Chinese Military in the South China Sea to Defend Yourself from the US

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday affirmed that China's military presence in the South China Sea is not intended to be a confrontation with neighboring Asian nations but to defend itself from America. [19659003] "It is not intended for us," Duterte said in a speech to Chinese businessmen of Chinese descent on Monday.

"The forces of ideology that are contradictory in the world or geopolitically have greatly changed. This is actually intended against those whom China thinks will destroy them, the Americans, "he added.

China claims almost all of the South China Sea as its territory, strategic waters worth trillions of dollars worth every year. The claim collided with the claims of Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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SOFREP publications, military news from the US Marines Special Operations Troop community, said new satellite images and aerial photographs show that Chinese-made islands are now the site of near-complete air and sea bases, and new development continues even though diplomatic dialogue continues between China and other countries claiming the territory. "

President Rodrigo Duterte said the building of military bases on China-made islands was a defense against America, not to attack neighboring Asian nations.

Duterte also blamed the previous Philippine government for not building defense in the Spratly archipelago when China just started build artificial islands.

Americans have condemned the construction of Chinese military facilities on the artificial islands and are concerned that the facility could be used to restrict free movement along the trade route.

China and the Philippines have long been in dispute over the Chinese Sea South, but relations are improving under Duterte, who approached Beijing in the hope of gaining business and investment.

In 2014, Beijing began expanding seven coral islands in the Spratly, reclaimed and built artificial islands which, according to aerial and satellite imagery, now become bases military with runways, ports, and locations of air and ground-to-air defense missiles.

Duterte defends himself against critics who say he did not do enough to protect Filipino interests in the South China Sea. He said "it will not risk the lives of Filipinos just to die in vain, I will not advance to an impossible battle I win." [ds]

Chinese New Year Lunar New Year, 4 Killed, 5 Injured

An explosion at a kiosk of fireworks fireworks in southwest China killed four people and five others wounded on the eve of Chinese New Year celebrations, authorities said Friday.

Tonghai county news agency in Yunnan province said The explosion occurred Thursday around 11:00 pm. The cause of the explosion is under investigation.

 An enchanted giant dog marks the coming of the Dog Year shown as part of the Lunar New Year celebration at Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai, China, Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

An enchanted giant dog marks the coming The Year of Dogs is featured as part of Chinese New Year celebrations at Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai, China, Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

Friday marks the start of China's most important traditional holiday, where tens of millions of people travel in the vast country to gather with the family.

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Fireworks generally form a major part of a number celebrations, although some authorities took action against the action for safety reasons and reduced air pollution.

A number of towns ti Beijing and Shanghai are typically hustle and bustle with fireworks, this year has calmed down.

Fireworks play an important role for most rural economies and some accidents are common due to unsafe storage and transport systems. [mg/lt]

Chinese Citizen Killed Shot in Pakistan

 Hordes of armed men unleashed a series of gunfire at two Chinese nationals in the car. One of the Chinese nationals was killed.

This incident took place in the Zamzama district, the upper class in southern Karachi, Pakistan, on Monday (5/2) local time.

Police say two Chinese nationals was in the car when the shooter was in another car. Then the shooter opened fire from his car

Two bullets lodged in the head of one of the Chinese, the wound left him dead. This seems to be a targeted attack, "senior police official Azad Khan said.

" The police have nine shell casings, "he added.

One Chinese man survived the attack this, without injury. A passer-by in Pakistan was slightly wounded.

The two Chinese were workers in a shipping company. Thousands of Chinese mechanics and technicians do work in Pakistan.

China invests in Pakistan. There is an investment of USD 54 billion in a project called the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, developing aspects of infrastructure, energy and transport links between the Xinjiang region in western China and the Gwadar port in Pakistan.

Last October, Pakistan confirmed two Chinese people were killed. The two men were kidnapped in the southwestern part of Quetta. Several months later the ISIS claimed to have killed them.

In May 2017, a pair of men and women were dragged to a car by three men. The witness saw a Chinese woman escape.

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President Duterte Allows Chinese Research in the Philippines Near Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's decision to allow China to undertake research on the continental shelf The Philippine Pacific Ocean increases the risk of new outrage among Filipinos who have no faith in the stronger Beijing.

Duterte allows Chinese ships examined Benham Rise, a 13 million-acre, marine-rich submarine plain, this month and for scientific research, officials from both countries said.

The Philippine President opened ties with China shortly after landing mid-term position in 2016. His approach with China has calmed the maritime sovereignty dispute that has been strongly opposed to both sides since 2012. China pledged $ 24 billion in 2016 to help build a relatively poor Philippines, and its military is weaker

Duterte also permitted Chinese research ships are working on Benham Rise dal am in 2016. When the people of the Philippines learned about it a few months later, he was criticized by opponents in the influential Philippine legislature and news media.

He faced yet another anger of the people now, experts say.

"People are concerned that China certainly conducts research for its own interests, the people will know it, "said Maria Ela Atienza, professor of political science at the University of the Philippines Diliman. "In the Philippines, there is a great sense of distrust regarding China," he added. [gp]

The Dutch C & A franchise will be bought by Chinese investors

German media on Sunday reported families of billionaires with a network of Dutch clothing franchises "C & A" will sell the franchise network to Chinese investors. The agreement was nearing completion, writes weekly Der Spiegel quoting "inside sources of the company."

"C & A" founded in the Netherlands in 1841 by the German-Dutch family Brenninkmeijer has more than 1,500 stores across Europe and employs approximately 35 thousand people.

The franchise network that focuses on affordable clothing for men, women and children also has stores in China, Mexico and Brazil.

The very closed family Brenninkmeijer has "C & A" through Swiss-based Cofra Holding company. "The C & A" refused to confirm or refuse the company's sales information when Der Spiegel contacted him.

In his written statement, the franchising company – The Cofra – says "C & A" is working to expand opportunities across the region.

"C & A Restructuring The ongoing exploration also includes exploring ways to keep up with existing market growth, such as in China, and in the digital age; and could potentially forge cooperation and with other external participation, "said the statement.

According to Der Spiegel," C & A "believed to be worth about 20 billion euros made the Brenninkmeijer family one of Europe's richest and most private businesses. [19659002] The company is also big because it consists of about a thousand family members whose shares in "C & A" are merged into the Cofra Holding company based in Zug, a city in Switzerland; added Der Spiegel. [em/al]