Partly Closed The US Government Entered the Second Day

The US government remains partially closed Sunday for the second day, and there is no sign of a possible end to the deadlock between the Democratic and Republican factions on the federal budget and immigration issues.

American President Donald Trump presses Congress to resolve the dispute, and suggest via Twitter that if this continues, the Republican faction should revoke the long-standing rule that requires a large majority vote to pass the main bill in the Senate assembly. He said the Republican fraction should impose a simple or narrow majority could pass a long-term budget draft so that a temporary funding bill would not be needed.

Senate members condemned throughout Saturday over who was guilty of the first government shutdown since 2013 , even while some moderate Senators from both parties counseled to see if they could broker an agreement that would reopen the government in time to start the workday this week on Monday.

The majority leader or Republican fraction in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has scheduled a vote voice at 1am Monday, possibly earlier, of a new temporary budget draft that will open the government until February 8th. But the Democratic faction still insisted strongly on approval to include protection against deportation for nearly 800,000 young immigrants who years ago were taken to the United States illegally by their parents.

Trump whistles on Sunday, "delighted to see how hard the Republican faction fight for our Military and Salvation in the Borders "with Mexico, where Trump wants funds to build walls that would hamper illegal immigration. "Democratic factions only want illegal immigrants to flood into our country unhindered," said President Trump through his cuitan. [gp]

US Citizens Commemorate Civil Rights Leader Day, Martin Luther King

Americans commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in honor of a hero who championed civil rights and believed that his success in the struggle depended on nonviolent principles.

Every year, on the third Monday of January, Americans pay homage to the civil rights leader, who in the 1950s and 1960s organized non-violent protests against racial separation politics in the South, and championed equality for blacks and the right to vote.

President Donald Trump has not done anything official and is in a private golf resort in Florida. He dedicated his weekly speech, which was broadcast on Monday (15/1), to Dr. King.

"Dr. King is our goal. It is an American ideal, "Trump said.

Two of Dr.'s children. King condemned Trump's speech on Monday, following alleged allegations that he described immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as immigrants from dirty and impoverished countries, using inappropriate words to describe the two countries. Trump reportedly also likes immigrants from countries such as Norway.

In Washington, Dr. King, Martin Luther King III, said, "If the president insists that our country needs residents of a white country like Norway, I think we do not have to waste time explaining what it means."

He added, "We need to find a way to reaching the heart of this man. "

King's daughter, Rev. Bernice King, in a service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, said," we can not allow the countries of the world to embrace words that come from our presidents and treat them as though – it is the true spirit of the United States. "

Since the alleged incident, Trump has been widely criticized as a racist. Trump rejected the allegations. [ps/jm]