NDDL: Operation of the gendarmerie to clear the roads

A fist operation to clear the roads combined with a judicial police operation in connection with the "exactions" of previous days began Friday at 06:00 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, has The operation concentrates on the D81, one of the two main roads crossing the ZAD, where an ambush took place Thursday, according to the gendarmes, causing 10 wounded in their ranks. [19659002] "No expulsion is planned today," said the gendarmerie, but "a maneuver clearance axes on the area and a judicial police operation" in the context of "violence against the forces of the order. "

According to a source close to the file, Thursday some 500 opponents, zadistes and their supporters from France and Europe, were present on the ZAD where the airport project was abandoned in January by the government who had promised, however, to expel er the illegal occupants.

The expulsion operation of those who have not submitted any individual agricultural project to the prefecture since January began on Monday, with 2,500 gendarmes, bailiffs and construction equipment, and 29 squats were destroyed in three days

On Thursday, the clearing operations continued under the protection of the gendarmes. But the opponents, irritated to see destroying places of life but also others where they had agricultural projects, call all their support to mobilize since Tuesday evening.

The Immigration Agreement in the US is not clear

Just three more days before the budget that moves the government wheel runs out again, the way to reach a deal on immigration until Monday (5/2), still looks blurry. President DonaldTrump rejected the proposals proposed by both parties in the Senate.

"Any agreement on DACA that does not include tight security at the border and the much-needed construction of the wall is entirely useless," Trump said in Twitter on Twitter, reaffirmed part of his demand for approving the road to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants without documents brought to America as children

"We are building the wall. Believe me, "the President said in a speech in Ohio. "The one who does not want security at our borders to the south or any other part is Democrats," Trump said.

Trump reiterated his attitude when Senator Republican John McCain and Democratic Senator Chris Coons proposed giving legal status to DACA recipients ( Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals), President Barack Obama's government relic program. The validity period of this DAC will expire next month.

The impasse over immigration policy of the Republican Party Chief in the McConnell Senate. Last month he received sufficient support from the Democratic faction to end a three-day government halt with a promise to discuss the DACA issue if an agreement on immigration is not reached before Feb. 8, when the state budget is now exhausted. [as/al]

Philippines Will Clear Typical Transport of Jeepney

Philippine unique passenger transport car, Jeepney, seems to be ending the term as 'King of the Road' But this typical transport entrepreneur will not back down without a fight.

The Philippine government plans to rejuvenate the old public transport, to make it safer and more environmentally friendly. This step will stop the operation of public transport that has become a mainstay and cheap mode of transportation choice for 105 million people of the Philippines.

But the owners and drivers of 200 thousand jepneys who have been passing by on the streets and highways in the country during decades of challenging the plan. They condemned the policy as "anti-poverty" and threats to their survival.

"This is a big problem for us, the poor, because we are suffering," said a Jeepney driver, annoyed after being stopped by a police officer because his vehicle

Jeepney has been transformed from the jeeps of soldiers abandoned by the United States military after the Second World War, into a distinctively colored painted vehicle, inscribed with religious slogans, horoscope symbols and surnames.

Only by paying 8 pesos (16 cents), for a 4-kilometer journey to the capital Manila, this transport is very affordable, but far from comfortable.

A jeepney is usually crowded with 10-16 spacewalkers, on two opposing desks, no cooling or window protecting passengers from the heat, rain and smothering vehicle fumes.

Di Metro Manila, one of the Southeast Asian cities with the worst traffic jams, passengers can sit for hours.

The Philippine government wants to remove the unworthy and dirty jeepney from the streets, and replace it with larger, more clean, more secure and modern. Some of the replacement vehicles are electric cars and others are vehicles with clean gasoline.

Some drivers complain the price of new vehicles is too expensive, which is about 1.8 million pesos (35,327 thousand dollars). While government subsidies are minimal

Some are worried that there are vested interests.

"They just want to drive operators to get big companies in," said George San Mateo, head of the PISTON transport group, as he led a protest last week , outside the transport regulator's office.

"The government is using the control of a polluting jeepney to force poor operators to buy new vehicles they can not afford."

The government says the plan, backed by President Rodrigo Duterte , only aimed to modernize public transport.

"There are many jeepney public vehicles that are old and dirty. So we have to overcome it, "Martin Delgra, chairman of the Franchise Council and Land Transport Controller, told reporters. "We do not compromise with security, when it comes to roadworthiness." [fw/au]