Immigration Activists Continue Urging DACA Replacement Act

The center of contention in the US Congress surrounding the federal budget is the fate of hundreds of thousands of illegal young immigrants who are now unpredictable after President Trump terminates the policy during the Obama administration that protects them from deportation.

While deadlines for government operations are close, immigration activists, many of whom are also illegal immigrants, are still trying to lobby for a law that will replace the Child Delivery Immigrant Actions or DACA abbreviation program.

Since 2012, as many as 800,000 young immigrants are illegally living, studying or working in America legally, even though they have no chance of becoming citizens. Without a correction on the actions of the Trump president, they have no status protection, and every day about 100 immigrants turn to illegal status as their documents become outdated.

All week, 150 activists contacted the offices of members of the House and Senate, and hoping to convince these legislators to arrange security for these illegal young immigrants, who are also called Dreamers or Dreamers, and to include the product in the budget bill that is being discussed.

Abigail Zapote, a rally organizer and deputy director of the League for United Latin Americans or LULAC, knows what it's like to live in America without documentation, but he succeeds in becoming a legitimate citizen. From a podium in front of the Capitol Building on Friday she shared the story of her illegal siblings

"We can not wait any longer. Millions of families across the country always live in fear, "said Zapote. [ps/jm]

Trump Back Criticizes Democrats for Demanding DACA Protection

US President Donald Trump re-criticized Congress members of the Democratic faction by saying their demands for the protection of immigrants without a young document in the Immigration Bill that would prevent the cessation of government operations this week could harm the military. [19659002] "Democratic Faction wants to stop government operations due to amnesty for all border security. The loss is our attempt to rebuild the military at a time when we need the most. We need a merit-based immigration system and we need it now! No more dangerous lotteries, "cuit Trump on Twitter.

Negotiations between the Congress and the White House on the DACA program " Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals "or" Suspension of Action against Illegal Immigrant Children, " related urgent meetings this week about the budget, so the government can continue to operate after Friday (18/1) when the expiry of the government's expenditure authorization deadline.

Democratic leaders say they are likely to oppose a move that does not protect young immigrants known as the "Dreamers", which numbered nearly 800,000 people and entered the United States through the DACA program.

This triggered the anger of Trump, again urging via Twitter, that the Bill could meet its demands for tighter border security . "We must have security in SOUTHERN VERY BETTER SOFTWARE, and we need to have a very big SHOP to help protect us, and help stop the enormous flow of drugs into our country," Trump cuit. [em/al]

AS Accepts Back Request for DACA Extension

The United States said Saturday that the country had received back a request for an extension of the postponement of deportation to illegal immigrants entering America as children, who were generally brought in by their parents. The deportation suspension program for children is called DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival.

The US immigration agency issued the announcement of suspension after a judge last week temporarily hindered President Donald Trump's decision to end the program this year. "Until further notice … DACA policy will be implemented based on the applicable requirements before it is revoked on the 5th of December 2017," the immigration agency said in a statement on its website.

The statement said that people who previously received suspension of deportation based on DACA is allowed to apply for the extension of postponement of deportation, but adds that the immigration body does not accept applications from persons who have never received deportation delays under the DACA.

In September of 2017, US President Donald Trump lifted DACA, imposed by previous President Barack Obama for protecting nearly 800,000 immigrants against deportation, brought to America while still a child and living in America illegally. DACA allows them to live, work, and study in the United States. Many of these young immigrants, often called Dreamers, know only the United States as their country of residence.

In announcing the termination of the program, Trump gave the Congress time until 5 March to approve a bill that provided protection equal to the protection granted based on DACA. [gp]

US Court Blocks Trump's Decision to End DACA

A US federal judge ordered the Trump government to defend a program that protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants who illegally entered the United States as children from deportation possibilities.

In September, President Donald Trump concluded a program called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and gave Congress a six-month time to bring a definitive legal decision to about 800,000 immigrants.

A US District Court in the state of California issued a decree supporting the group of individuals and institutions, including the University of California, who is suing the government not to end the DACA, the court judge said the program was still in effect before the legal issue was resolved.

The court said plaintiffs may show that they are likely to suffer serious harm and difficult to overcome if DACA terminated, and that interest pu bundle fulfilled if the program continues.

The court decision stipulates that those who have been included in the DACA program prior to the September Trump decision remain protected and may renew their contracts. However, the decision also allows the government not to process those who attempt to enroll in the DACA program for the first time, and deport anyone considered threatening national and public security. [ab/uh]