US married couple arrested on charges of torturing their children

Authorities in the state of California say a husband and wife arrested Monday locked up 13 of their children in a very dirty house.

David and Louise Turpin were held on bail of $ 9 million while police investigated allegations of torturing and endangering the child.

Police were informed of the circumstances in the house in the town of Perris, near Los Angeles, by one of the 17-year-old girls who escaped from his home and talked to police on a cell phone.

Police said the girl was so malnourished that she looked like a 10-year-old, not a 17-year-old.

The police found a house of 12 children, but it turned out that after investigation some of them were between the ages of 18 and 29. [19659002] Police say the youngest victim was two years old and several children, they were held in the base of the house in a state cuffed to the bed and glued bok.

The police described the house as dark and foul-smelling. The victims look very dirty and seem hungry.

Authorities say the couple are managing the school during the day at their home and are experiencing various financial problems in recent years, according to a press release from the Riverside County County Chief of County Police Office.

the police statement said the parents of the children did not give a logical reason why their children were locked up in such a miserable condition. [mg/is]

Couple Style of the Age Now, Choose Bitcoin as a Wedding Souvenir

New Delhi
Wedding souvenirs are usually given in the form of everyday items or accessories. But unlike the case with this one couple. They chose bitcoin as a wedding souvenir. What is the story?

Is a Prashant Sharma and Niti Shree from India who has the idea. Both want their marriage to be remembered by many people in an unusual way.

Reported by the BBC on Saturday (23/12/2017), Sharma and Shree are known to be the founders of a digital start-up company in India.

 Sharma and Shree. Sharma and Shree. Photo: Doc. BBC

"We are thinking of incorporating technology as a gift that can be used in the future.We explain it to our parents and they accept it," Sharma said.

But bitcoin given as a wedding souvenir is limited. There are only 15 out of 200 invited guests who are lucky to get it. Sharma estimates the bitcoin price they receive is equivalent to 100,000 rupees or about Rp 21 million.

"We buy bitcoin because we want to see how this technology will grow," Sharma said.

(nkn / ita)