Russia Will Try to Affect the Election of Congress

Just a few weeks before the preliminary election of members of Congress, high intelligence officials of the United States reminded that Russia seemed to want to disrupt this year's election as well as in the 2016 presidential election.

The head of the major intelligence agency to the Senate Intelligence Commission on Tuesday (13/2), that Moscow sees the intermediate election as an opportunity to execute influential operations.

"Minimum, we suspect Russia will continue to use propaganda, social media and other means to influence and tackle social divisions and politics in America, "said Dan Coats, Director of the National Intelligence Agency.

The interruption was held Nov. 6, while the earliest primaries were held March 6.

Last month, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said he expected Russia to interfere with elections interrupt. He reiterated his forecast on Tuesday. [al]

If Congress Is Not Agree, US Government Operations Stop Thursday Midnight

US Senate leaders on Wednesday approved a bipartisan agreement that will fund the federal government for two years, but left the immigration topic at issue unresolved.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, No one thinks this is perfect, but we have worked hard to find common ground and remain focused on serving the American people.the first and foremost, this bipartisan agreement will free us from the various cuts that have harmed the armed forces and endangered our national security. "

But seeking full agreement in the House is more difficult. Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi spoke at the Congress for eight hours on Wednesday and the contents of the protest and in the end she announced that she would not support the funding agreement until Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan allowed a vote that would respond to the demands of the participants the DACA program, a program that protects young immigrants whose children were illegally brought by their parents to the United States.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Minority Leader said, "There is nothing partisan or political in the effort to protect the Dreamers or young immigrants children are brought into the US by their parents illegally.If a DREAM Act is brought to a congressional plenary session, it will get away with strong bipartisan support and I applaud the Republican colleagues who dare speak up about this, but the young immigrants we are now drowned in fear and uncertainty, and cowardice on the part of the Republic must be avoided hiri. "

It is unclear whether a suitable bipartisan funding agreement can be reached in the House before the deadline of Thursday night, so that government operations can continue.

Trump President has signaled support for the Senate deal, which includes an increase in defense spending, after he seemed to threaten to allow the closure of government operations to take place.

Democrats blocked an emergency shopping bill in January, triggering the closure of a three-day federal government operation aimed at protesting Congressional inaction response to DACA, an Obama-created program that would ended March 5th. [ps/jm]

Uncertain Domination of the White House, the Immigration-Related Congress Building

As of Tuesday (7/2) the US Congress has apparently yet found a way to reach an immigration agreement that guarantees the status of 1.8 million illegal immigrants brought to America as children, even as leaders negotiate an end to the budget has been for a long time. VOA Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson reported the unpredictable circumstances.

When the budget deal seems almost reached in the congress, Capitol Hill, President Donald Trump adds an element of uncertainty.

He says, "I want to see the closure of government operations if we can not solve this problem. "

But unless Trump rejects a budget agreement that has been endorsed on Capitol Hill, the government will remain in operation, which the White House later clarified, as spokeswoman White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders put it. "I think we do not expect a budget agreement that includes an immigration agreement," he explained.

Trump's threat is the latest signal that the government is not serious, according to Democrats in Congress.

Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate Minority Faction, , "We've been through shutdown because of Trump. No one else wants closure again, maybe except him. "

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's statement that many Dreamer (nickname for illegal immigrants brought to America as children) is too scared or too lazy to register to the DACA program (suspension of deportation), prompted many Democrats to question whether the government's promise to help is truly sincere.

The time was pressing for Dreamer after the White House rejected the bipartisan agreement of the senator Chris Coon and Senator John McCain, thus sparking a warning from the defenders of the Dreamer in the Senate.

Senator Richard Durbin of the Democratic Faction, Defenders of the Dreamers said, "This is not just a humanitarian crisis that immediately threatens. It's also an economic crisis. "

Fulfilling the promise of Senate Majority Senate Chancellor Mitch McConnell to file an immigration bill ready for debate next week simply provides an opportunity for immigration agreements, since compromises made in the Senate will take a difficult path in the House .

House Speaker Paul Ryan of the Republican Party said, "We will take a bill supported by the president. So this way, President Trump made a very serious and sincere offer of goodwill with the reform he sent to the Congress Building. That's what we're supposed to do. "

Republican lawmakers continue to hope that the four-point immigration plan from President Trump will pass.

Tom Cole, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, He said, "I think the president surprised the Democratic Faction when he doubled the number of populations we discussed for citizenship. The Democratic Faction is already willing to hold talks on border security. Two other things are plausible but also negotiable. "

But the talks never settled on Capitol Hill, and the Democrats seem to be far from reaching an agreement with the White House.

Judy Chu, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives, This is because the president does not understand the immigration law he wants to change or he deliberately confuses the public to pass his own agenda. "

The deadlock is likely to continue until the March 5 date of the DACA entry into force. [lt/uh]

Train Members of US Republican Congress Hit Truck, 1 Killed

One person was killed when a train carrying several Republican congressmen en route to a place in West Virginia, from Washington DC, collided with a garbage truck in Virginia on Wednesday (31/1).

The White House said members of Congress and their staff were not seriously injured. The death toll was a passenger in a truck.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is also on the same train, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not in the group, Congressmen said.

Jason Lewis, one of the congressmen, was taken to the local hospital for an examination because of a collision in the head. "I'm fine, compared to the truck driver, and thankful for the immediate action by the doctor and first responder," Lewis told Reuters.

Bradley Byrne, another congressman uploaded on Twitter that he and his wife Rebecca were not injured . "The train that took Republicans to the resort collided, but Rebecca and I were fine. Security and doctors on the train are helping secure the crash site and treating the injured. "

The collision occurred about 32 miles outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. [ps/jm]

US Congress Ends Partial Closure of Federal Government Operations

American President Donald Trump has signed a bill into a law that reopens federal government operations, ending a partial three-day closure sparked by partisan disputes over immigration issues.

Monday night, members of the House of Representatives held a vote to approve draft bill previously filed by the American Senate on the same day.

What is known as Continuing Resolution [CR]ie continuing budget allocations at the same level as the previous fiscal year, allowing the federal government have funds until February 8, allowing Congress to reach a long-term budget deal.

"This is good news for this country," Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio told reporters.

"Today is the day which is celebrated, "said Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. "When the government closes, this is a major failure to govern."

"I am delighted that Democratic representatives in Congress have been conscious and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrols, emergency response officers," said President Donald Trump in a statement read by White House Spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Trump then sent a cue on Twitter that after a "great victory for the Republicans" he wanted a "big win for everyone" on those issues. Got to get there, see you at the negotiating table! "

The White House believes the Democrats" give up "after Trump refuses to negotiate with them on immigration policy until government operations are reopened. The Democrats have insisted on a commitment to provide protection for some 700,000 young immigrants who were illegally brought to the United States as children. [lt]