North Korean controversial officials to attend the Olympic closure in South Korea

North Korea (North Korea) will again send a high delegation to the closing of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea (ROK). The delegation will be led by a controversial North Korean official, believed to be responsible for the tragedy of the sinking of a South Korean military ship in 2010.

The closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea will be held on Sunday (25/2). Just as it opened on 9 February, North Korea will also send delegates to the closing. But this time Kim Yo-Jong, North Korea's younger brother Kim Jong-Un, did not participate.

Spoken by South Korean Ministry of Unification in a statement, as reported by Reuters Thursday (22/2/2018) the North's high will be led by Kim Yong-Chol, who is Vice Chairman of the Central Commission of the North Korean Workers Party. The delegation will stay for three days in South Korea.

It is known that Kim Yong-Chol also heads the United Front Department, the North Korean authority's office responsible for handling inter-Korean affairs. Kim Yong-chol's own figure is actually quite controversial for South Korea.

Previously he was Head of General Reconnaissance Bureau or RGM which is a military intelligence agency of North Korea. South Korean authorities say Kim Yon-Chol is responsible for the tragedy of the sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan in 2010. At least 46 South Korean sailors were killed in the tragedy.

South Korean Unification Minister Cho Myoung-Gyon says the torpedo attack that sank the South Korean military ship was carried out by North Korea. "Kim (Yong-Chol) is responsible for South Korean affairs, that's why we accept it because we believe it will help improve inter-Korean relations and resolve the issue of denuclearization," Cho told parliamentarians. Carousel.

South Korea and the United States actually put Kim Yong-Chol's name on the blacklist because he supports North Korea's missile and nuclear program. With blacklisted, he was banned from visiting South Korea. However, according to an official of the South Korean presidential office, South Korean authorities decided to accept Kim Yong-chol's presence for the good of the Olympics.

The South Korean official declared his authority to notify the US of Kim Yong-chol's presence.

Kim Yong-Chol, another North Korean official, Ri Son-Gwon will also be present at the closing of the Olympics. Ri, also involved in inter-Korean affairs, also accompanied Kim Yo-Jong's sister while attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics in early February. The eight-member North Korean delegation will come to South Korea via land and is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-In. The time and location of the meeting has not yet been publicly disclosed.

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US House of Representatives Pass a Big Budget To Conclude Closure of Government Activities

The House of Representatives passed a bill of 400 billion dollars on Friday morning, aimed at ending the halt of some federal government activities.

Legislators voted with 240 votes versus 186 to approve the current bill sent to President Donald Trump for signing. However, this budget will only fund the government until March 23. After that the legislators had to draft a detailed budget plan for the rest of the fiscal year that ended on September 30.

The budget was passed, despite opposition from a number of politicians who objected to large budget increases, and without any action plan to protect more than one million illegal young immigrants, known as Dreamer .

See also: Some US Government Operations Re-Terminated

American Government Activities closed Friday morning (9/2), as Congress passed a deadline to extend the federal government funding. This is the closing of part of a second government operation in less than a month. The Senate then decided with 71 votes versus 28 to reopen the federal government's activities.

Senator Rand Paul from the Republican fraction late on Thursday (8/2) hampered the efforts of both factions to pass a bill to keep the wheels of government running, before the federal funds expire.

Paul from Kentucky objected to the Senate holding a vote on the draft budget for two years, which will increase the military and domestic budgets of hundreds of billions of dollars. He said the budget would bolster the already rising federal deficit and increase the national debt of more than 20 trillion dollars.

"With honesty and good faith, I am against voting for this design," Paul said in a long, fire in the Senate, as time grew thinner for Congress to avoid closing some of the less important federal government operations. "There is a 700-page legislation printed in the middle of the night and no one has read it yet … nothing will be renewed, the waste will continue," he said.

Paul's attitude invited a fellow senator's anger from the Republican fraction, from South Carolina, who said the American military desperately needs additional funding after years of budgetary restrictions, which hamper domestic and Pentagon programs.

"Debts and deficits are no excuse for letting the military go wild. I will do anything that will defend our military, "he said. [uh]

US Congress Ends Partial Closure of Federal Government Operations

American President Donald Trump has signed a bill into a law that reopens federal government operations, ending a partial three-day closure sparked by partisan disputes over immigration issues.

Monday night, members of the House of Representatives held a vote to approve draft bill previously filed by the American Senate on the same day.

