Malaysia Approves US Companies Continue Searching for Lost Planes

The Malaysian government has signed a deal with a US exploration company to continue searching for a MH370 lost plane in the southern Indian Ocean.

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai announced Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur , Houston-based Ocean Infinity will search for the missing plane on condition that it is not paid if it is not found.

The company will be paid $ 20 million if the Boeing 777 is found in exploration in an area of ​​5,000 kilometers, 30 million dollars if found in the area an area of ​​10,000 kilometers of persedi and 50 million dollars in an area of ​​25,000 square kilometers. Payments will increase to 70 million dollars if the missing plane is found in the exploration area of ​​more than 25,000 square kilometers.

Malaysian Airlines Airlines MH370 numbers disappeared March 8, 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 passengers and crew in it . [ab/uh]

US Companies Continue Searching for Missing Malaysian Aircraft

An American marine exploration company has sent a ship to continue searching for an aircraft belonging to the Malaysian Airlines airline with flight number MH370, which was lost three years ago.

The plane carrying 239 people, lost on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

A plane that suddenly changes direction over the South China Sea and loses radio contact, is one of the greatest mysteries in modern flight. The plane was last seen by radar near the northern tip of Sumatra and probably crashed in an area some 1,500 kilometers west of Australia, according to information from communications satellites.

Exploration company Ocean Infinity said Wednesday a ship was heading to a search area suspected to be the crash site, and hopes the Malaysian government will sign him to continue the search in the coming days.

Malaysian authorities said they had been negotiating with Ocean Infinity since October to complete the contract. According to the contract, the company will only be paid for finding the plane.

"We are in the final stages of the negotiations," said Deputy Minister of Transportation of Malaysia Aziz Kaprawi, who said he was unaware of the movement of the ship.

The ship departs from South Africa and is due to arrive in search area by mid-January. The ship was carrying several independent submarines that could reach the seabed to search for the aircraft.

Investigators believe someone might have deliberately shut off the Boeing 777 transponder before directing it to the Indian Ocean.

Only three fragments of the plane have been confirmed found, all from the coast of the Indian Ocean. [sp/ii]

US Companies Ready to Continue Searching for Missing Malaysian Aircraft

A US marine exploration company has deployed a vessel to restart searching for Malaysia Airlines flight number MH370, which disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people in it while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The aircraft suddenly changed its direction over the South China Sea and stopping its radio contact is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of modern aviation. According to information from a communications satellite, the aircraft was last caught by radar in the northern tip of Sumatra and possibly falling in the area about 1,500 kilometers from western Australia.

Ocean Infinity exploration company said Wednesday that one of the vessels moved into the alleged region and hopes the Malaysian government gives business contracts to continue the search in the coming days.

Malaysian authorities say they have negotiated with Ocean Infinity since October to finalize a contract deal. "We are at the final stage of the decision," said Malaysian Transportation Deputy Minister Aziz Kaprawi, who said he did not know that the Ocean Infinity plane was starting to move. it departs from South Africa and is expected to arrive in the search area by mid-January.The ship is carrying a number of automatic submarines that can search on the seabed. [ab/uh]

The Rohingya crisis is expected to continue until 2018

Winter has arrived for more than 650,000 Rohingya refugees escaping the brutal actions of Myanmar forces in the past four months.

Food supplies and shelters are gradually organized, but the waiting period (19659003) Fatima Noor a refugee said, "They gave us 10 or 12 kilograms of rice, but that's not enough It's given every month but I have not earned more than 10 kilograms of rice. "

The World Food Program has sent over 20,000 metric tons of rice to 185,000 households, but acknowledging the aid is not enough.

Shelly Thakral of WFP (World Food Program) actually want to target families, and more precisely the size of the family, so we will consider increasing the quota for families with emp at up to six family members, and those who are eight more will get twice as much. We need to answer the needs of those who tell us, 'we are hungry and do not have enough food.'

A recent camp survey from the human rights group Doctors Without Borders reported at least 6,700 Rohingyas killed in attacks in Myanmar.

Satellite images show 40 more villages suffered damage to buildings in November, bringing the total damage to 354 villages.

While the evidence is growing, the most experienced crisis workers say it is not surprising.

Aservatham from the NonViolent organization Peaceforce said, "After witnessing all these traumatic situations, seeing brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers being killed in front of them and raped, it is not right that they return soon."

In December, the total number of refugees in the camps, the camp reached nearly 860,000, including those who fled before the most recent hard crackdown.

Refugees i like Muhamid Amar show no signs he is ready to return home soon

"We will not return to Myanmar unless we get our rights. If we go there, they will slash, kill and shoot us. So we will not be back, "Amar said.

The Myanmar government has long refused allegations of atrocities against Rohingyas, but it is unclear when or whether the Muslim minority could return, while the humanitarian crisis in the refugee camp will likely continue until 2018. [my/jm]

US, Russia Agree to Continue Diplomatic Efforts over North Korea

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov agreed "to continue working towards a diplomatic solution to achieve disarmament on the Korean peninsula," the US State Department said Wednesday.

the US statement said the two spoke on the phone on Tuesday to discuss issues related to North Korea's "destabilizing" nuclear program and stressed that neither America nor Russia could accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

A day earlier, the foreign ministry Russia said Lavrov told his partner Tillerson that "the aggressive rhetoric of Washington" has raised tensions on the Korean peninsula, Russia also said Lavrov called the US rhetoric unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury announced it had imposed sanctions against two North Korean officials for their role in Pyongya's ballistic missile program ng.

The move follows the UN Security Council's approval of Friday's resolution, limiting the amount of gasoline and diesel that North Korea may import and tightening ship inspections suspected of carrying forbidden goods to or from North Korea.

has significantly increased its nuclear and missile programs by 2017, launching its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), called Hwasong, in the past 15 months. North Korea claims the missile could be loaded with nuclear warheads and capable of reaching the American mainland.

The test was the third ICBM test of Pyongyang this year and the launch of the 20th ballistic missile this year. [ps/jm]