Human Rights Organization Tuding Afghan Forces Civilians Base

A global human rights organization called for Afghan and US military authorities to immediately investigate allegations that Afghan government forces execute civilians without legal process in recent counter-Taliban operations in southern Kandahar province. [19659002] According to a Human Rights Watch report Wednesday, allegations of human rights violations occurred from January 31 to February 1, when Afghan special forces, backed by US air strikes, carried out attacks in Maiwand and Panjwai districts. [19659002] The report quoted local residents as saying that Afghan forces opened fire on a number of people trying to flee from Band-e Timor, a region that has long been a stronghold of the Taliban.

Battle in Ghazni, Afghanistan Kills 7 Civilians

The attack killed 50 Taliban insurgents and at least 20 civilians. Government troops also allegedly dragged out some men from their homes and shot them.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said he had not been able to respond because he had not read the report. But Waziri insists the authorities immediately and thoroughly investigate all allegations of violations in combat.

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"Opposition forces often deliberately occupy civilian homes for wanting civilian casualties. However, Afghan forces need to take all precautions so as not to harm civilians, "he said. [ab/lt]

The bodies of 9 Civilians Kidnapped by Militants in Afghanistan Discovered

An Afghan official said that the bodies of nine civilians kidnapped by militants early last year have been found in Nangarhar province, in eastern Afghanistan.

A regional head said the body, including the bodies of three tribal elders, was found dumped into in a weekend cemetery.

Sayed Rahman Mohmand from Kot county said locals found the corpse in the nearby Achin area.

ISIS and Taliban clashes Could Hundreds of Families in Afghanistan Fly

The nine victims were kidnapped by militants early in 2017 in Kot and nothing is known about their fate so far.

Mohmand says the ISIS group is behind the kidnappings and murders, although the militant group has not claimed responsibility for their killing. Both the Taliban and ISIS are active in eastern Afghanistan. [gp]

The Number of Civilians in Afghanistan Down 9 Percent

The UN noted a 9 per cent drop in civilian casualties in Afghanistan by 2017, but cautioned that this year the danger faced by civilians is likely to increase as warring parties become more hostile.

Armed conflict and then caused civilian casualties of up to 10,543, including 3,438 deaths, according to UNAMA's annual UN Assistance Mission report on Afghanistan (UNAMA) released Thursday (15/2).

UNAMA Chairman Tadamichi Yamamoto, at a press conference in Kabul, he feared this year the danger faced by civilians increases unless all parties take the necessary steps to prevent civilian casualties.

By 2016, the number of civilian casualties due to armed conflict in Afghanistan reaches 11,434, including 3,510 deaths.

UN human rights official Danielle Bell on Thursday, in the same press conference, described a decline of 9 p urgent number of civilian casualties last year as an important step to reduce the danger faced by Afghans who are not involved in the fighting.

"But I must affirm that 2017 is the fourth consecutive year in which UNAMA records the number of civilian casualties of more than 10,000 people annually," Bell said.

The report also revealed that suicide attacks with homemade bombs accounted for 40 percent the number of UNAMA-registered civilian casualties. [ab/lt]

Human Rights Organization Called for Help for Civilians in Northern Myanmar

The International Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch has urged the Burmese military to ensure humanitarian aid is received by all civilians affected by clashes between the military and an armed ethnic group in the north of the country.

The battle between the Myanmar military and the Kachin Laskar Kemerdekaan increased in mid-January, to include three cities in the state of Kachin. Laskar Kachin is one of the strong ethnic militia groups who have clashed with the military after the collapse of a 17-year truce in 2011. Since then, more than 120,000 people have taken refuge in the border region of China.

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The New York-based human rights organization urges in a statement Friday (9/2) that the military Myanmar provides access to the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians caught in the offensive by the current military who use heavy weapons and air strikes. [uh]

Syrian Regime Attacks Kills 75 Civilians in East Ghouta

 At least 75 civilians were reported killed by air strikes of President Bashar al-Assad's regime in the rebel-held region of Ghouta Timur. The attacks were launched in a number of residential areas on Thursday, according to sources from the Syrian Civil Defense Group or also known as White Helmets, as reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency , Air strikes launched in the settlements killed 27 people in Arbin, 17 in Jisrin, 2 in Zamalka, 3 in Sabka, 3 in Misraba, 7 (19659002) Eight civilians were also killed in the air strikes on the Duma, as well as four in Hazzah and two other civilians in Harasta.

White Helmets volunteers have jumped into the scene of attacks to search for and rescue victims.

East Ghouta close to Damascus, has been besieged by Syrian forces for more than four years. Then in May 2017 when the government troops launched a large-scale military operation.

Air strikes in the East Ghouta region have increased in recent days, after a Russian warplane was shot down over the weekend in rebel-held Idlib province.

According to Syrian Observer for Human Rights group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 200 civilians have been killed since Monday (5/2) in the Syrian regime's air strikes in East Ghouta. Among the dead included at least 54 children and 41 women. Mentioned Observatory, more than 700 civilians were also wounded in the air strikes

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