Lawyer Trump Acknowledge Pay Mouth Cover Rp 1.7 M to Porn Star

 Personal lawyer United States President Donald Trump admitted that he paid US $ 130 thousand to a porn star who had an affair with Trump. According to him, the money is his personal money.

To New The York Times, Michael Cohen said that he did not get any reimbursement for Stephanie Clifford's stage name, Stormy Daniels.

According to Cohen, the payment is legal but he refused to explain in more detail about why he paid the porn star. Cohen also refused to answer whether Trump knew about the payments.

"Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign are part of a deal with Ms. Clifford, nor do they reimburse, directly or indirectly, "Cohen said according to the Times as reported by AFP Wednesday (14/2/2018).

" Payment for Ms. Clifford is legal, and not a campaign contribution or campaign expenditure by anyone, " imbuh Trump's private lawyer.

Previously, US media have reported that the silent money was given a month before the US presidential election in November 2016, with the aim that Clifford not disclose his sex scandal with Trump.

Trump is just an ordinary citizen when sex with Clifford allegedly occurred in 2006 ago. At that time Trump had married Melania and his wife was only about three months giving birth to their son.

The payment for the porn star was first reported by the Wall Street Journal last month. But Cohen's statement to the New York Times was the first time he acknowledged a role in what he called a "private transaction."

Previously, Trump, through his lawyers and Clifford himself has denied ever having a relationship. But last month, In Touch celebrity magazine published an interview with Clifford in 2011. In the interview, the 38-year-old actress revealed details of her relationship with Trump. At that time, Clifford said that he met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in 2006 and then had sex with him. According to him, the relationship with Trump takes about a year.
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Porn Stars Denies Receive Money Mouth Cover About Affair with Trump

A porn actress reportedly had a relationship with US President Donald Trump, a year after marrying Melania. The porn star is even reported to have the money to shut up so as not to boast about the relationship.

In a letter reported by the media Fox News Saturday (13/1/2018), the porn star, Stephanie Clifford denied ever having an affair with Trump.

"Recently I learned that some media alleged I had had sex and / or romantic relationships with Donald Trump years ago.I declare very clearly that this is completely wrong, "writes Clifford who has a famous name" Stormy Daniels. "

"My involvement with Donald Trump is limited to a few public appearances and no more," the woman added in the letter.

Media The The Wall Street Journal reports that private lawyers Trump, Michael Cohen has arranged a payment of US $ 130 thousand (about Rp 1.7 billion) for Clifford to keep his mouth shut about his relationship with Trump. The payments were made in October 2016 – a month before the presidential election in 2016.

The Wall Street Journal reported Clifford had an affair with Trump a year after marrying his current wife, Melania. The relationship was established after the actress met Trump in a celebrity golf event in 2016.

But Clifford also denied it. "The rumor that I have received the silent money from Donald Trump is totally wrong," he said. "If indeed I have a relationship with Donald Trump, believe me, you will not read about it in the news, you will read about it in my book, but the fact is, this story is not true," he added.

The White House has also denied the news. "This is an old recycled report, published and denied before the election," the White House said.

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The Draft Law Must Cover the Development of the Wall Frontier

US President Donald Trump on Thursday said every law that immigrants illegally entered the United States while a child, the opportunity to become a citizen must include funds for the frontier wall and end the immigration process under the program

or DACA, proclaimed by former president Barack Obama

This program protects nearly 800,000 immigrants from deportation, who allowing them to stay and work legally in America. Trump gave Congress time until March 5 to approve laws that would provide equal protection for those covered under the DACA, grant funds for the proposed border wall and end the immigration of lucky visa.

At a White House meeting on immigration with the Senator Republicans, Trump says, "Our current immigration system disappoints the American people" and cites the migration chain as an example.

The immigration chain is an extended family-based immigration process, in which immigrant families from certain areas can be immigrated to the city or neighborhood particular in America.

"The migration chain is a total disaster that threatens our security and economy and becomes the gateway to terrorism," Trump told the senators.

Trump also calls for an end to the lottery visa program, which accepts applicants who have pass a background check and have an education or an observer man is equivalent to high school in a job that requires at least two years of training.

Trump said the raffle visa was "bad for our economy and very bad for security." The president also said immigration reform would not be possible without greater border security.

"We need a wall of physical barriers We'll have walls, remember that, We'll have walls to prevent drug traffickers deadly, dangerous traffickers , and the cruel criminal cartel, "said Trump.

Trump hopes his proposal will win Democratic Party support, which is difficult to agree on such an expanded immigration strategy. The Democrats demanded a vote last month allowing some 1.2 million immigrants to remain in America but denied. [my/jm]