on projects and conduct private business.

"It is known that terrorists are planning in the near future to launch a series of attacks on Chinese organizations and personnel in Pakistan," according to the embassy's statement.

The warning is not explaining the shape of the attack but calling on Chinese citizens in Pakistan to increase the security of personnel, restrict travels outdoors and avoid public places.

The Pakistani authorities have not responded to China's warnings of terror. [ds]

China prints record of Global Patent Application Year 2016

Global patent applications reached record highs last year, where China leads with more apps than the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union combined, the United Nations said Wednesday (6/12).

About 3, 1 million patent applications filed worldwide last year, rising for the seventh year in a row and marking a 8.3 percent increase from 2015, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

"This figure is truly beyond "said WIPO chief Francis Gurry told reporters in Geneva.

China received about 236,600 from nearly 240,600 additional patents, which accounted for 98 percent growth, the UN agency said.

" The latest figures that record an increase in demand for rights intellectual property confirms the trend of a decade, where developments in China are increasingly prominent in total worldwide, "said Gurry.

" China is increasingly leading the way in innovation and branding bales. "

Overall, the State Intellectual Property Office of China received 1.3 million patent applications last year.

In second place, the US Patent and Trademark Office is lagging far behind, receiving 605,571 applications, followed by Japan with 318,381. [as]

Apple CEO Expects Forbidden Apps in China to Be Re-Allowed

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Wednesday he is optimistic that a number of banned computer applications under China's strict Internet law will eventually be restored.

Speaking at a business forum in southern China, Cook also denies criticism who protested his performance a few days earlier at an internet conference promoting Beijing's view of internet censorship.

Cook's appearance on Sunday at the Chinese-organized World Internet Conference attracted criticism from many US activists and politicians. They say Apple should do more to counter China's restrictions on the internet.

Cook says he strongly supports freedom but also assumes that foreign companies need to comply with local regulatory authorities in which they operate.

Cook said he did not care to be criticized for cooperating with China because he believes a change may happen if companies operate rather than take a dodge and then shout protest. [ab/uh]