Iranian Team Finds Caged Crashed Civil Plane on Mount

The Iranian search team found pieces of civilian plane lost in the Zagros mountains two days earlier. The plane was carrying 66 passengers and crew.

Previously, the search operation of the victims was stopped because of bad weather. But after two days of heavy fog and heavy snow, the weather was finally clear on Tuesday morning local time, so the search helicopter teams could get a much better viewing distance.

"The revolutionary Guard helicopters this morning found splinter plane in Mount Dena, "Revolutionary Guard spokesman Ramezan Sharif told IRIB government media as reported by AFP Tuesday (20/2/2018).

According to an IRIB reporter , one of the search helicopter pilots said he had seen "bodies scattered around the plane" and it was located in the village of Noghol, about 4,000 meters above Mount Dena.

Iranian aircraft carrier Aseman Airlines crashed into the mountains Zagros, near the city of Semirom, Iran on Sunday (18/2). A spokesman for the airline said all 66 passengers and crew were killed in the incident.

"After searching in the area, unfortunately we were told that the plane had crashed, unfortunately, all our loved ones were killed in this incident," said Mohammad Tabatabai who served as the airline's public relations director to the Iranian media, IRIB.

The flight numbered plane EP3704 crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran's Mehrabad Airport. The twin-engined ATR 72 turboprop type plane crashed as it flew to Yasuj city. Media reports said the plane disappeared from the radar after 45 minutes on the air. The cause of this accident is not yet known for certain

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Helicopter Crashed in US Grand Canyon, 3 British Tourists Killed

Three British tourists were killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon, United States (US). The helicopter on board the three tourists crashed on the air for a scenic tour.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), three other Britons and the helicopter pilot were injured in the incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) evening, at around 5:20 pm local time. The UK Foreign Office confirmed this report in its statement.

"We support the families of six British citizens who were involved in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon on February 10, and we continue to communicate closely with the US emergency service," said one interpreter (19459012)

Amphibious Aircraft Crashed into River in Sydney, 6 Dead

A seaplane or seaplane crashed in a river in Australia. A total of 6 people were reported dead.

Reported AFP Sunday (31/12/2017), so far new divers team found 3 bodies. The plane crashed on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney, the New South Wales state police said.

The plane was a single engine and sank in 13 meters of water. "The search continues," said a local police officer.

Local media reported that the crashed plane was from the Sydney Seaplane airline that often hauls celebrities as its passengers. The Australian Transportation Safety Administration spokesman told AFP that the plane was en route back to Rose Bay in Sydney Harbor.

At the port will actually be the site of fireworks performances for the turn of the year. So far the identity of the victims has not been identified.

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