NDDL: the gendarmerie operations continue on the 8th day

The gendarmes continued to clear the roads of the ZAD Monday morning after new barricades erected in the night by the zadistes, the 8th day of operations to return to the rule of law in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, AFP reported.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the night was rather calm.

The zadists took advantage of the night to rebuild barricades, especially on the D81, which the gendarmes tried to clear in the morning, as they do every day.

A gendarmerie helicopter was still flying over the area. After the passage of gendarmes to clear the road, the zadistes went up again their barricades on the D81 in the late morning, found journalists of AFP.

Shots of pomegranate still resonated, including the "Gourbi", a place of life emblematic of the ZAD, destroyed last week, where the zadistes managed to carry a wooden frame in the night.

About fifty of them protected this frame Monday morning against the intervention of the forces of the order, before being evacuated by the gendarmes who were busy in the middle of the morning to destroy it by sawing it in pieces.

But the clashes were much more moderate than the day before when the support of the zadistes had attacked at several times the positions of the gendarmes with Molotov cocktail, rockets, homemade bombs filled with steel balls, and bottles of acid.

These violent clashes, on the sidelines of a gathering A number of people were injured in the ZAD, which gathered several thousand people on Sunday, seven wounded on the gendarmes' side: three were struck by the explosions of a homemade bomb, two were burned by Molotov cocktails and two by the acid.

Eight protesters were arrested Sunday, according to the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique.

The operation of expulsion of the illegal occupants of the ZAD, which mobilizes 2,500 gendarmes, began Monday, April 9 and in three days 29 squats were destroyed.

Operations now focus on the free movement of roads, the clearing of squats and the maintenance of order. But the Zadists have called their reinforcements more and more on the spot, including "blacks blocks", to try to reinvest the destroyed sites.

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that "all that will have to be evacuated will be "on the ZAD, at the end of the new period of regularization (April 23) left to the illegal occupants.

US warships continue patrols in the South China Sea

An American Navy officer on a very large aircraft carrier filled with F-18 fighters on Saturday said that American troops would continue to patrol the South China Sea wherever "international law allows us" when asked whether the newly built islands of China could curb them in the disputed waters.

US Navy Major Tim Hawkins told the Associated Press on board the USS Carl Vinson that the Navy had routinely patroled the sea and in the air in the waters strategic for 70 years to improve regional security and ensure uninterrupted trade flows that are critical to Asian and US economies.

"International law allows us to operate here, allowing us to fly here, allowing us to practice here, we are sailing here, and that is what we do and will continue to do, "Hawkins said on the flight deck of the 95,000-ton battleship, which dropped anchor in Manila Bay during a visit to the Philippines.

Read also: America Ships Third Shipwreck to the Western Pacific [19659002] The US Navy invited reporters into the 35-year-old carrier carrying 72 aircraft, including the F-18 Hornet, attack helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been trying to withdraw from what he said was a highly US-oriented Philippine foreign policy, but has allowed for enormous dialogue with allied countries while reviving relations previously frozen with China.

American Navy officials flew some members of the Duterte Cabinet and journalists to Carl Vinson for a brief interim briefing from the South China Sea patrol on Wednesday. [gp]

US and Cambodia Agree Continue Deportation Agreement

The United States negotiates an agreement to resume deportation of Cambodians who came to the United States as refugees through a controversial program.

Agreement between the two governments governing the return of hundreds of Cambodians from the US since 2002, failed last year when
Cambodia ceased receiving returning citizens.

US officials responded by rejecting visa applications by Foreign Ministry officials in September 2017. But Friday (9/2), Cambodian officials received from the United States in return for the withdrawal of the visa ban.

The issue was discussed during a meeting between Cambodian Home Minister Sar Kheng and US Deputy Secretary of State Carl C. Risch in Phnom Penh. Phat Phanith, director of the Department of International Relations, said the two agreed to resume the agreement.

"Samdech [Sar Kheng] also requested that the US government increase financial support to Cambodians returning home so they can start a new life better and successful integration into the Cambodian society. "

Previously, the refugees were repatriated to a country of origin that they had never lived without government assistance, resulting in some non-governmental organizations having to struggle to provide basic assistance. [vm/ii]

China's Service Sector, Especially Internet-Based Business, Will Continue Excellently

The service sector in China, especially internet-based businesses, will continue to outperform other sectors by 2018 to support China's economic growth, analysts say.

Tang Jianwei, an analyst at Bank of Communications, estimates sector growth rates services will exceed the industrial sector, along with the development of the digital economy.

"Structural reforms in China's supply sector will lead to industrial upgrading, improving the efficiency and quality of the company, Tang said.

The latest data in the National Bureau of Statistics shows China's services sector increased by 8% by 2017, outperforming the economy as a whole which grew in the range of 6.9%.

According to Nomura, a Japanese securities company, the study on the data shows the contribution of traditional service sectors, such as real estate, retail and wholesale, finance and catering, last year all decreased or fixed

The main advantage is mainly driven by information technology and transport services, which is a sign of strong performance in the new Internet-based economy, he added.

"We believe that Internet business is likely to continue to excel when China adjusts its economy to what it calls as a new economy, "said Nomura.

After the release of better GDP data from perkiraa n on Thursday (18/1), Nomura raise China's GDP growth forecast to 0.1 percentage points, to 6.5%. [em]

Immigration Activists Continue Urging DACA Replacement Act

The center of contention in the US Congress surrounding the federal budget is the fate of hundreds of thousands of illegal young immigrants who are now unpredictable after President Trump terminates the policy during the Obama administration that protects them from deportation.

While deadlines for government operations are close, immigration activists, many of whom are also illegal immigrants, are still trying to lobby for a law that will replace the Child Delivery Immigrant Actions or DACA abbreviation program.

Since 2012, as many as 800,000 young immigrants are illegally living, studying or working in America legally, even though they have no chance of becoming citizens. Without a correction on the actions of the Trump president, they have no status protection, and every day about 100 immigrants turn to illegal status as their documents become outdated.

All week, 150 activists contacted the offices of members of the House and Senate, and hoping to convince these legislators to arrange security for these illegal young immigrants, who are also called Dreamers or Dreamers, and to include the product in the budget bill that is being discussed.

Abigail Zapote, a rally organizer and deputy director of the League for United Latin Americans or LULAC, knows what it's like to live in America without documentation, but he succeeds in becoming a legitimate citizen. From a podium in front of the Capitol Building on Friday she shared the story of her illegal siblings

"We can not wait any longer. Millions of families across the country always live in fear, "said Zapote. [ps/jm]