Sadistic, This Girl Cut His Gender His girlfriend because of jealousy

 Jealousy can make a person's actions blindly. As do women from Kazakhstan who is willing to cut the sex of his girlfriend.

Zhanna Nurzhanova (36) cut off the boy's genitals, R Suleimanov while sleeping. He did it because of jealousy.

Before the action was performed, Nurzhanova found another female photo on Suleimanov's mobile phone. The man also praised the woman in the photo.

Nurzhanova is jealous and emotionless. But he tried not to vent out on the spot. Reported by, Wednesday (7/2/2018), 'revenge' done Nurzhanova after having sex with her boyfriend.

Then he tied Suleimanov's legs and arms under the pretext of being a 'game'. Not only that, Nurzhanova also told the man to swallow sleeping pills.

"At around 2 am, Nurzhanova took off Suleimanov's trousers, beating his head, face and chest with an iron rod and also carrying an anesthetic injected into his thigh," wrote a local newspaper.

"Not too long he also cut off the genitals of the man," continued the article in the media.

Suleimanov suffered stab wounds and bleeding due to the actions of Nurzhanova. He was rushed to a hospital in Astana, Kazakhstan. While Nurzhanova was detained by the police to be tried.
(nkn / ita)

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Some Police Cut Shoot in Colorado

Several police officers were reportedly "wounded" exposed to gunfire while conducting an investigation into an active gunman in the state of Colorado on Sunday (31/12).

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said it was responding to reports of commotion in Sunday morning (31/12) in the town of Littleton, when there were a number of gunfire explosions

"In the investigation, there were a number of gunfire and several police officers were injured. Not yet known the condition of injuries suffered by police and civilians. Avoid this area, "the Sheriff's department's cuit said via Twitter.

The Sheriff's office issued a" red-code "or" very vigilant "warning to the surrounding area, and advised locals to stay indoors and stay away from windows. [em/al]

Shanghai City Residents Will Be Cut 25 Million

China's central financial city, Shanghai, will limit the city's population to 25 million by 2035 in an effort to control "major urban diseases," the Cabinet said.

The State Council said on its website on Monday (25/12), the goal to control the size of Shanghai City is part of Shanhai's plan for 2017-2035, which has been approved by government agencies.

"By 2035, the Shanghai population will be controlled to about 25 million and the total area of ​​land available for construction will not be more than 3,200 square meters," the council said.

The state media defines "big city disease" as a disease which arise when large cities are polluted by the environment, traffic congestion and lack of general services, including education and medical care.

Shanghai, located on the east coast of China, has a permanent population of 24.15 million by the end of 2015, the official Xinhua news agency said. [fw/au]