North Korean Step Brother Meets US Citizens Before Murder

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met an American citizen in Malaysia four days before he was shockingly killed, a police official said in his testimony at the trial on Monday.

Kim Jong Nam visited the island Langkawi, the location of tourism off the west coast of Malaysia, before meeting an American on February 9, said chief investigator Wan Azirul Nizam to the trial.

But Nizam can not confirm the hotel or the American's name.

"Until now, the identity of the US citizen can not be obtained," he said.

A computer forensic report from the police showed Jong Nam's last laptop was used on the same day and a USB drive was connected four days before he died on February 13, two women smeared Jong Nam's face with VX's agent as he waited for the plane to fly to Macau.

The Malaysian investigator pronounce four suspects who have not been identified in the murders are still free. The lawyers for the two women said they thought they were taking part in a reality show on a television station.

South Korean intelligence agency said Jong Nam was the target of a murder plan ordered by his sister.

Kim Jong Nam, not liked by his father who is also Kim Jong Un's father, the late Kim Jong Il, in 2011. Jong Nam was caught trying to enter Japan with a fake passport to visit Disneyland in Tokyo. [ps/jm]

US Citizens Commemorate Civil Rights Leader Day, Martin Luther King

Americans commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in honor of a hero who championed civil rights and believed that his success in the struggle depended on nonviolent principles.

Every year, on the third Monday of January, Americans pay homage to the civil rights leader, who in the 1950s and 1960s organized non-violent protests against racial separation politics in the South, and championed equality for blacks and the right to vote.

President Donald Trump has not done anything official and is in a private golf resort in Florida. He dedicated his weekly speech, which was broadcast on Monday (15/1), to Dr. King.

"Dr. King is our goal. It is an American ideal, "Trump said.

Two of Dr.'s children. King condemned Trump's speech on Monday, following alleged allegations that he described immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as immigrants from dirty and impoverished countries, using inappropriate words to describe the two countries. Trump reportedly also likes immigrants from countries such as Norway.

In Washington, Dr. King, Martin Luther King III, said, "If the president insists that our country needs residents of a white country like Norway, I think we do not have to waste time explaining what it means."

He added, "We need to find a way to reaching the heart of this man. "

King's daughter, Rev. Bernice King, in a service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, said," we can not allow the countries of the world to embrace words that come from our presidents and treat them as though – it is the true spirit of the United States. "

Since the alleged incident, Trump has been widely criticized as a racist. Trump rejected the allegations. [ps/jm]

The Anti-Government Rally Prohibition, Iranian Citizens: Life Is Difficult

Massive demonstrations in various cities in Iran were triggered by citizens' complaints about worsening economic conditions. How is the real condition of Iran's economy in the eyes of its citizens?

"Life is very difficult, high prices really make me depressed My husband is a government employee but his salary is not enough for us to meet the necessities of life without having to owe," said Iranian named Farzaneh Mirzaie (42) who is the mother of two children, as reported AFP Tuesday (2/1/2017).

Mirzaie mentions most members of his family working in a carpet factory in Kashan, a city 250 kilometers south of Tehran, but recently they were dismissed.

"Factory owners can no longer afford the purchase thread for carpet production so he fired everyone.How can they survive? "

Mirzaie's story is one of many stories of Iranians, whose country is still trying to recover from international sanctions and poor economic management for years.

On Sunday (31/12) night, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the people have the right to protest, but should not involve acts of violence. After that statement, most of the protests in Tehran subsided, but similar actions in other cities are still rife.

"I think people actually do not like vandalism and arson, but this is the only way to make their voices heard, "said Nasser Khalaf, 52, who works for an oil company, but he claims to have two unemployed sons.

Most Iranians feel their country is not getting any results after decades of struggling with many difficulties – from the 1979 revolution , then a brutal war with Iraq for eight years in the 1980s, to the face of US sanctions.

"After 40 years, they (the Iranians-reds) just realized that all the difficulties were … in vain. I work in the community but I always feel depressed whether I will be fired tomorrow, "said Arya Rahmani (27) who works as a nurse. [MrRouhanisays'behaveintherightway'butwhatistheproperwayofdoingit?IfIcomeandsay'MrRouhaniIamaneducatedpersonbutIamanunemployedperson'anywayhewillnotcare"headded

Further, Iranians consider the government to fail to maximize Iran's great potential. "Our country is really like gold, whatever you look for, you can find it in Iran, but we do not get the most out of everything we have in our country," said Mirzaie.

(nvc / nvc)

When the 'Horror' Missiles Become Selfie Target Citizens

 North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile, Hwasong-15, has worried the world. The missile is known to have large explosive power. But now the missile is a selfie target.

The missile targeted by the selfie is not a real missile, but only a replica. In an ice festival in Pyongyang, North Korea, a replica of Hwasong-15 is on display to local residents to coincide with the celebration of the 2018 new year there.

 When the 'Terrible' Missiles Are Going Goals Selfie Citizen When 'Missile' Misses So Target Selfie Citizens Photo: bbc

With lighting, the replica is capable of being a 'star' of the visitor's attention. Many of the residents who took pictures in front of the missile replica.

Not just a missile replica, the ice festival in Pyongyang also showcased a number of iconic things in North Korea, from cosmetics to fishing vessels.

 When 'Missile' Missiles Become A Target of Selfie Citizens As North Korea's 'Missile' Missiles Become A Target Selfie Citizen Photo: bbc

This Hwasong-15 type missile is claimed to have a super large warhead capable of being used against the United States (US).

"The Hwasong-15 ICBM weapons system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket that ends with a massive super-heavy warhead capable of attacking the entire mainland of the United States," the North's official Korean News News Agency (KCNA) ) some time ago.
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US ambassador to UN: Iran tested its own citizens

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday the Iranian government is being "tested by its own citizens" who demonstrated for three days against the regime, AFP news agency reported.

the comments of US President Donald Trump who earlier on the same day said that Americans are paying attention to human rights abuses.

Last year, Trump declared Iran to be America's main enemy in the Middle East, rejecting a 2015 deal that halted its nuclear program and accused it of destabilizing the region.

At least two dead and dozens have been arrested since the rally broke out on Thursday in Masshad City and spread to Tehran and other cities.

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli warned Sunday Sunday that demonstrators will " bear consequences "for disturbing the order.

Haley flicked Iran in a New Year message that also condemned" government who oppress "in North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba . [ka]