China denies Separatist militant contacts in Pakistan

A number of Chinese officials have denied reports that they are in contact with separatist militants in the troubled Pakistani province of Baluchistan to ensure the safety of the tens of billions of planned infrastructure projects planned in the region.

A report from The Financial Times this week said the secret talks between the two sides have lasted five years and Beijing has made direct contact with militants.

However, a top Chinese official who dealt directly with the region said he has not never heard of that gossip. The official himself does not want his name disclosed in the media.

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Sher Muhammad Bugti, representative of the Baluch Republican separatist group , also denied negotiations with China. Nevertheless, a number of other separatist leaders were hesitant to issue a similar denial.

China is planning to build One Belt One Road a development initiative in Pakistan called the China Economic Corridor of Pakistan. The main purpose of the initiative is to build a network of roads and trains that will connect Xinjiang Province in West China and the Indian Ocean through Pakistan. [ab/lt]

Israel Contacts 10 Countries on Transfer of Embassy to Jerusalem

Tel Aviv
Israel says it is in communication with at least 10 countries to be willing to move its embassy to Jerusalem. This is a step after the recognition of the United States that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Reported by AFP on Tuesday (26/12/2017), this information is spoken by the deputy foreign minister of Israel Tzipi Hotovely via radio broadcast.

"We are in touch with at least 10 countries, some of them in Europe (discussing this)," Hotovely said.

This woman spoke the day after Guatemala declared it would move her embassy to Jerusalem. Guatemala's position was strongly criticized by the Palestinians as a "shameful" attitude.

Hotovely said the attitude of US President Donald Trump would "trigger a wave" of the movement of such embassies.

"So far, we have only seen the beginning," Hotovely said.

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Israel Contacts 10 State To Move Kedubes, One of the Philippines

Tel Aviv
 Israel said it was in contact with 10 countries to be willing to move its embassy to Jerusalem. The Philippines, Indonesia's neighboring country in ASEAN, is said to be one of the 10 countries.

The public radio broadcast in Israel cites information from diplomatic sources relating to the countries that are being contacted by Israel.

The Philippines, Honduras, Romania and South Sudan are the four countries called the diplomatic source. The four countries are said to be considering the transfer of their embassy offices from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"We are in touch with at least 10 countries, some of them in Europe (discussing this)," Israeli vice foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely said via radio broadcast. He declared it without mentioning which country he was contacting.

On Thursday (21/12) last week, two-thirds of UN members supported the UN resolutions rejected the controversial attitude of US President Donald Trump. They affirm that the status of Jerusalem must be discussed via negotiation.

Israel captured the eastern territory of Jerusalem in 1967 through the Six Day War, and later annexed it through a movement not approved by the international community.

So far, no state has an embassy office in Jerusalem. All still in Tel Aviv, the commercial capital of Israel.

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