Use Monkey to Test the Muffler, Daimler Fires Manager

Daimler's automaker fired executives representing it in an organization that regulates exhaust diesel engine test, using a monkey.

Daimler AG did not name the executive on the grounds of personal matters. It said the executive sat on the EUGT senior management board that has now been disbanded.

Volkswagen on Tuesday fired the head of external relations, who knew the experiment but did not inform the company CEO, who was then Martin Winterkorn.

Exhaust test the diesel engine was conducted in a laboratory in New Mexico, using monkeys exposed to exhaust from a Volkswagen diesel car to measure the success of diesel technology in reducing harmful emissions. The New York Times reported that the car was carved out to reduce emissions levels in testing. [ka/ii]

Daimler and BMW Big Untung with Tax Cuts in US

German car maker Daimler and BMW said Friday that new tax rules in America will add to their profits for the year.

The new tax law, signed by President Trump on Friday will reduce corporate taxes from 35 percent to 21 percent. Therefore. Daimler projected their net income to be two billion dollars this year.

"The tax deduction of the company will add to the German car maker's earnings by approximately 1, 7 billion euros, or about two billion dollars," Daimler said. 19659002] BMW says the US corporate tax amendment will "positively impact" the company's net profit by 2017, rising between 950 million and 1, 5 billion euros.

The opposition Democratic group in the US calls tax cuts by President Trump it is a great gift for the rich and will only add bigger national debt. [ii]