The cold, which has already killed four, continues its offensive

The cold offensive, which peaked on Tuesday and caused a fourth death, is expected to continue Wednesday with the appearance of snow and ice in southern France where thirteen departments were placed in vigilance

The body of a nonagenarian, presumably died of cold, was found Tuesday by a delivery man in Belley (Ain) in front of the gate of the retirement home where she was living.

This is the fourth victim in France of this cold wave called "Moscow-Paris", which has made more than twenty deaths in Europe since Friday.

The temperatures will be still freezing Wednesday especially on the North with a minimum of -6 to -12 degrees, and 0 to -6 degrees south, where a change will begin with the arrival of a disturbance from Spain, and a marked snowy Mediterranean episode on Southeast. Thirteen departments were placed in orange and snow ice alert: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Hautes-Alpes, Ardeche, Aveyron, Gard, Haute-Garonne, Herault, Landes, Lozere, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Tarn, Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

For the authorities, in addition to people with fragile health, the priority remained the sheltering of people living on the street.

Thus in Paris, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, 169 people were housed in an emergency center open door de la Villette.

In Calais, the "sheltering" of migrants was activated as part of the "Plan Grand Froid", for the 39th time since December 9.

– 'No one out' –

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn called for civility. "If I can ask for a service to the French, it is to call 115 (the number of Samu social, Ed) when they see a person in the street because it does not necessarily (this) reflex", she said.

About fifty elected officials of Ile-de-France have decided to spend the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the streets of the capital to symbolically claim a better care for the homeless , with a slogan: "no one out."

They intend to denounce a "denial of dignity and solidarity" and "the explosion (…) unacceptable" the number of homeless in France. At the end of January, the Secretary of State for the Cohesion of the territories Julien Denormandie had caused an uproar by speaking about a "fifty isolated men in Ile-de-France" while they would be several thousand.

Tuesday evening The Ministry of Territorial Cohesion has announced that the number of departments involved in the Cold Weather Plan has increased from 68 to 72 and that an additional 5,647 places for the homeless have been created, of which 1,926 in Paris.

many other cities in France, in Strasbourg, where mercury was -7 ° C in the night from Monday to Tuesday and up to -12 ° C felt, charities, Red Cross and Restos du Coeur, provide night maraudes

"The soup and the coffee are a pretext to go to meet the people.The objective n ° 1 is to be a social link with those who sleep outside", explains Gaëlle, 32 years old, volunteer of the Restos of the heart

– Redoux 'brutal' expected –

Météo-France is forecasting a "brutal" drought over the weekend in the south, which should spread gradually over the rest of the country before a spring weekend.

After snowfall on Bastia and the Promenade des English in Nice Monday, the bay of Ajaccio woke up on Tuesday under a white coat, unprecedented since 1986, according to Météo-France.

Consequence: flights to and from Ajaccio and Figari have temporarily suspended

On the energy front, nuclear power plants remain in great demand. In Drôme, EDF has decided to postpone, due to the cold snap, the maintenance visit of the Tricastin power station's production unit No. 4.

After a historically mild January and a start February snowy, this episode of cold is striking because of its late character. France had not experienced such a cold spell at this time of year since 2005.

While the Russian investigation of the FBI continues concerning the presidential, Trump is said … "innocent"

US President Donald Trump assured Saturday that a highly controversial and critical note of the FBI, drafted and published by Congressional Republicans, was clearing him in the Russian investigation, a "hunt for witches "according to him. "The innocent note totally + Trump + in the investigation But the Russian witch hunt continues indefinitely," tweeted the president talking about him in the third person.

"After a year of searching continuously, to NOTHING to find (The accusation of) collusion is dead, "he said, adding that there was also no" hindrance "(to justice). The continuation of the investigation "is a shame for America," concluded Mr. Trump, continuing with these words to question the integrity of the higher echelons of the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Suspected Abuse of Power

The confidential note in question, declassified by the President against the advice of the Federal Police, describes an alleged abuse of power FBI during the tapping of a former member of the Republican campaign team before the election of November 2016.

By allowing the publication of this document, parcel and tendentious according to independent experts, M. Trump has drawn the wrath of the Democratic opposition, which now wields the specter of a constitutional crisis.

