Christmas decorations in Manhattan, New York

Cities across America are eager for the Christmas holiday season. And when it comes to decorating this holiday season, New York is most prominent because the Manhattan area turns into a big and fascinating show.

It took a lot of effort to prepare for Christmas, and some preparations to make New York City glittering in a place about an hour north of town, in American Christmas.

The 44,000-acre building can be considered a New York City warehouse. Here all sorts of ornaments that will adorn the shopping area and the historic places of New York during the Christmas holidays are kept.

The warehouse is loaded with various ornaments such as angel statues, wreaths, pine cones, christmas sticks … and lamps -llight.

Frederic Schwam, CEO of American Christmas says, "It's evolving into more sophisticated and the presence of LED lights has changed the way we do our work and this is a positive change.Stores in New York are especially more involved in composing and organizing their storefronts and showcases are more interesting than they were in years ago. "

A few weeks before Christmas was the busiest time, as the workers set up lights on the trees, putting the finishing touches on the deer's ornaments and toys Christmas, and packing goods orders for shipping.

American Christmas provides display materials for some of the most famous locations New York's Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center, stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Salvatore Ferragamo's shoe store, showcase new designs this year.

"This 1950s-designed shoe for Ferragamo inspired this new design, "added Schwam.

Some ornaments are produced in factories in China and elsewhere, but they are all assembled into festive works in Mount Vernon.

The exhibits reflecting the distinctive New York style not only delivered the spirit this Christmas holiday season to the heart of the city, but also attracts tourists and shopper to come and they have prepared a long Christmas shopping list. [ps/jm]

Pope Francis Prays Peace in Jerusalem in his Christmas Message

Vatican City
The Catholic leader of the world, Pope Francis, called for peace in Jerusalem in a Christmas message delivered to his congregation. Pope Francis prayed that a peace agreement could be reached between Israel and the Palestinians.

As reported by AFP Wednesday (27/12/2017), in his sermon at Christmas on Monday (25/12) local time, the Pope Francis called for 'peace for Jerusalem and the whole of the Holy Land'. Pope Francis also highlighted the plight of conflict-affected children.

"We see Jesus in children in the Middle East who continue to suffer from the constant tension that exists between Israel and Palestine," Pope Francis said in his sermon before the congregation.

[1945901] praying that the desire to continue dialogue between the relevant parties will succeed and that an agreed solution can finally be reached, a solution that enables two countries to live side by side peacefully with mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders, "he added.

20Detik: Ask Immigrants to Embrace, Pope Francis: His Fate Is Like Joseph and Mary

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The statement of Pope Francis was delivered amid new tensions arising from the decision of President of the United States (US) Donald Trump who recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump's decision, announced on Dec. 6, triggered protests and clashes in several Palestinian areas, including in Bethlehem, the West Bank. At least 12 Palestinians were killed in the clashes.

"May Christ also support every effort of the parties in the international community driven by goodwill to help relevant parties find justice and security awaited for a long time, despite major obstacles to harmony, "said Pope Francis.

Pope Francis also alludes to other conflicts in the world, such as in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Southern Sudan and Venezuela. He emphasized "the wind of war is blowing in our world."

"Let us pray that the confrontation on the Korean Peninsula can be overcome and that mutual trust in the interests of the world is increasing as a whole," hopes Pope Francis, 81,

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Tragic! Mother and 2 Her Child Killed in Death Shooting at Christmas

 The tragic tragic death shooting occurred on Christmas Day in an apartment complex in Phoenix, United States (US). A mother and two children, one of whom was 10 months old, were killed in the shootings. As reported by CNN Wednesday (27/12/2017), in the incident that occurred on December 25 this local time, the perpetrators of the shooting is known to be the former lover of the woman who died. The identity of the perpetrator was not released to the public.

Spokesman spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard said that the perpetrator was eventually arrested after being surrounded by police personnel for 6 hours. Both children who became victims were known to be held hostage by the perpetrator.

Howard said that the police initially found the body of a woman lying on the shooting site at the Highland Apartments complex in Phoenix on Monday afternoon (25/12) local time. The woman's identity was not released to the public.

One of the neighbors in the compound mentioned a man holding two children hostage in one of the apartments. The police then tried to negotiate with the man. When the talks took place, the man suddenly indicated that he had killed two children who were hostages. The man also threatened the police who surrounded him.

Around six hours of siege was carried out, the police saw a lifeless baby figure in the apartment where the perpetrator was hiding. Moments later, the perpetrator began firing a shot at the police. Gunfire was inevitable.

One policeman was injured in the shootout. But the police are now in stable condition at a local hospital.

When police personnel got into the apartment and arrested the perpetrators, they found a boy also lifeless. Howard said the two children killed in the incident were 11 and 10 months old. It is not known exactly when the children were killed. The medical examiner will perform an autopsy to find out about it.

Howard added that the perpetrators and the dead women were the parents of both children who were also victims. The shooting in the apartment was allegedly caused by a domestic commotion, but it was not known exactly the trigger for the commotion.
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For Christmas Worship, 20 Congregations Killed Bus Accidents in the Philippines

 The accident between two buses in the Philippines killed as many as 20 people. Dozens of people are congregations who want to go to church to worship Christmas.

Reported from Japan Today, Monday (25/12/2017), Police said the accident occurred between the bus congregation with a larger bus. Locations of events in Agoo Town, northern Philippines.

The exact location of Agoo City is 200 km north of Manila. In Agoo there is a famous Catholic church named Our Lady of Manaoag Church.

The church is a popular pilgrimage site among Catholics. The congregation was mentioned from the town of Bauang, an hour's drive from Manaoag.

Six of the dead were children. Police said there were nine others from a small bus injured.

"They (the family) will conduct a mass in Manaoag," Agoo City Police said as quoted by AFP.

Police chief Agoo Roy Villanueva told Manila radio station DZMM over a telephone line that small buses tried to overtake the vehicle in front of him by getting off track. But nahas, the bus was involved in a deadly accident with other buses.
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Want to Share Marijuana as a Christmas Gift, Grandparents are Arrested

An 80-year-old husband and wife were arrested in Nebraska, United States of America, caught carrying 27 kilograms of marijuana, valued at over US $ 300,000. The couple, Patrick Jiron (83) and his wife, Barbara Jiron (80), were carrying the marijuana with their pickup truck, when the police stopped their vehicle at Interstate 80, near the town of Bradshaw. Police who examined their vehicle found marijuana after smelling the stinging smell of the drug.

To the police as reported New York Times, Saturday (23/12/2017), both claimed to be driving from their home in California to Vermont, with plans to stop in Boston, and intends to hand out the marijuana to their family and friends as a Christmas present.

A local police officer, Paul Vrbka said the couple were also detained on charges possession of cannabis with the intention to distribute. Jiron was imprisoned in York County jail, while his wife was not admitted to the cell due to some health problems.

Marijuana is illegal in Nebraska, although a number of US states, including California and Colorado have legalized the drug for personal use. Vermont is among the 29 US states that have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

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