What is known as Continuing Resolution [CR]ie continuing budget allocations at the same level as the previous fiscal year, allowing the federal government have funds until February 8, allowing Congress to reach a long-term budget deal.

"This is good news for this country," Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio told reporters.

"Today is the day which is celebrated, "said Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. "When the government closes, this is a major failure to govern."

"I am delighted that Democratic representatives in Congress have been conscious and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrols, emergency response officers," said President Donald Trump in a statement read by White House Spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Trump then sent a cue on Twitter that after a "great victory for the Republicans" he wanted a "big win for everyone" on those issues. Got to get there, see you at the negotiating table! "

The White House believes the Democrats" give up "after Trump refuses to negotiate with them on immigration policy until government operations are reopened. The Democrats have insisted on a commitment to provide protection for some 700,000 young immigrants who were illegally brought to the United States as children. [lt]

Partly Closure The US Government Entered the Third Day

The US Senate will vote Monday midday on legislation to reopen the government until February 8, although there is no certainty that legislation will pass.

Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are still negotiating an agreement to reopen the activities government and initiate legislative discussions on the protection of a number of young immigrants. But Schumer says neither side has reached an agreement.

The closure of some US government activity began on Saturday morning but was only felt on Monday when federal offices across the country, usually open , remains closed.

Mitch McConnell, leader of the Senate Republican majority faction, said, "It makes us shake our heads. Who brought up this idea? "

Meanwhile Senator Jon Tester of the Democratic faction said," This institution can not even agree to pay for our soldiers. "

The fundamental impasse is still concerned with the timing and substance of immigration reform, including the fate of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to America when they were children.

Senator Mitch McConnell puts it," In the recent survey, the majority of Americans claimed to keep government open higher priority than closing the government with regard to the issue of illegal immigration. "

Meanwhile, Democrat minority faction leader Senator Chuck Schumer said," The Republican leader wants to make you believe that we, Democrats, are forcing the closure. He forgot that some of his own party members are opposed to budget legislation. Do they make the government hostage over illegal immigration issues? No, it does not seem that way. "

President Donald Trump increases the pressure through Twitter on Twitter. He wrote that "Democrats only want illegal immigrants to flow into America without control."

Meanwhile, a new ad approved by Trump was launched with the aim of uniting the core supporters of the president and attacking the Democrats with a very harsh statement. "The President of Trump is right: Build a border wall Deportation of criminals Stop illegal immigration now Democrats who stand in our way will be involved in every murder committed by illegal immigrants."

Democratic faction says it will not be provoked by attacks of false statements, adding that Democratic leaders in the Senate agreed to fund the construction of a border wall in direct negotiations with Trump last week, but the White House rejected the deal.

Democratic Sen Dur Dickbin, on ABC This Week television show, "The leader of the minority faction Chuck Schumer went there in good faith and made what I consider a significant concession to the president for his strange efforts to build a wall on our border with Mexico, and despite that effort, a few hours later the president's staff called back and said it was over. "

Only the basic services of the government ah that is still being done during this closure, and many federal employees are not working. The 16-day closure of government activities in 2013 has cost about $ 24 billion to the American economy. [uh/lt]

Government Closure Continues, Trump Again Back Demol Kubu

The US government closed partly for the third day Monday, beginning of a new workweek, while the Senate is due to hold a midday vote, whether to end the congestion of negotiations among Senate members who have conflicting views federal government funding and immigration policy.

The vote was on government funding until the end of February 8, but the disputed issue concerning the protection of approximately 800,000 young illegal immigrants against deportation remained unresolved.

Republican holding fraction a slim majority of 51-49 in the Senate assembly, but the minority Democrats demanded assurances that the Senate assembly would soon consider a bill to protect against the deportation of immigrants brought to America many years ago by their parents.

President Donald Trump condemned members of the Democratic faction in twit comments "Democrats refuse service and security for citizens to provide services and security to illegal immigrants. Not good! "

He also noted that," Democrats have closed our government for the benefit of their far-sighted base or supporters. They do not like to do it but they are powerless. "

White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short told CNN that the Trump administration wants to" find a way "for young immigrants, many of whom only know the United States as their country of residence, in the United States. But Short also said a serious security threat remained on the southern border of America with Mexico, and Trump demanded funding for the wall to impede illegal immigration. [gp]