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Prohibition of Philippine Labor Delivery Continues and May Be Expanded

The President of the Philippines says the ban on sending workers to Kuwait will continue and will likely extend to other countries where the region finds cases of ill-treatment and degrading the dignity of workers from the country.

Also read: Family of Filipino Migrant Workers Killed in Kuwait Mourning

President Rodrigo Duterte issued the statement Thursday in the town of Sara, northern Philippines, after attending a memorial service Joanna Demafelis, a female worker found dead in a refrigerator owned by his employer in Kuwait.

Duterte also said he would file a criminal suit against the Demafelis employer, who is currently being hunted by Kuwaiti authorities.

Philippine returns more than 2,200 Filipinos in Kuwait

Demafelis body was discovered in a Feb. 6 refrigerator in Kuwait City, where he was reported missing for over a year. A number of Philippine officials said, on the body of the woman was found a number of bruises and there are indications that he was strangled. [ab/lt]

ISIS Continues to Enter Philippines, MILF Leader Reminds 'Second Marawi'

The leader of the largest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), warned of a potential 'second Marawi'. This refers to the influx of radical Islamist militants Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) into the Philippines.

As reported by AFP and Reuters Tuesday (20/2/2018), Murad Ebrahim who is the leader of the MILF says pro-ISIS militants in the Philippines continue to be purged of booty rifles and money cash. This situation, according to him, could trigger the latest attacks such as the attack on Marawi last year. The MILF has signed a peace deal with the Philippine government some time ago.

The pro-ISIS five-month militant raid on Marawi, Mindanao in 2017 reportedly killed more than 1,100 people. Murad insisted that the situation on the ground is currently quite 'ripe' for similar attacks in other Philippine cities, or the second Marawi attack.

"The ISIS group continues to pervade as they are expelled in the Middle East and they want to have another place," Murad said. "The other Marawi's opportunities can not be ruled out," he added.

Mentioned Murad, ISIS militants pushed in Iraq and Syria continue to flow into the southern Philippines. Murad did not mention the exact number of ISIS militants entering the Philippines. He simply stated the militants were moving to the stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf group, which often kidnaps foreigners and hijacks the ship. There, they recruited new fighters from remote Muslim communities.

This recruitment is suspected to be carried out to launch a new offensive in the Philippines. Murad mentions that there are two cities that may be the target of pro-ISIS group attacks in the Philippines.

"Based on our own intelligence information, foreign fighters expelled from the Middle East continue to enter our border gap and may plan to take two cities to the south – Iligan and Cotabato," he said without elaborating. The two cities are known to be within 38 kilometers and 265 kilometers from Marawi.

Murad also said that the MILF continues to fight against pro-ISIS militant efforts infiltrated the madrassas and secular universities to influence their ideology. "These extremists enter the madrassa, teach young Muslims about their own version of the Qur'an and some enter local universities to influence students, plant seeds of hatred and violence," Murad said.

According to Murad, pro-ISIS militants also exploited delays the discussion of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) legislation allowing local Muslim communities to run their own autonomy. He also encouraged the government of President Rodrigo Duterte to speed up the discussion of BBL. "If that (BBL) is not passed now, I think it will trigger a situation where extremist groups can recruit more followers, as this will prove their theory that there is no hope in the peace process," Murad said. "Given they have the ability to supply money and then they also have the ability to assemble explosives, bombs, they can use young followers to run their plans," he added.

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Lunar Tradition Continues in America with Annual Parade

Many countries in Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year, or in China known as the Spring Festival, or by many people also called the Chinese New Year. In many Asian countries, this is a national holiday for several days. Although not a holiday in America, Asian communities celebrate this special day in their own way.

In Los Angeles, one of the largest Asian cities in America, several festivals are held over the weekend. In Chinatown – Los Angeles, people thronged the 119th Annual Golden Dragon Annual Parade to watch the lion and dragon dances, and giant balloon-shaped and lion-shaped and countless school bands.

"It's important for us to celebrates the Chinese New Year as it is our heritage, "said Lily Hui of Hong Kong.

This parade became an annual tradition for many Los Angeles residents, including Henry Khou, who has watched the parade since 1980. Henry from Cambodia Chinese descent says in America, he still follows his ancestral land tradition.

Many families watch this parade, hoping their children will continue to appreciate this annual cultural festival and continue the tradition despite being tens of thousands of kilometers from their place of origin . [em/ii]