China's air quality is improving greatly

From data collected by 200 receivers across the country, the University of Chicago calculated that the rate of fine particles, which are very harmful to health, had dropped by 32% between 2013 and 2017 in China . If this trend continues, the average life expectancy of the Chinese would increase by 2.4 years, according to a US study released Tuesday . Fine particles (PM 2.5) play a role in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancer

Thousands of closed factories

" There is no example of a country achieving such a rapid reduction of air pollution is remarkable "said Michael Greenstone, who led the study at the Institute of Energy Policy at the University of Chicago. In contrast, it took more than a decade in the United States to achieve a comparable improvement after the enactment of an air law in 1970. " What the past four years have proven is that things can change, and even quickly, with political will ", observes Mr. Greenstone.

Under pressure from public opinion, the communist regime launched in 2013 an anti-pollution plan designed to reduce by a quarter the concentration of fine particles in key areas such as around Beijing and Shanghai. " China is not considered a democratic country, yet we see that the government has had to take measures that public opinion demanded ," notes Greenstone. The antipollution policy was, however, accompanied by an economic and social cost, the authorities ordering the closure of thousands of factories too close to the city center.

They also decreed at the end 2017 the end of coal heating, the main source of energy in China, in areas of the north of the country, even before gas heating systems could be installed. Schools in Hebei Province (north) had to make up their minds to classify in the courtyard, where the temperature was colder than in the interior … The winter, traditionally very polluted in the north of China, was relatively pure this year, but a peak of pollution hit Beijing on Tuesday, with a fine particle rate greater than 300 micrograms per m3, more than 12 times the standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). 19659006]

Increasingly, China's Invasion of Hollywood Cinema Business

Later Hollywood can no longer boast films such as Mission Impossible and Terminator with its new versions especially as American works. Because the Chinese Internet giant "Tencent" has bought some shares of "Skydance Media", the company that produced the films.

It is not yet clear how the transaction process. But the Los Angeles Times reported that "Tencent" spent more than $ 100 million to buy five to 10 percent of Skydance.

To be sure, with this deal, "Tencent" will co-finance the production of films "Skydance" and "Skydance" will enjoy the benefits of distribution and marketing of their films in the world's second largest movie market.

Founded in 2010, "Skydance" has produced 15 films, generally collaborating with "Paramount Pictures" including the Star Trek franchise film. In the next two years, the company will release a sequel to the films Mission: Impossible, Terminator, and Top Gun .

"Tencent" is one of the most profitable companies in the world . Its main advantages come from the unusually popular 19459007 "Honor of Kings" and "WeChat" the most popular social media app in China that has almost a billion customers.

Last year "Tencent" even entered an exclusive club of companies with a stock market value of more than 500 billion dollars.

The deal with "Skydance" is not the first time "Tencent" marks the movie world. Last year, "Tencent" invested in blockbuster Hollywood, "Kong: Skull Island" and was in charge of online cinema ticket sales services in China.

According to the partnership agreement with "Skydance", "Tencent" has the opportunity to collaborate in other media in America, including television, interactive and virtual reality.

"Tencent" is not the first Chinese company to expand its business into the American film industry . The Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda, through the Wanda Group, bought some of Legendary Entertainment's 19459007 Jurassic World and the 19199007 Batman and US cinema AMC's cinema. 19659002] Will "Tencent" succeed in realizing his ambition? May be. But the Chinese government opposes the move. Recently Beijing issued a warning against the irrational investment of Chinese companies abroad, especially in the cinema industry.

The deal between Chinese company Huahua Media and US Paramount Hollywood corporation worth $ 1 billion last November was canceled as a result from tightening Chinese government investment regulations. [ab/uh]


Britain Accepts China's 'One Belt' Initiative, US Gives Warning

Britain has made clear its intention to be part of the so-called '19459005 One Belt One Road Initiative ' or China's "One In One Way Initiative", a vision of President Xi Jinping to boost China's investment and influence in Asia , Europe and Africa. However, there are concerns about finances and costs, especially in terms of humanitarian giant infrastructure projects.

