US Court Ends Deportation of Cambodian Citizens

The district court in California suspended for temporary deportations Cambodians convicted of serious crimes.

About 50 people are due to be repatriated to Cambodia on Monday (18/12), according to court records. 19659002] Most escaped to America as refugee children during the Khmer Rouge regime atrocities in the 1970s, but never obtained full citizenship.

In the lawsuit, Cambodian lawyers argue that their clients will experience "a loss that is not can be repaired ", if they are returned to a country they can barely remember.

They asked for an opportunity to reopen the Cambodian immigration case so they could appeal the deportation order.

" We say arrest and include them to the plane before undergoing litigation here infringes on their rights, "said Jenny Zhao, one of the pe in the case, told the VOA.

Many of the prisoners were born in refugee camps outside Cambodia after their parents fled from the Khmer Rouge.

"Some of them have never set foot in Cambodia," said Zhao.

Friday (15/12) evening, US District Judge Cormac Carney in Santa Ana, California issued an order to stop deportation while reviewing their rights under the law. [sp/ii]

China Warns Its Citizens in Pakistan Possible Terrorist Attacks

China has warned its citizens in Pakistan that it has received intelligence reports about a planned terror attack in the near future.

The Chinese embassy in Islamabad posted a warning on its website, while Beijing planted more than 60 billion dollars in infrastructure and energy projects in Pakistan.

The investment made under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, Chinese citizens to Pakistan to work on projects and conduct private business.

"It is known that terrorists are planning in the near future to launch a series of attacks on Chinese organizations and personnel in Pakistan," according to the embassy's statement.

The warning is not explaining the shape of the attack but calling on Chinese citizens in Pakistan to increase the security of personnel, restrict travels outdoors and avoid public places.

The Pakistani authorities have not responded to China's warnings of terror. [ds]