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Hollywood actor Robert De Niro criticized President Trump's government stance on climate change. In front of a crowded crowd, De Niro said he came from an "underdeveloped" country suffering from 'instant madness'.

He said in the country he described, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency last week said global warming might be a good thing for humanity.

At the Dubai World Government Summit on Sunday in Dubai, De Niro reaped applause and laughter when he said the Americans "will eventually heal themselves through a vote that causes him to lose his mandate to rule." [ka/jm]

California Governor Called Trump "Get Out of the Climate Issues Issue"

California Governor Jerry Brown calls on President Donald Trump to begin to fight for climate change issues or not to block and allow the rest of the world to work on reducing emissions and investing in clean energy.

Speaking with the Associated Press at the Climate Change Summit in Paris Brown said "the whole world is very serious about climate change, so are the scientists."

He opposes Trump's plan to push back coal mining, saying "it is time for President Trump to join the whole world, not against climate change. "

Brown cites recent forest fires in California as examples of extreme weather compounded by climate change caused by human actions. Brown said "fire occurred in California. Fires also occur in France, and worldwide "if countries do not reduce their emissions. [em/al]