The United States has issued a stern warning of what it sees as a danger associated with China's major investment project.

British Prime Minister Theresa May leads a delegation of ministers and business leaders to China last week, signed a trade deal worth $ 12.7 billion, and praised this as a 'golden era' in Chinese-British relations.

The British ambassador earlier outlined British hopes of working together in this Initiative in China .

"The first one we want to work on is a practical project.The second area in which we want to work with China is sharing some of the financing experience in our city in London because these projects are large-scale projects, especially for infrastructure. Then it certainly requires a complicated funding mechanism, "said Ambassador Barbara Woodward. [19659002] In fact too complicated, according to some people. Building on swamps between Uganda's capital and the airport, this 51-kilometer expressway will open in May. It was built by China Communications Construction Company and cost $ 580 million from Beijing loans. Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago said, "Even these Chinese people who come here, even the commercial banks we borrowed, the EXIM (Export-Import) bank, the burden is finally on our shoulders as the mayor of Kampala, the Ugandans, our children and grandchildren must bear this burden, which is very, very unfortunate. "

The United States has gone further in condemning China's foreign trade and foreign policy.

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson warned ahead of his visit to Latin America on Thursday.

"China, which does this in emerging markets around the world, offers an interesting-looking pathway, but in fact, it often results in short-term trading profits with long-term dependency," Tillerson said.

Many developing countries welcome Chinese investment and the involvement of countries such as Britain. However, there is concern over the accumulation of debt that could cause major problems in the future. [ps/jm]

Germany demands the release of China's human rights lawyer

Germany demands that China release a prominent Chinese human rights lawyer accused of triggering subversion after uploading calls for democratic reform via the internet.

German human rights commissioner Barbel Kofler said this week, Yu Wensheng was innocent and only sought to voice the need for democratic reform and support a fellow Chinese citizen who was harassed for fighting for human rights.

Yu, an unofficial spokesperson for a Chinese human rights lawyer group, was arrested by police on January 19 while preparing to pick up his 13-year-old son at school. Police later informed Mr. Yu's wife of the arrest and her allegations. Triggering subversion is a frequent charge of Chinese authorities to silence dissidents.

Detention Yu extends his list of acts of repression against independent legal activists in recent years by the Chinese communist government.

His detention took place one day after he uploaded a a letter on the internet calling for the ruling party, or the only political party in China, to reform the constitution and hold a presidential election openly.

Yu received wide attention after being detained for three months in 2014. At that time he admitted to being tortured and interrogated when detained. In 2015, he was again detained but later released after his case attracted widespread public attention. [ab/uh]

China's Service Sector, Especially Internet-Based Business, Will Continue Excellently

The service sector in China, especially internet-based businesses, will continue to outperform other sectors by 2018 to support China's economic growth, analysts say.

Tang Jianwei, an analyst at Bank of Communications, estimates sector growth rates services will exceed the industrial sector, along with the development of the digital economy.

"Structural reforms in China's supply sector will lead to industrial upgrading, improving the efficiency and quality of the company, Tang said.

The latest data in the National Bureau of Statistics shows China's services sector increased by 8% by 2017, outperforming the economy as a whole which grew in the range of 6.9%.

According to Nomura, a Japanese securities company, the study on the data shows the contribution of traditional service sectors, such as real estate, retail and wholesale, finance and catering, last year all decreased or fixed

The main advantage is mainly driven by information technology and transport services, which is a sign of strong performance in the new Internet-based economy, he added.

"We believe that Internet business is likely to continue to excel when China adjusts its economy to what it calls as a new economy, "said Nomura.

After the release of better GDP data from perkiraa n on Thursday (18/1), Nomura raise China's GDP growth forecast to 0.1 percentage points, to 6.5%. [em]