There are World War II Time Bombs, London Airport Closed Meanwhile

 The discovery of the Second World War bombs forced the temporary closure of the London City Airport. The second World War II bomb was found near the River Thames.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), the remaining bomb was found at King George V Jetty, close to the airport runway in central London. The findings occurred during construction work on site on Sunday (11/2) local time.

"The 214-meter ban zone has been applied as a deterrent to the Metropolitan Police (London)." As a result, the London City Airport is currently closed, "the London Municipal Airport Authority statement said.

"All passengers traveling from the City of London on Monday (12/2) are advised to contact the airline for more information," the statement said.

London City Airport operates mostly long haul flights close. The airport, the fifth largest airport in London, is located in east London, near the Canary Wharf business district. The airport remained closed this morning, and all flights from and to London City Airport on Monday (12/2) were canceled, "said the CEO of London City Airport, Robert Sinclair. It is not known how many flights were canceled during Monday (12/2).

The London Metropolitan Police said the findings of the bombing remnants were reported on Sunday (11/2) early morning local time. The closure of airports and the enforcement of banned zones was decided to ensure public safety.

"Ensuring that the object is handled safely while limiting the risks to the public," said the local police.

The unexploded World War II remains were handled by special police personnel, along with British Royal Navy personnel. It is known that thousands of bombs were dropped in London by the German Air Force between September 1940 and May 1941.

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Partly Closed The US Government Entered the Second Day

The US government remains partially closed Sunday for the second day, and there is no sign of a possible end to the deadlock between the Democratic and Republican factions on the federal budget and immigration issues.

American President Donald Trump presses Congress to resolve the dispute, and suggest via Twitter that if this continues, the Republican faction should revoke the long-standing rule that requires a large majority vote to pass the main bill in the Senate assembly. He said the Republican fraction should impose a simple or narrow majority could pass a long-term budget draft so that a temporary funding bill would not be needed.

Senate members condemned throughout Saturday over who was guilty of the first government shutdown since 2013 , even while some moderate Senators from both parties counseled to see if they could broker an agreement that would reopen the government in time to start the workday this week on Monday.

The majority leader or Republican fraction in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has scheduled a vote voice at 1am Monday, possibly earlier, of a new temporary budget draft that will open the government until February 8th. But the Democratic faction still insisted strongly on approval to include protection against deportation for nearly 800,000 young immigrants who years ago were taken to the United States illegally by their parents.

Trump whistles on Sunday, "delighted to see how hard the Republican faction fight for our Military and Salvation in the Borders "with Mexico, where Trump wants funds to build walls that would hamper illegal immigration. "Democratic factions only want illegal immigrants to flood into our country unhindered," said President Trump through his cuitan. [gp]

Some US Government Operations Closed, Budget Debate Continues

Democratic and Republican lawmakers concluded the first day of the closure of some US governments by showing no sign of reaching an agreement on a stalled budget due to immigration-related disputes.

Republican Mitch McConnell, / 1) said he had scheduled a vote at 1 am on Monday (22/1) on the Budget Bill, which could sustain government activities until February 8. The ballot made Democratic Party legislators face pressure to reach an agreement, if they refused to reject the second budget bill.

The budget authority expired Friday (19/1) midnight on Washington time, triggering the closure of unnecessary government functions .

Legislators disagree on various issues of defense and immigration budgets, including amendments to the bill for nearly 800,000 immigrants brought illegally into America when they were children.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, Saturday afternoon, Twitter says, "I know it looks like a dead end, but many Senators have good will to solve the problem. [ds]

China says it has closed 128 thousand websites by 2017

China has shut down nearly 128 thousand websites containing inappropriate and disadvantageous information by 2017, Xinhua news agency reported on Monday afternoon.

Xinhua said 30.9 million illegal issuance was seized in 2017, while 1,900 people are faced with the threat of criminal punishment, according to figures obtained from national bodies that combat pornography and illegal publishing.

Under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jin-ping, China has tightened censorship and control over cyberspace as part of efforts to maintaining social stability.

But while the government says its actions are aimed at ensuring national security and stability, human rights organizations have warned that China's strict rules governing the Internet are cracking and cracking measures of insubordination.

Report from Freedom House for 2017 on freedom on the Internet, say, China is the worst offender of Internet freedom for the third consecutive year.

China has more than 730 million internet users, the world's largest online marketplace, and consumers enthusiastically embracing digital technology. [ps]

General of the Poisoned Poison Pond in the Closed Criminal Court

Former Bosnian Croatian war general Slobodan Praljak, 72, who died after swallowing poison in the court was buried in private. Only the family and close relatives who attended the funeral procession.

Reported by AFP on Sunday (10/12/2017), Praljak funeral ceremony was held at the main cathedral Mirogoj Zagreb, Croatia. The ceremony is only for family and close relatives. Information about funerals is also not announced like a funeral in general.

In a letter submitted to the family, Praljak writes his wish to be a private funeral. Meanwhile, on Monday (4/12/2017) ago, the generals in Croatia held a warning for Praljak. They also held mass at a church in Zagreb.

Slobodan Praljak (72) died after swallowing poison in court when a judge in the Hague Court sentenced him to 20 years. He was prosecuted for 20 years in a war crimes case.

Reported by CNN on Thursday (30/11/2017), a tape from a video of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) describes a scene in which Praljak is cocking his head back while swallowing a drinks from small glass bottles. It was done by Praljak when the judge was reading the verdict.

"Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal, I reject your verdict with contempt," shouted Praljak before swallowing the liquid.

Reuters reported, heard Praljak's shout, the judge immediately suspended the trial and ask to draw the curtains to close. The ambulance that was around the building went straight and the medics ran to the courtroom.

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