An SDF probably dead of cold in Valencia

A 35-year-old homeless man was found dead on Sunday morning by his two comrades in misfortune, probably because of the cold, in Valencia where the thermometer went down to -3 degrees in the night, did he? – learned from the prefecture of Drôme.

This "fragile" man was well known to social services. He slept under the porch of a church. He had been able to benefit from emergency shelter solutions in the past, but he had also refused several times, the chief of staff of the prefect, Sabry Hani, told AFP confirming information from Dauphiné Libéré. ​​

the findings suggest that he died of cold, he added.

The cold plan was activated early Thursday in the Drôme with 40 additional emergency accommodation and all are not not occupied, reports still the prefecture which encourages all the people in difficulty to compose the 115. Because the cold will be reinforced starting from Sunday evening.

The two companions of the victim finally moreover agreed to be provisionally taken care of.

Cold weather from Siberia was expected to reach France on Sunday afternoon, with temperatures down to -10 ° C, -18 ° C felt.

The Three-Star Bus Falls to the Canyons in Peru, 44 Dead

A storied bus in Peru slips as it passes through a mountainous area and falls into a ravine. At least 44 people were killed in this accident.

As reported by AFP this multi-story bus plunges 80 meters from the slopes of the Pan-American highway – the main highway in Peru – in the region Arequipa on Wednesday (21/2) local time. Peru's Interior Ministry via Twitter said the Arequipa Police Chief, General Walter Ortiz has confirmed there were 44 deaths in the incident.

Ortiz mentioned there were 45 people registered as passengers of this bus. But the Interior Ministry said the figure did not match the number of dead and injured. Nevertheless, it is known that the inter-province buses in Peru often raise and lower passengers in the middle of the streets, thus triggering incompatibility of the initial passenger list.

The accident occurred on Wednesday (21/2) morning, at around 01.30 local time. The bus operated by Rey Latino was known to leave from the town of Chala, Arequipa, about four hours before the accident occurred. Now, the rescue team, which also includes local firefighters and police, continues to evacuate.

"Has been working since dawn, coordinating the transfer and care of the wounded," called the Governor of Arequipa, Yamila Osorio.

"The prosecutors in charge of evacuating the bodies of victims and experts from the traffic accident investigation division of the local police are investigating the cause of the accident," said Chief of the local Traffic Police Colonel Jorge Castillo.

The wounded were reportedly taken to the hospital in the town of Camana, which is 57 kilometers from the crash site near the town of Ocona. Rescue workers used military helicopters to evacuate 11 seriously injured victims from the crash site.

Peru President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. "All procedures have been done to provide immediate support to the rescue and evacuation of the victims to the nearest health center," he said via Twitter.

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ISIS Attacks Iraqi Militia Convoy Near Kirkuk, 25 Dead

Members of the radical group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked a convoy of militia-backed militia fighters in Kirkuk. At least 25 people were killed in the attack.

As reported by Reuters Monday (19/2/2018), that initially 12 militia were killed instantly in an attack near Kirkuk, on Sunday (18/2) night local time it.

But then 13 bodies of other militia members were found near the scene of the attack. A number of gunshot wounds were found on the corpse.

In a separate statement, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

An Iraqi security official says Iraqi security forces are hunting down ISIS militants who carry out the attack. It was mentioned that ISIS militants who carried out attacks deliberately disguised as Iraqi police in action.

This month, the Iraqi army launched an operation to strengthen control of the mountainous area near the town of Kirkuk. The city was known as an oil city and was previously the location of Iraq's oil delivery transit.

The Iraqi authorities declare victory over ISIS in December 2017. Since 2014, ISIS has seized and seized control of nearly a third of Iraq's territory, primarily strategic territory.

After Iraq declared victory, ISIS continues to launch armed attacks and bombings in Baghdad and other Iraqi territories.

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Philippine PRT Found Dead in Freezer Repatriated from Kuwait

 The body of a Filipina domestic worker who was killed in Kuwait, has arrived in her homeland. More than 100 relatives and supporters called for justice upheld for the death of a domestic worker named Joanna Demafelis.

The Demafelis family can only cry when the white coffin containing the 29-year-old domestic worker's body is dropped from a cargo plane arriving in Iloilo, Philippines. The body of Demafelis was found frozen in the refrigerator ( freezer ) of his employer earlier this month. Found signs of strangling marks on Demafelis's body. The Kuwaiti authorities suspect that his body had been kept in the refrigerator for the past year.

"Justice for Joanna D Demafelis," the banners and writes on the crowd shirt that welcomed Demafelis's body, as reported by AFP Saturday (19459009) 17/2/2018). A member of the Philippine parliament and a number of local officials participated in the crowd.

Seeing the body of his daughter arriving, Demafelis's mother, Eva, can only say 'I am sad' when asked by reporters. Aunt Demafelis, Rosela, commented more on reporters

"She did not deserve the treatment that caused her to die, she was beaten," Rosela said, referring to local media reports calling Demafelis dead after being tortured and beaten. "He decided to go abroad because he wanted to help his parents repair the destroyed house by the super hurricane Yolanda (Haiyan)," he added, referring to the typhoon that devastated the Philippines in 2013.

Rosela also calls Demafelis wanting to pay for her sister's college, Joyce , with salaries gained abroad.

 Family and relatives ask for justice upheld for death Joanna Demafelis Family and relatives ask for justice upheld for death Joanna Demafelis Photos: REUTERS / Erik De Castro

The body of the Demafelis first arrives in Manila on Saturday (17/2) morning. From Manila, the corpse is under Iloilo province by domestic aircraft. Then from the airport, his body will be taken to the home town of Demafelis in Sara, Iloilo. Locals march on the side of the street to drive Demafelis away. The car carrying Demafelis was escorted by dozens of motorcycles and police cars.

The death of Demafelis worsens the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Kuwait. Especially after President Rodrigo Duterte pointed out that employers in Kuwait often raped Filipino workers, forcing them to work for 21 hours every day and giving them the leftovers.

Duterte also prohibited migrant workers from migrating to Kuwait and ordered airlines to repatriate about 252 thousands of Filipino workers in Kuwait who want to go home for free

About 10 million Filipinos are known to work overseas and the money earned by them becomes the 'savior' of the Philippine economy. But the treatment gained by overseas Filipino workers who are often inhumane, often a political issue in the country.

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4 Dead Elephants Hit by Passenger Trains in Assam, India

Four dead elephants were hit by a passenger train in the Indian state of Assam. The collision that occurred on Saturday caused the locomotive to roll over but no passengers were injured. Another elephant was seriously injured, local officials said.

The elephants were part of a large group of elephants moving into the forested and hilly states, and the railroad crossed where they passed while searching (19659002) In India there are about 30,000 elephants, and specifically in the state of Assam there are Asian elephants that are declared endangered.

Last December five other elephants died by a train near a tea plantation in Assam. Deforestation and the construction of houses in the habitat of the elephants have forced the big animals to go farther for food. Last year alone 60 elephants died from accidents or clashes with farmers. Many of the deaths were caused by electrocution, as farmers set up electrically grounded fences to prevent wild animals from entering their farms. [ii]